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Do you have the feeling of being spied at work or when you go out in town? Does your home phone make strange sounds that you have not noticed before even when you are not making a call? You may feel a little paranoid, but it is possible that it is time to call our personal investigation services to have your peace of mind.

Given the rapid progress of today’s technology, listening and spinning devices are no longer difficult to find or acquire. This means that – whether it’s your ex-partner who tries to make you look like a careless parent or your boss who’s watching your work behavior – getting hooked is far more common than you think. This does not necessarily mean that your hyperactive imagination and anxiety play tricks on you.

Many more businesses and individuals than you think are using the services of private detective agencies to understand how to detect listening devices. Below are some clues that may confirm that your home or business is listening and that it is time to call a counterintelligence service.

How to detect listening devices: A counterintelligence service

If you have encountered or experienced the following scenarios at work or in your home, your concerns and feelings of being monitored, recorded or listened to maybe justified and you may not be a paranoid:

  • Your phone makes strange noises, such as beeps, static noises, hums or clicks, even when you’re not making calls
  • Your phone rings but there is no one on the device, just a weak sound or a loud ringing
  • Your radio signal and TV signal suffer from interference
  • Sudden onset of a surprising number of uniformed employees in your neighborhood (at work or at home)
  • Your meter or an electrical box near your workplace seems to have been modified
  • Employees rush to fix things that did not seem broken
  • Furniture at work or in your home seems to have been slightly moved since the last time you paid attention
  • Electric mounts have been moved or appear to be screwed incorrectly
  • You have been robbed at home or at work but nothing of value seems to have disappeared

If any of these 9 clues remind you of memories, it’s time to call in a private detective, a hunter of listening devices, who will discover once and for all whether you are being monitored, recorded or listened to. There are many personal investigation services that can meet this demand and are worth the investment.

If you are looking for an investigator or an agency, here are some things to think about:

  • Is the agency generally respected? Does it have a portfolio of positive references and reviews from past clients?
  • Is the technology it uses on the cutting edge of development?
  • Does the agency have an adequate insurance policy? What are your remedies if an incident occurs during the electronic scanning or disposal of espionage equipment?

In conclusion, what might be the reasons you find yourself monitored, listened to or recorded at work or at home?

  1. A spouse in divorce proceedings or a former spouse may be mounting a case on your personality or monitoring your behavior to use this information in a domestic legal case
  2. Your boss may have some concerns about turnover and productivity, and you may be monitored to make sure you are not involved in unscrupulous activities at work.
  3. A corporate spy might be in the process of obtaining important data relating to the intellectual property of your company.

Whatever the reason you think your business or home may be under surveillance, it’s time to call a professional investigator and a counter-intelligence agency who can discreetly answer your needs. professional and fast. At OKC Private Investigation, we offer professional discreet private investigation services to businesses and individuals. Call us now and discuss your concerns with your specialists.

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