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Do We Have a Right to Medical Care? Tinsley Keefe Discusses

Do We Have a Right to Medical Care? Tinsley Keefe Discusses

Your first thought when asked the question – “Do we have a right to medical care?” – might be “Yes, of course we do!” And, of course, you are right: we do have a right to medical care. In fact, everyone has a right to medical care. Unfortunately, despite everyone having the right to health care, not everyone gets to exercise that right . . . which makes you wonder – does that make it a right at all? Tinsley Keefe has been working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma City long enough to know that a vast majority of debts come from unpaid medical expenses.

In relation, Tinsley has also worked as a private investigator in Oklahoma City long enough to know that a variety of cases involve health care/insurance fraud. However, the thing you should be asking is not what they were thinking, but rather what led them to that criminal thought process in the first place. Everyone is entitled to health care, but those that cannot afford it should not be punished or suffer financial loss because of their struggle.

Furthermore, those that suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization and excessive medial expenses as a result should not be required to pay off the debt within a certain amount of time – if at all. But . . . since that is very unlikely to ever happen, Tinsley Keefe makes it her mission to help those struggling instead. Due to her work as both a skip tracer and a private investigator in Oklahoma, Tinsley has become familiar with the process of health insurance; if only to provide advice to her clients that are battling the corrupt system.

The first thing Tinsley suggests is putting together a budget. This is basically unrelated to health insurance, but it does factor in eventually. If you can put together a budget of your monthly income and expenses, you can figure out if you can afford health insurance. If you can, take the time to research different coverage plans that fit into your budget. If you are facing difficulty understanding the process, you can always reach out to professionals for assistance. If you realize that you cannot afford health insurance, there are still ways to keep your health as a primary – and covered – concern.

If you are employed and have not already, go to your supervisor and inquire about insurance through your employer. Sometimes you can get a very good health insurance deal through your work, with discounts and added benefits, and they will take it right out of your paycheck. If that is not an option, look into getting assistance from the state or government.

This will require additional research on your part; along with calling agencies and filling out paperwork. On the other hand, if you qualify for free health insurance, you will not have to worry about the post-hospital consequences when an unexpected injury or sickness strikes. In the end, we can only try our hardest to protect ourselves until something in the health care system changes (and hopefully it will change sooner than later).

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