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Private Detective Agency in OKC Conducts Child Custody Investigations in OK

Child Custody Investigator in Ok

How a Child Custody Investigator in Oklahoma City from a Private Detective Agency in OKC Conducts Child Custody Investigations in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, private investigator Edmond Oklahoma is necessary to help in child custody cases. The reason is that they help get information because of their skills. Many people who want to hire them wonder how they conduct their investigation and the kinds of custody cases there.

Notwithstanding the type of child custody case, you can contact Keefe Private Investigations. It is a private investigation agency with good private detectives ready to help you investigate your case privately.

What Kinds of Child Custody Are There?

The court usually determines the child’s custody after receiving a report from the investigator on their findings. Evidence is helpful to grant or deny custody to the parent or guardian who filed the custody request.

The guardian or parents may receive e one of the following categories of custody depending on the findings of the investigation:

  • Parents with legal custody can make choices on the child’s behalf in court.
  • Physical custody is where the child will reside with one parent or the other.
  • When one parent has sole custody, they are both the child’s legal and physical guardians. Despite being granted visitation rights, the other parent is not permitted to make choices that will have an impact on the kid.
  • Joint legal custody where the child’s two parents share decision-making authority. If there is a significant dispute, there will be decision making in court.
  • Joint physical custody where they live and spend time with both of their parents.

Steps in Conducting a Child Custody Case Private Investigation


A private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma, may use surveillance. It depends on the circumstances of the case to learn how a parent or guardian interacts with their child. Any abuse or neglect that the private detective observes is legally viewable in photos, videos, and audio recordings.

Additionally, a child private investigator Edmond Oklahoma will interview prospective witnesses. They include family members and verify the backgrounds of those in custody. An investigator looking into a parent will seek anything that might harm the child. They include drug or alcohol misuse, criminal behavior, careless driving, gambling, or reckless driving, gambling, substance abuse, and other harmful practices to children.

Also, they will make sure that the parent is giving their child everything they need. It includes a clean, safe living place, wholesome food, and emotional support. These investigators receive teaching on prioritizing the child’s safety. Sometimes, investigations are done without knowledge to lessen the child’s stress. A private investigator OKC will not only submit a report but also testify in court if the findings are problematic.

Electronic Monitoring

To survey and monitor a person, a qualified private investigator Edmond Oklahoma will often have access to the newest, most cutting-edge equipment. They can lawfully examine computer activity, video and audio recordings of who the person interacts with, their values or ideals, etc.

A private investigator Edmond Oklahoma frequently uses social media to get this information from the comfort of their home. The process needs time and dedication to go through the information available to get credible evidence.

GPS Monitoring

If a vehicle owner gives authorization for the tracking of those vehicles using GPS technology, A private investigator in Oklahoma receives legal approval to track automobiles using cutting-edge GPS tracking devices. This makes it possible for private investigators to obtain information and proof in situations, including possible whereabouts, how long they leave their child unattended, etc.

Checks of the Past

A comprehensive background check is frequently essential to a case. Private investigators have access to all public records, including unsealed court documents and criminal records, and databases that may not be open to the general public.

Public documents and records frequently contain the data required for a private investigator in Edmond, Oklahoma. It can help make a full background inquiry and even help investigators track a missing individual. Private documents, such as credit reports, can only be viewed with the owner’s express consent.

Scientific Forensics

Private investigators can do mobile phone and computer forensics to retrieve deleted information if necessary and under specific conditions. So, this is especially helpful when there are suspicions of a parent’s dealings and how it will negatively affect the child where custody is given.

However, access to the person’s mobile device or computer system needs express approval. Where approval was not received, the court may not accept the findings as admissible in court.

Monitoring in Reverse

Private investigators frequently utilize counter surveillance tactics and technology, such as blockers and electronic sweeps of a home, to discover the usage of illegal bugging and recording equipment if you suspect you are being targeted, either personally or professionally. This method is called counter surveillance, and it is helpful.

Which Method Is Best for Conducting a Child Custody Investigation for You?

All investigations need information, but the techniques a private detective will use to gather it depend mainly on the nature of the case and the people involved. A capable private investigator will take action to determine how they can assist you in getting a favorable result and will be aware of which of the methods above will work best in your case.

They could determine that using a mix of techniques will give them the best chance of obtaining the information or proof they need, and they might talk to you about this in advance. Your case is unique. Therefore, professional private investigators are prepared to adjust to the situation and always follow the law.

Please do not engage a private investigator if they are prepared to go beyond the abovementioned measures and are willing to breach the law to progress your inquiry and get your desired results. So, you are not only morally implicated in breaching the law, but you are also jeopardizing the possibility of a successful resolution.

Final Thoughts

Any private detective you hire should be willing to follow only legal methods to conduct a child custody case investigation for you. The steps mentioned here are helpful and legal, which, if followed, will get you the evidence you need.

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