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Common Process Serving Mistakes that Can Jeopardize a Case

Process servers in Oklahoma play a major role in the justice system. Without them, the responsible parties would never receive their court notice. Despite their incredible contributions, they can be at the receiving end of unwanted or unnecessary reactions.

There have been too many unfortunate cases of process servers in OKC being at the receiving end of unwanted violence. They have been assaulted, and some have even faced threats to their lives as recipients start to use lethal force. Many states have implemented various laws that protect process servers while on the job, as assaulters can face real jail with so much as a threat to a server.

However, there are times when the mistakes that a process server can make could greatly affect the outcome of a case. If you had any doubts about how important the role of the average process server is, then maybe looking at how costly their mistakes can be will change your mind. Here are some of the worst mistakes that a process server in Oklahoma City can make.

The Biggest Mistakes a Process Server Can Make

Not Delivering the Notice Personally

One of the biggest challenges that a process server in OKC can face is finding the recipient for the notice. While it can sometimes be as simple as looking them up online, there is also a real chance that the recipient is hiding or might have moved to a different state. So the process server will have to track them down through various methods.

And despite this process taking so much time, they might not follow through on their process serving responsibilities and deliver the notice to someone directly. Some process servers in Oklahoma City might instead settle for delivering the notice to their doorstep, sending the individual a certified email, or leaving the message in the mail.

While these would all be perfectly fine ways to deliver other types of mail, this can be detrimental for a process server in OKC. If the server uses these methods without a court order, some states may not recognize them as a good way to inform the other party. And in some states, it can even be difficult for a process server to get a court order for such means of serving notices to the right party. They will usually require that a process server only deliver the documents personally while also verifying that the right person received the notice. The process server in OKC cannot even leave the documents to the individual’s family or significant other. They will need to leave it with the right person and prove they have.

The consequences for not delivering the papers in person can be dire, as the court might choose to delay an individual’s case. Not only does this bring in more stress, but the legal fees can continue to pile up for a client.

Delivering the Right Papers to the Wrong Person

Failing to deliver the papers to the right recipient in person is a sign that the process server is not very skilled or does not have enough experience. Another telltale sign that the process server in Oklahoma does not have enough experience is when they send the right papers to the wrong person.

Some names are more common, like Michael or John, which can cause a little confusion. However, there can also be people in the US with the same first and last names, which means they will most likely confuse the right john doe for the wrong one.

This could make an entire case invalid or delay the proceedings even further. The problems that this single mistake brings can be immense, but that is not even the end of it. Not only can a process server in Oklahoma deliver the proper documents to the wrong person, but they could also serve an individual otherwise deceased.

Mistaken identity can sometimes lead to the opposing party bringing the rest of the case in question. And even if the rest of the service was fine, one mistake could reset the case. And if the judge does accept the opposing party’s appeal to restart the case, then the rulings in your favor might even be lost.

Tipping Off the Recipient

Inexperienced process servers in Oklahoma can bring many serious issues with them, specifically those that could jeopardize a case. And possibly one of the biggest mistakes any server can make is to tip off the recipient that they are about to be served. Not only could the recipient try to escape being served by running away, but they might also try to assault the process server in OKC.

In some cases, proceedings cannot start until the server delivers the right documents. And if they fail to do so, the case might not begin and continue to be delayed. Some people will even go to great lengths to ensure that they do not receive their notice. They might hide inside their homes for weeks or even months to wait out a case or process server or try to leave the city to dodge them.

While experienced process servers in Oklahoma City can find ways to lure out a recipient, others might find this act to be a little more difficult. Better yet, experienced servers always manage to practice discretion, ensuring that the other party does not know their role in the proceedings.

Finding Experienced Process Servers in Oklahoma

Process servers are an integral part of the justice system, and their ability to deliver the right documents to the right people at the right time can save a case and completely change its outcome. At Oklahoma Judicial Process servers, individuals will be getting help from the absolute best process servers in OKC, who have the experience and expertise necessary to make the proper delivery. Not only are they sure that they will not make these mistakes, but they will also ensure that the recipient can receive them on time.


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