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The Most Common Reasons for and Methods of Skip Tracing Individuals by a Private Investigator in OKC

Methods of Skip Tracing Individuals by a Private Investigator

The Most Common Reasons for and Methods of Skip Tracing Individuals by a Private Investigator in OKC at a Private Investigation agency in Guthrie, OK

The term “skip tracing” may sound quite technical and there is a good chance that you may have heard it from private investigators or bounty hunters on TV. That said, a skip tracing service comes in handy for more than just looking for fugitives. Believe it or not, skip tracing OKC can be quite helpful for locating a friend or family member that you lost contact with. It may also be useful to find someone who owes you money.

Attorneys often do a fair bit of skip tracing for tracking down witnesses or leads. Some people even make use of a nationwide skip tracing service to find particular individuals. More often than not, this task is performed by private investigators as they have experience of collecting information and finding various individuals at a certain location. For instance, if you want to find someone in Guthrie, OK, it would be best to ask the PI to perform skip tracing OK.

The Most Common Reasons Private Investigators in OKC Use Skip Tracing

There is a long list of reasons why private investigators use skip tracing Oklahoma. It could either be for professional reasons or even personal reasons. One of the biggest pros of utilizing the skip tracing methods is that PIs do not have to get up close with their potential target, unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, most of the work they have to do is from a distance. That being said, some personal investigators do offer canvassing as an extra service to compliment their location services.

Now, let us discuss the common reasons why private investigators perform skip tracing services:

Process Serving

Process serving is among the most important services private investigators can offer to individuals and attorneys. Loads and loads of people living in Oklahoma search for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers or private investigators for various reasons. Serving the right documents and finding the whereabouts of certain people can be quite challenging, and this is precisely where skip tracing can be incredibly helpful.

Whether it is divorce papers or a simple subpoena, it is important to ensure that everything goes to the right recipient to steer clear from hassle and confusions. When someone hires a private investigator to perform a skip tracing service, they can rest easy knowing that the process serving procedure will be smooth and error free.


There are numerous financial or legal reasons behind skip tracing someone, which include: locating defendants and witnesses, criminal incidents, auto accidents, divorce, child support, litigation and more. Of course, this list isn’t all encompassing as there are plenty of legal reasons to locate a party through a skip tracing service. It is worth keeping in mind that certain people prefer not to be found and there are different reasons behind them, like legal reasons.

More often than not, people know about the “what and who” of the people they are trying to find. However, it is the “how and where” they need help with, which is where skip tracing Oklahoma city can come in handy.

Missing Persons

Missing persons investigations can be quite complex and take a great deal of time. While authorities do perform missing persons investigations, sometimes getting skip tracing services can help accelerate the process rapidly. Remember, your first course of action during a persons case should be communicating the issue with the police and using nationwide skip tracing should be the secondary option.

Family Matters

There are local investigators who deal with things like missed connections, matters of the heart, family matters and similar situations through skip tracing. Family members are often needed for something complicated like a family reunion invitation or will reading. Using skip tracing services from a personal investigator can come in quite handy in such situations and may help people find the family member or friend they are looking for.

Common Methods Private Investigators Use for Skip Tracing

Private investigators use a wide range of tools for locating someone and one of those tools happens to be skip tracing. Besides skip tracing services Guthrie Oklahoma, PIs also make use of publicly available info, public records, talking to neighbors and colleagues, looking for possible places where the person of interest would hide, court proceedings and searching different properties.

Plus, since most people have loads of paper records and social media presence, professional private investigators can locate almost anyone over time. If you want to find someone, the first thing you will search the internet for is “skip tracing service near me.” Once you find the right skip tracing service Guthrie, you will need to be patient as skip tracing requires a great deal of patience, surveillance and legwork.

If you are a novice or are not familiar with how skip tracing Oklahoma works, it would be best to leave it to the pros who have the right knowledge regarding skip tracing services. The first step Oklahoma Statewide private Investigation professionals take when performing skip tracing is, finding personal and historical information of the POI. This task can either be easy or complicated, depending on whether the person of interest has any digital footprint.

Mentioned below are some common methods private investigators in Guthrie, OK use when skip tracing someone:

  • Looking for date of birth, email address, physical location etc.
  • Searching for educational background, time in the military, occupation
  • Checking whether the person in question is alive
  • Performing through internet searches
  • Checking vehicle registration info, property records, utility bills, credit reports etc.

Find Anyone with Professional Skip Tracing Services in Guthrie, OK

Skip tracing requires great attention to detail, something that only comes with experience. This is why it would be best to choose the best PIs that provide skip tracing Oklahoma. At Keefe Private Investigations, we know what it takes to find POIs in the shortest possible time and follow the best methods and approaches to locate them.

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