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Steps that Every Dad Should Follow to Obtain Custody in OK

Parents have a right to visit their children and take their custody when they are separating. When parents claim custody after separation, then the court keeps in mind the benefit of the child. When you have an Oklahoma separation or custody case, then an advocate cant identify the result of that case. If you dont do so, then your chances of case winning are less.

Misconceptions of Father in Child Custody:

It is a great misconception that a mother has more rights to spend time with the child and his custody. What is better for the child is the main thing in custody cases. Several fathers have a delusion about custody in Oklahoma. The arising are facts:

  • The moms don’t have to win custody.
  • In family courts, sex partiality is not allowed.
  • The need for children for both parents is the same.

Suppose you have to face sex partiality in family court. Then you have to fight against your child’s better life and his custody.

5 Steps Dads Need to Follow If They Require the Complete Custody of Their Kids

Suppose you are a father and want custody of your child in case of separation or divorce with your wife in Oklahoma. Then the following steps he should take for custody of the child. In divorce cases or custody cases of Oklahoma, gender partiality is not allowed. Even if the parents or a father is not responsible for his child’s activities, then the court will not assign him child custody. The court will decide if the father doesnt take time from his busy routine, then there is gender partiality. So, in that case, you have to protect your custody.


When you decide to separate them, you hear many things from the fathers who lost their custody fight. But you dont need to hear these people because they have never given proper time to their child. It would help if you fought for yourself and your child’s bright future till the end. If you are right, then you will win the case.


In almost every case after separation, the child remains with the mother until the court orders custody. So, you dont need to allow your ex-wife to dictate to you about the timing or days when you can meet your child. You have equal rights to spend time with your child until the custody orders.

Collect or keep all the information when your wife doesnt allow you to meet your child. Then use this information in court. It will help you a lot in case you win.


After your separation from your wife, she put all her efforts into the custody of the child. She knows what is best for her child’s future life. In that case, you dont need to lose hope. You can spend time and enjoy yourself with your child whenever you want until the family court doesnt give custody to any parents.

Suppose your wife and her advocate try to prove in front of a judge that you cant give proper time or take care of your child. Then it would help if you fought against it. You need to prove that you are the best option for your child.


Suppose you want to separate from your wife and apply for custody of your child. Then your ex-wife needs to support you in child custody or other matters after the court orders. If you dont have a child for a long time, then you should support your wife in that case.

In Oklahoma, many family courts are present. The court judges never favor the parent if they dont take responsibility for the child properly.

You should have the child support payments, checks, and messages as proof. If you have these records, then the chances of case winning increase. But if you dont have these records, then the court will never trust you.


When you decide to separate or divorce, then you should engage with your child. It would help if you spent time with your child daily until the court orders for the child’s custody.

In schools, several gatherings or other events occur. So, both parents should go with their child to those parties or other events during the divorce process.  If a father wants custody of the child, he needs to make a good relationship. It doesnt look good to go to any party with an ex-wife. But it is vital for the betterment of your child’s life. If you dont do so, then the life of your child becomes worse.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have mentioned all the major things that every father should know about custody in Oklahoma. As you know, custody means parents’ right to decide about their child’s care. These decisions may be education, health, etc. The court has no right to favor one parent over the other. Further, the court cant make a decision based on the sex of the parent.

It is difficult for the father to take custody until the law of Oklahoma and court find the fair behavior of the father. In most cases, the father has to face many issues for claiming custody. It is due to the busy routine or other duties of the father.

We hope so; you have come to know all the laws regarding your fathers claim about custody. If you still have any issues, then talk to our Oklahoma team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the method for preparing a custody order?

In several cases, the court has the right to give custody orders. When parents are deciding to separate or divorce each other, then resolving the custody issue is important. Further, if the parents decided earlier about custody when they were separated, they can ask the court to change the decision of custody. If any of the parents start a case of custody in court, then custody is ordered.

How does the court make its custody decision?

Sometimes in many cases, parents have a clash about custody of the child. So, in that case, the court allows the parents to connect with internal court facilities. By using the facilities of courts, parents can decide without any clash. Then they agree about custody and other problems. If parents still have the clash about custody. Then the court has the right to make its judgment regarding custody of the child.

What if the parents consent on how custody should be determined?

When both parents of the child are separated, then it is the best decision of the father to raise his child. Whatever parents decide about their child’s custody or separation, the court agrees on that decision. When the court decides about custody of the child, it is more beneficial for the child. After observing the rules of contracts given by the parent, the court has the right to reject that contract.

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