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Notary Public Workers Will Often Refuse Transgender Clients Without a Specific Cause

Transgender identities have always been confusing for people outside the LGBTQIA+ community. Not only have they been subject to some of the worst persecution among any of the members of the community, they also happen to have the most stigmas surrounding them. And a lot of that comes down to their physical appearance and other physical attributes.

Transgender individuals can also face unexpected discrimination at the hands of notary public workers, who will reject their offer and will turn them down for whom they are. But since these wedding officiants OKC are, after all, humans, it is possible for them to hold problematic beliefs as well.

Discrimination against Trans Individuals

Transgender is an umbrella term that describes various people whose gender identity is not the same as the one they have been assigned at birth. So if an OKC wedding officiant is at a transgender wedding, they will have to refer to them with their preferred pronouns. This is, of course, different from sexual orientation, which refers to an individual’s attraction to another person, whether that is sexual or romantic. They can be attracted to the opposite or same sex, as well as both sexes.

Therefore, transgenders can include non-binary individuals or individuals who have permanently changed their gender. They will usually do this through gender reassignment surgery, which can sometimes take months to complete or even years.

Due to their sometimes-distinct appearance, they can be victim to discrimination throughout various parts of life. They may be experiencing bigotry at the workplace or even among their old friends. And they can even face this form of intolerance at weddings.

Wedding officiants Oklahoma City might not offer their services, or they might not be allowed to host the event at a wedding venue OKC. And there have been cases where notary public officials, due to their appearance, have denied Trans people services.

The wedding officiant Oklahoma might refuse to read the couple’s vows or cancel at the last minute upon seeing them. Unfortunately, most individuals who hire notaries experience this very common issue. However, it can be strange to see their reaction to such situations as public servants.

One of the main reasons that Trans people face this kind of discrimination is because there is no comprehensive federal law that protects them from discrimination. While the Supreme Court has ruled that Trans people have legal protection from harassment, it has not done much in the way of stopping discrimination.

Not all notaries are the same

While there are plenty of incidents of notaries showing prejudice towards certain individuals, not all of them are the same. Not only do some of them not hold any kind of prejudice, but they can also be supportive of the union.

An OKC wedding officiant also has the inherent advantage of performing the marriage anywhere the couple chooses. Even if the couple does not wish to perform the wedding in a courthouse, they can choose another location and refer to the notary. As long as the officiating notary accepts the location, they can officiate the wedding there.

You can also greatly customize the time for the wedding, as notaries can usually have very flexible timings. They can officiate a wedding between 9 AM and 10 PM, and they can do so at any day of the week. They are able to offer more flexibility compared to a clerk, who can only officiate a wedding at a courthouse according to their timings. Therefore, they will only be offering their services between 9 AM and 4:30 PM.

Some notaries can even help you better understand matrimonial regimes along with the legal consequences that come with your current undertaking. Officiants can also answer legal questions that you might have about the legality of your union. This can be an especially important thing to clarify if your partner or you are Trans.

So by hiring a notary, you can greatly customize how to celebrate your wedding. By acting as the wedding officiant OKC, they also take on all relevant responsibilities. You can even find notaries that do not hold any specific affiliation with a group or religion, and rarely ever discriminate against their clients. In fact, some are ecstatic about meeting new couples in various wedding venues OKC.

Make Your Wedding Special with the Perfect Notary Services

Your wedding is a very special event and you deserve a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who will not judge you. As a transgender, discrimination can be a very difficult aspect to deal with. And the last thing that you would want is to face any type of prejudice on your wedding day.

With Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, you will find all of the necessary officiating services that you need for the wedding. They offer their services in Oklahoma City and Edmond, allowing you to get their services if you live in these different cities.

Their officiant services also extend to the LGBTQIA+ community, where other businesses fail. They can find you the perfect wedding venue in Oklahoma City along all of the other services that you would want at your wedding. From wedding photographers in OKC to even wedding videographers in OKC, they can cover most aspects of your wedding.

They even offer premarital counseling to help you workout any issues or questions that you might have about your marriage. Whether you still question the wedding venue in Oklahoma City, or you want to discuss the legality of the union, they can help.

Dr. Makayla Saramosing and Dr. Tinsley Keefe will be helping you through the process and will be offering their services. They can help officiate the wedding, or they can even offer premarital counseling to help put your mind at ease. With the range of services that they offer, you can easily depend on them for the ceremony.

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