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By the nature of his activity, a private detective is faced with a variety of life situations. The accumulated experience makes the detective a real expert in the field of personal safety and the advice of such a specialist can be useful in everyday life. Due to the fact that the vacation period has come, we want to talk about how to protect ourselves from theft in the train, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in our state.

It may seem strange, but in a compartment the chance to become a victim of thieves is much higher than in a reserved seat, where everything is in sight. In addition, thieves not without reason believe that tickets to compartment cars are purchased by passengers who have money and valuables with them. Private detectives of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma often encounter cases when at night criminals open the doors of the compartment and rob the sleeping people to the ends.

Unfortunately, by closing the door with a lock and a latch, you cannot be sure of safety. A special railway key, an “all-terrain vehicle” used by conductors, can be inexpensively bought on any market. The detective of the private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma saw with his own eyes how an attacker opened the safety latch-stopper from the corridor of the car using a standard ruler. Therefore, in order to protect yourself and your property, you need to take additional measures.

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In this case, we can advise you to use the method that was actively used in the 80s and 90s by those who returned from earnings in the North. In order not to become a victim of theft or treacherous robbery, such passengers tied the handle of a closed compartment door to a shelf or its ladder with a thin steel cable. There were craftsmen who made real locks from cables and chains, like modern bicycle ones. Private investigators give advice not to rely on luck in transporting money or valuables and use this proven method.

In addition, personal security experts from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recommend resorting to another simple trick. Having lifted the locking latch of the door, insert under it an object of a suitable size, for example, a matchbox. This simple measure will prevent thieves from performing their crown trick and squeezing the device with a ruler through the gap between the compartment door and the partition.

But one must also take into account that the thefts are committed not only by the “guest performers” taking seats at the stations, but also by fellow travelers. Our private detective agency has repeatedly dealt with the so-called “spontaneous thefts.” Such crimes are committed by random fellow travelers who have no experience and a clear plan. A person traveling with you in a compartment or reserved seat can envy your expensive smartphone, laptop or watch and grab it when you exit when you sleep or are absent. It’s not difficult to solve such a crime thanks to “personalized” tickets, but it does not make the victims any easier.

So that your random neighbor in the compartment does not “get the devil messed up”, try not to demonstrate money, valuables and expensive gadgets. It is better to hide a laptop or bag with valuable things at night in a box under the shelf, if your place is below, or sacrifice comfort and place it next to you against the wall on the top shelf. Detectives from a private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma warn that the most decent-looking travel companion might be a thief – an entrepreneur, a cute old woman, a student, and even a child.

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