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How to protect yourself from an attack on the street

Personal security experts say some people are more likely than others to become victims of street attacks. This predisposition has nothing to do with fate or subtle matters – these citizens simply behave in such a way that they become a tempting object for illegal actions.

Experienced private detectives of the agency Oklahoma Private Investigation can confidently say that criminals pay attention to nervous, scurrying, insecure people, considering them easier prey, the resistance of which can be broken in one word. On the contrary, a firmly walking passerby, with straight shoulders and a confident look, is not a very attractive object for an attack.

Unfortunately, even the most professional detective from Oklahoma can not know for sure what the criminals have in mind, so in order not to become a victim of criminal elements or ordinary hooligans, follow a few simple rules.

Think ahead to your route

If you are forced to move around the city at night, it is important to think ahead. Exclude wastelands, industrial zones, parks, construction sites, paths from abandoned buildings and underpasses from the route. It is also better to avoid crowded places of young people and drinkers – cafes, night clubs, summer venues of drinking establishments. It is best to walk in crowded, well-lit streets or along highways where you are always in sight.

Do not use mobile gadgets.

The statistics of the detectives of Oklahoma shows that they most often attack passers-by talking on the phone or conducting active correspondence in the messenger. Firstly, the presence of a mobile device already seriously increases the victim’s attractiveness for an attacker, and secondly, conversationally or chatting enthusiastically, a person loses vigilance and ceases to monitor his safety.

Tell family and friends about your movements

Always tell people close to you that you are going to go somewhere in the evening or at night. Tell the place where you are going and the route of movement. If you get into trouble, they will come to your aid more quickly if they know where about you can be. Do not make spontaneous decisions that endanger your safety. If you said that you stayed with friends overnight, try not to change plans, or at least inform in advance that you changed your mind.

Do not get attention

If you have to go somewhere in the dark, avoid bright, catchy clothes. Refrain from evocative and eye-catching things, such as high-heeled shoes, miniskirts, neckline blouses. A private detective recommends choosing simple, comfortable clothes for walks in the evening, as well as leaving jewelry at home and jewelry similar to them.

Do not succumb to provocations

Any experienced Lvov detective knows that trouble does not always come from criminals. Can be a serious danger and ordinary citizens who drank alcohol. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, do not get involved in conversations with strangers, argue with people who are clearly tipsy and succumb to the provocation of drunken companies. If you see that conflict cannot be avoided, do not hesitate to call for help, but rather call the police or ask passers-by to do this.

And finally, the main advice – if you were attacked for the purpose of robbery, you do not need to be heroic. Give everything that the attackers require – neither jewelry, nor mobile gadgets, nor money are worth your health and life.

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