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How to protect yourself when travelling in a taxi

City taxi is a convenient and therefore popular form of transport today. For many, calling a car becomes an excellent way out if you need to go somewhere at a later time. But private detectives working in Oklahoma warn that traveling in a car with a driver is not only convenient, but also sometimes dangerous, especially if you are a woman and drive alone. We often hear about attacks by passengers on taxi drivers, but believe me – there are not many less unpleasant stories about how a taxi driver attacked his client.

Attacks occur for a variety of purposes – robbery, abduction, sexual assault, just out of hooligan motives. Detectives of the private agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will tell you how to behave so as not to become a victim of a person who drives you in a car.

  1. Do not use the services of private traders. Statistics show that 80% of criminal cases are connected not with employees of popular taxi services, but with the so-called “bombs” – ordinary motorists who want to earn extra money. Use only well-known taxi services that track every trip.
  2. Suspicious situations. If you called a taxi through the application, but another car or car arrived without service identification marks, it is better to call the dispatcher and clarify or completely refuse the trip. You should not go if the driver behaves suspiciously.
  3. Record and notify. Before you get into the car, write down its number so that the driver can see it. Call someone from your family or friends and dictate the number, and also tell the time what time you left.
  4. Only sit in the back seat. You should not be located in the passenger seat near the driver – experts in the field of personal safety warn that this place is most dangerous if the driver decides to attack you unexpectedly.
  1. Follow the route. If you are traveling in areas familiar to you, keep an eye on the paths that take you. If you are in a foreign city, do not be too lazy to assess the situation using a special application or a regular navigator. If the target route starts to seem suspicious to you, confidently demand a stop and get out of the car.
  2. Do not settle for fellow travelers. Never get in a car that already has a passenger. Also, do not agree to select travel companions, even if the driver motivates this with material gain.
  3. Do not accept presents. Do not drink or eat anything that the driver gives you, even if it seems to you that he treats you from a pure heart. A sleeping pill or psychotropic substance can mix in food, drinks, and even chewing gum.
  4. Do not meet your requests. Often, taxi drivers ask the passenger for permission to call home for a moment, to the garage, to a car service or any other place not related to the purpose of the trip. Firmly refuse this and demand to adhere to the official route.

In the event that you were attacked in a car, use any means at hand and try to create as much noise as possible. At the same time, private detectives of the agency from Oklahoma warn that a gas spray is the least successful solution for an enclosed space, which is the interior of the car.

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