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What is Skip Tracing in OKC?

Skip tracing in Oklahoma City is the process of gathering information on a difficult-to-find person to track them down. The term “skip” comes from the phrase “to skip town” and refers to the person who needs to be located. The act of tracking them down is referred to as “tracing.”

Finding elusive persons may appear to be the domain of statewide private investigations in Oklahoma. Still, it is a critical talent for competent process servers. Whether a person refuses to be served or resides in a remote place, skip-tracing is a regular requirement for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers (OJPS) to fulfill their services appropriately.

Why Do You Need Skip Tracing in Oklahoma?

You might require nationwide skip tracing if you need to serve someone who doesn’t want to be served. If someone seeks to avoid skip tracing, they can change their addresses or jobs, making it difficult to track them down.

You may have to serve someone whose information you don’t have. In this case, a process server can use skip tracing techniques to locate and serve them.

How Does Skip Tracing Work

Many skip tracing services know where to look for essential information and get it. Skip tracers frequently undertake interviews and surveillance with people close to their target. They’ll also utilize the internet to look for a subject’s online presence, as well as skip tracing tools and large subscription-based databases that aren’t open to the public.

Highlighted below is a list of the types of data Keefe Private Investigations (KPI) provides:

  • Vehicle registration and title, as well as a driver’s license
  • Reports on credit
  • Applications for credit cards
  • Requests for loans
  • Applications for jobs
  • Databases of phone numbers
  • Bills for utilities
  • Records of flights
  • Customer loyalty card/department store
  • Consumer fraud
  • Tax information that is available to the public
  • Databases of public records
  • Checks for criminal records
  • Records from the courthouse
  • People who are main witnesses in a lawsuit
  • A person who owes a debt
  • Defendant’s absence

On the surface, skip tracing appears to be a do-it-yourself project. Still, it will cost you time, money, and energy that could be better spent working with a professional. While free internet search services can be helpful on occasion, the top services will cost you money.

An expert process server and skip tracer have access to cutting-edge surveillance tactics, insider information, and high-tech procedures. They can also enlist the help of coworkers. Most importantly, a professional skip tracer will follow all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, including trespassing and privacy laws.

How Long Does a Skip Trace Take to Complete?

The amount of time it takes is determined by how easy it is to locate the information you require. Some services may take up to 48 hours to complete, while others can take ten days or longer.

Is it Legal to Use Skip Tracing Techniques?

Yes, skip tracing is allowed in the United States so long as you’re not breaking the law to get the information you need. Obtaining information or accessing private documentation without consent are examples of illicit ways to skip trace. Always be upfront about your plans and verify local and business legislation, as some laws may limit what you can and cannot do.

What Are the Costs of Skip Tracing?

The cost price is determined by the type of skip tracing service you require. Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing charge a reasonable fee based on the complexity and time required by the skip tracer. Still, it’s better to get a price from your process server.

Oklahoma Skip Tracers Who Locate Relatives.

To locate family members, professionals extensively use Oklahoma family member skip tracing services, such as attorneys, company managers, and paralegals. We use real-time data and advanced technology methods only available to licensed agencies, giving you and us unrestricted access to personal and public records.

When Skip Tracer employs real-time skip tracing talents, unique investigation strategies, and exclusive investigative technologies, we are more dominant and successful. A qualified professional skip tracer manages all skip trace files.

Our “Oklahoma Family Member Skip Tracing Services” used for locating family members are personalized to meet your needs, whereby a dedicated, experienced skip tracer will be assigned to work with you exclusively every step of the way.

Our experts discreetly find family members, and we pledge to perform services professionally and on time. You will have direct contact with your skip tracer. We will work tirelessly to assist you in finding where the family member is located and ascertain information about family members.

Skip tracing family members and location services initiated for pre-court activities, mediation, settlement conferences, or involving active court proceedings are always handled timely and professionally.

With everything going on this pandemic and how COVID-19 affects where the family member resides, works, or may have moved to, we must be diligent, alert, and pay particular attention to details. Details discovered are for trained eyes and not for ‘do it yourselfers!’

Finding family members or any person of interest is not a simple task. Still, you are guaranteed the best chance of success for a skilled skip tracer. Family member demographics throughout the nation are changing rapidly. Now more than ever is the time to use a professional skip tracer to assist you with determining the whereabouts of family members.

We utilize real-time data and advanced technology available only to licensed agencies, which affords us and you unlimited access to researching personal and public records. However, we are more dominant and successful in utilizing live skip tracing skills, implementing unique investigation tactics, and using our proprietary tools. All are managed and executed by a proactive licensed professional skip tracer.

Locate our Oklahoma skip tracing services near you to locate the family members and businesses. They are personalized to meet your needs, whereby an experienced skip tracer will be assigned to work closely with you. You will have direct contact with your licensed skip tracer, who will pledge to work diligently on any matter concerning helping you locate a family member or business.

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