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Functions of a private detective in the business area

Private investigators work in various fields ranging from business to individual. But you might not be very clear about how they perform their work in each sector. That’s why in this post we will tell you about the functions of a private detective in the business area.

Why companies hire private detectives

Currently, companies require the services of private detectives more frequently. This is because they want to maintain confidentiality and discretion when investigating and resolving certain cases.

Industries and larger brands are under the public eye, so some information leakage could ruin your reputation.

Another reason they have a private service is that the processes carried out by authorities, such as the police, tend to be very slow.

This does not give the security to the owners of the companies because while their case is being prosecuted the culprits can continue to cause damage.

Functions of a private detective in the business area

Some of the most popular services offered by private investigation detectives for companies are:


This task is to prevent the competition from obtaining confidential information. Enemies usually perform industrial espionage in two ways.

  • Through internal agents that can be managers or employees of the organization that sell information about the company’s new projects.
  • Applying external espionage: This activity is normally carried out through the intervention of mobile devices.

Work history:

This function refers to all investigations related to personnel working in the company. Some of these are:

  • Disloyalty: In this case it is common for some worker or group of workers to collect information about the processes, projects and the organization’s market to later start their own company.
  • Analysis of resumes: Sometimes the information found in the resumes of people who apply for a position are not true. Detectives must corroborate it.
  • Frequent staff absences: When an employee is frequently absent without giving many explanations or pretending to be sick, it may be time to call a detective.
  • Counterfeit trademarks or duplicity: Today it is common for there to be counterfeit networks of products or brands and detectives are responsible for finding the origin of these.

Research for insurance companies:

In these cases, the detectives are responsible for investigating claims in which the company believes that the person responsible only wants to collect the policy. The most frequent are:

  • Factories that burn accidentally.
  • Car accidents.


Cases of sabotage, threats or blackmail within the business environment are very common and significantly affect the reputation of the company.

To resolve these cases, the private detective must determine the origin, determine the suspects and use technological means to facilitate the investigation process.

These are just some of the functions of a private detective in the business area, if you know others let us know in the comments.

Private detective agencies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma work effectively and professionally to help you solve business related issues of espionage and other threats. It’s important that you choose the right agency that understands the specifics of business investigation. Let us know if you need help and our specialists will be on the go to help you.

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