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Limitations of a PI

Most people would agree that availing the services of a private investigator can be considered as a big investment. However, it will most likely help to resolve the matter you are struggling with. It is important to know that if you are taking into consideration the services of a private detective, there are certain things that a private investigator from Oklahoma City cannot do, even if you think that they can. Let’s explore the limitations that an investigator has.

What Private Investigators Can Do

Here are things you can expect a private investigator from OKC to do for you:

  • Find out someone’s date of birth
  • Follow those suspected of cheating
  • Retrieve death or birth records
  • Gather evidence for a case
  • Covert surveillance
  • Find a missing person
  • Locate a witness for a criminal or a civil lawsuit
  • Run a background check

However, they do not have total freedom to find this information or do surveillance on a person without any consequences.

What Private Investigators Cannot Do

A private investigator from Oklahoma City may not accept a case if it goes against the law or their code of ethics/conduct.

1.   Phone Records

A private detective from the US cannot access telephone records of any individual.

2.   Financial and Banking Records

A private investigator from Oklahoma City cannot get specific bank details pertaining to a bank account. They could only get it if a subpoena or court order is in place or if they have the consent of the person who holds the account.

3.   Using Tracking Devices

So, even though a private investigator can follow people whilst undercover and do surveillance, they are not allowed to use tracking devices such as a GPS in order to keep tabs on their subject. It is considered a federal violation to place a GPS tracker if there is no explicit consent given.

4.   Lying

A private detective cannot deceive someone or lie to them to get classified information. It may not be illegal but it is considered unethical in the private investigator’s handbook.

5.   Credit Checks

Credit information or credit reports are only available to the person holding the account so the private investigator would need explicit consent from the account holder beforehand.

There are many more unethical and illegal things private investigators cannot do such as hacking or mail tampering. The law applies to PIs and there are certain limitations to what they can or cannot do.

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