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Hire A Private Investigator: 5 Types of Clients That Need One

Private Investigator

You might be thinking that you might never need to hire a private investigator. This might primarily be due to the opinion that private investigators are needed in murder, abuse, violence, and other high-level criminal cases. However, you will be surprised to learn that the services of a private investigator are a lot more than walking down dark alleys with a black leather jacket and a thinking hat like we see in the movies. There are many more reasons you might need a private investigator, some more severe than the others.

Private Investigator

You never know; you might need the services of a private investigator. Here are five types of clients that should hire a private investigator to smoothen things out.

Five types of clients that should hire a private investigator

HR Companies

You might have never thought about it, but I bet seeing it now starts to ring a bell. Yeah! One top client in need of private investigator services is an HR company. If your company or establishment also has an HR department, you fit right well into this category. What’s more, every establishment that hires or would like to hire employees certainly need the help and services of a private investigator. Here’s why:

Before hiring anybody, which means anybody at all to become an employee in your company or establishment, you must run a background check on them before hiring. It also helps to better evaluate and validate an applicant’s details before employment. In 2014, the United States recorded about 5000 workplaces injuries, 10% of them being workplace homicides.

A private investigator can help you check out specific details and information before employment. These include;

  • Background check
  • Document Retrievals
  • Credit score

You can also check if the details on their resume check out, as well as if they are on the sex offender’s list

Insurance Companies

Now, this one check out when needing a private investigator. Insurance frauds are on the rise currently, and insurance companies are doing everything they can to limit the loss that their company incurs in such cases. While a court case might be a good decider in insurance fraud cases, the majority of the time, it is not enough, and the chances are that the possibility will be ruled out of the company’s favor. Insurance companies hire private investigators twice in a deal. Before insurance and after insurance. Here’s why

Like with HR companies, running background checks on clients before striking an insurance deal is essential to prevent a loss to your company. Healthcare, accidents, and arson frauds are prevalent in the US, and a private investigator can help you defeat insurance fraud.

  • A private investigator can help you check when a policy or term has been broken.
  • If the information from an accident, arson, or healthcare case is valid
  • Other dodgy details that can help win against insurance fraud

With insurance fraud hitting a high of $80 million in the US, insurance companies need private investigations services to find out who is cheating the system and how.


Unlike the common misconception, lawyers do not know everything about a case, especially when details seem to fall within the grey areas. Lawyers often encounter issues with several grey regions and missing puzzle pieces that leave the chance at a standstill. There are some cases where the subject seems easy enough to sort out, yet something feels fishy, and you just can’t put your finger on what it is up.

The good news is, you can always put your finger on the phone and dial-up a private investigator to help make your work easier. In such a situation, the services of a private investigation agency are required to smoothen things out and bring the grey to light. Lawyers can proceed with their proceedings and processes while the private investigator does the private investigations to get all the puzzle pieces together.

Private investigators can help you;

  • Run background checks
  • Interview witnesses
  • Validate details and information
  • Dig our records vital to the case
  • Document retrievals
  • Track down witnesses and plaintiff’s
  • And ultimately help make the whole case less tangled.


Sometimes we get a bit too comfortable leaving our little ones with the next-door neighbors. Now, what do you do when the next-door neighbor is unavailable to babysit? You go in search of a babysitter. Most people do not appreciate getting a babysitter in a rush for a quick babysitting gig; they prefer one they can trust and can call in any time to help watch the kids. Now here is where you need the services of a private investigator. It is not just about leaving your little ones in the care of a babysitter but ensuring that they are in perfectly safe hands! The following are a few things a private investigator can help you find out:

  • Background check on the babysitter
  • Criminal record
  • Sex offender record (if any)
  • Babysitting history and track record

A private investigator can also help confirm if their information like house address and school information checks out as well as whether they have lost any kids in previous times

Property Owners

Nothing frustrates a property owner more than renting or leasing a property to a bad tenant. What’s more, even selling a house to the wrong person can mean bad news for you as a property owner. When seeking a home and you drop all of that requirements and questions, you can bet people won’t always tell you the complete truth, especially in places where it matters. Here is where a private investigator needs to step in. Asides from that, you also need to know that these people won’t run bad deals or even tear your property apart.

A private investigator can help you;

  • Run background checks on potential tenants or property buyers
  • Check criminal background check and record retrieval and pending lawsuits
  • Poor credit
  • Previous evictions

With private investigations, you can also find out how well they keep totems and conditions related to the rent or lease of previous properties.

Hire a private investigator

There you have it! Five clients who need the services of a private investigator to keep things running smoothly! Need to hire one? Private Investigator OKC is here to help!

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