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How a Private Investigator Can Help During a Child Custody Battle

Even though some divorces end on a good and satisfactory note, other divorces are very messy. With prenuptial agreements and child custody battles needing to be sorted out, couples end up with a nasty and exhausting experience where they feel like most is lost and nothing is gained. The messiest and most complicated divorces are usually the ones in which children are involved. Here is how a private detective can help during a child custody battle.

How Can A Private Investigator Help In A Child Custody Battle?

Private investigators can help provide clients with crucial information relating to their divorce and child custody cases. They can conduct interviews, check surveillance, background checks etc. in order to dig up useful information about the people involved. Most attorneys recommend hiring private detectives so that they can work alongside them to show solid evidence or testimonial proof to strengthen your case in court. Some of the areas that they can document with evidence that may help your case are:

To Show Abuse or Neglect Taking Place in the Household

In order to make sure your child will remain protected and safe after the divorce, hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma City will help. Private investigators assist clients in order to determine, if there is abuse or neglect taking place in the home, and can help in the documentation of the abuse to show in court.

Drug or Alcohol Addictions

Hiring a private investigator in OKC may help to find out whether the child custody will go to a careless drug or alcohol user, which can, of course, be a threat to children living in the house. Private detectives can find out whether the custodian has issues pertaining to drug or alcohol usage, and whether or not their behavior or intoxication is existing in a way that it can become a threat to those around them.

Aggression and Affairs

Private investigators can help to provide evidence about a person’s aggression tendencies and need for anger management. PI’s can also find out whether the person in question is having an affair or a secret family, and can also find out the behavior and attitude of their new partner towards the step children, as that can be a huge factor to take into consideration when giving them custody of the child.

Private investigators can help the judge make a calculated decision based on concrete evidence, and thus, ensure that a child’s upbringing is not further disturbed.

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