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Personality Types to Avoid When You Hire in New Private Investigators

Personality Types to Avoid

Personality Types to Avoid When You Hire in New Private Investigators in Bethany, OK, and New Process Servers in Warr Acres, OK

Hiring new private investigators in Bethany, OK, and new process servers in Warr Acres, OK needs a lot of work. You need to consider the expertise of the private detective and process server OKC. Apart from expertise, different other things come to play including their personality types.

So, at a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, when looking out for process servers and private investigators in Bethany, OK, avoid these personality types:


In hiring a process server in Broken Arrow Oklahoma or a private detective in Warr Acres, OK you must avoid the irresponsible ones. Irresponsible OJPS and PIs in Bethany, Oklahoma City will only end up causing you trouble if they work at your private investigation agency OKC.

The duty of a private investigator in Norman Oklahoma working at a private investigation agency Oklahoma usually involves getting information. This means they need to get information without causing harm or having unfavorable repercussions. An irresponsible private investigator in Warr Acres, OKC will carry out inquiries that put people at risk or frighten them. On the other hand, a responsible one will put a lot of effort into making sure their inquiries are moral, secure, and lawful.

For a process server in Oklahoma City, an irresponsible one will care less about the timeframe given by clients for serving documents. This can lead to a lot of issues that can be avoided. So, look out for these traits when making new hires.

Lack of Objectivity

Private investigators in Bethany, OK, and process servers in Warr Acres, OKC needs objectivity. However, some of them lack objectivity which is the character trait you should look out for and avoid if the new hires have it.

Clients want professionals to take care of their work. This means that the process server in Edmond Oklahoma and the private investigator in OKC should not lack objectivity and professionalism. They should take of their client’s work with a clear mind, while also staying neutral and putting their client’s interests at heart.

At private investigation agencies like Keefe Private Investigations, professionals are hired. The reason is that process servers in Tulsa Oklahoma and private investigators in Bethany, OK are required to act in a strictly professional manner. This is important, especially when conducting both private client and business investigations. A great client experience is not by emotional participation, disrespectful remarks, or other inappropriate behavior.

Lack of Discretion

For a private investigator in Oklahoma conducting Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations discretion is necessary. Even for an OKC process server, discretion is important in serving documents. While working, exercising caution and staying alert to protect the privacy of the client is important. This is what good process server Oklahoma and private investigators in Warr Acres, OK know. It entails carrying out operations and setting up contacts in a way that will not raise even the slightest suspicion.

During an investigation, surveillance must be done discreetly and professionally. A good private investigator in Edmond Oklahoma will take care to avoid drawing the subject’s attention to themselves. Doing these helps to keep subjects unaware that they are being monitored or pursued. The monitoring ceases to be covert if the target becomes aware that they are being watched. This also applies even while Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers try to serve papers.

So, when a process server in Warr Acres, OK and private investigators in Bethany, OKC lacks discretion, they are a red flag in hiring. A private investigation agency in Warr Acres needs private detectives and process servers that can maintain discretion.


Another personality trait to avoid when looking for new hires at a private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma City is unfriendliness. A PI in Guthrie, OKC must be personable, mainly when dealing with clients that need their work done. Employing a private investigator in Oklahoma City to investigate is usually based on the client’s needs. Most times, the client is already going through a lot. So, they do not need a process server in Ardmore Oklahoma, or a private detective in Warr Acres, OKC to add to that.

A PI and a process server can create a fruitful working relationship with the client by remaining kind and professional at all times.  When hiring a private investigation agency in Bethany, OKC goes for one that is friendly. Though a friendly Private detective in Guthrie or process server Enid Oklahoma does not translate to being professional.

Inability to Carry Out Research

Research is necessary while investigating and trying to serve documents. This is why both the PIs in Edmond, Oklahoma City, and a process server Altus Oklahoma have to conduct research. They must be natural at acquiring information regarding any investigation and trying to serve documents.

A private detective needs to have an intuitive understanding of which leads are promising and which ones will be fruitless. Some of these leads are generated by background checks or vehicle tracking analyses. Knowing how to carry out important research will save time for the client and the private investigation agency.

A process server in Lawton Oklahoma needs to follow up on leads.  Especially leads that will make them track down a client and serve documents. So, the inability of these professionals to carry out research should not be overlooked when trying to hire one.

No Tech Skills

Our world is going digital and no matter the field of work, all individuals need basic tech skills. This is why Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and private investigators in Bethany, OK are deploying technology to make their job easier. Spending on a process server and private investigators’ gadgets when they have no understanding of how to use them is useless. No tech skills and lack of interest is a red flag.

Final Thoughts

The personality types of both process servers and private detectives listed here are serious. You should avoid them and look for other candidates to hire. This will translate to a better working relationship.

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