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Is Private Investigation Ethical, Especially When Investigating Minorities?

When did you last hear about an ongoing private investigation in Oklahoma? The chances are that you heard of it quite recently, as it’s easy to come across a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City. But, most people assume that private investigation is a bad line of work, especially as far as conduct and code of ethics are concerned. It’s one of the reasons private investigation gets a bad rap, especially when it comes to minorities. Because minority rights are getting immense attention nowadays, activities such as private investigations on groups such as LGBTQIA+, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and others are viewed as a breach of ethics and morals.

Thanks to the raging discourse surrounding minority rights, the public believes that private investigations should follow the same code of ethics and honor the rules consistently, regardless of whether they’re investigating a member of the African-American or LGBTQIA+ community.

Most Common Private Investigation Ethical Issues

Detectives responsible for Oklahoma statewide private investigations have to conform to a given set of codes and ethics. While it’s quite difficult to navigate the decisions and tactics for private detectives, they are liable to do so as per criminal law and ethics. Besides, as technology advances further and marginalized communities speak up, private detectives have troubling discerning the thin line between criminal law and ethics.

Here are some of OKC’s most common ethical concerns among private investigation issues. Although there are some highly prolific private investigation agencies in Norman and Edmond, Oklahoma, a fair share of them find it difficult to overcome all ethical issues simultaneously.

Understanding of the Criminal Law

In simple words, you must understand that if an investigation decision is treated as illegal, it’s undoubtedly unethical. Therefore, it’s a must for private detectives in Oklahoma City to know about the various civil and criminal laws in different geographical regions. Otherwise, the situation could be troublesome for the private investigator and their client if they fail to make decisions according to the geographical laws of the region.

The most common ethical issue that arises with unreliable private investigation agencies is that private detectives through such agencies have little to no knowledge about the geographical differences between criminal laws and ethical codes of conduct. There are slight variations in legality, policies, and regulations based on the country, state, or province. Let’s put it this way, if a private investigator is conducting an investigation in Oklahoma City in a certain way, the same process or method might not apply in Texas.

Let’s take the example of wiretap laws, which vary from state to state. So while one state requires the consent of all parties involved, the other only needs the consent of one party. When investigating someone from a minority group, like the LGBTQIA+ or African-American communities, for example, the private investigator has to abide by laws of the respective state with total adherence.

Lack of Training in Ethical Decision Making

Another ethical issue surrounding private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City is critical thinking and split-second decisions. Private investigators and detectives encounter situations when they don’t have enough time. That leads to serious errors in decision-making and split-second choices. Therefore, most private investigators have to undergo legal and ethical training. And most US institutions encourage continuing education and ethical training for private investors.

Ideally, professionals should stay updated with new changes in the code of ethics to conduct private investigations. One of the most recent solutions to conduct private investigations ethically, whether the target is a minority or not, is the use of technological investigative tools.

Privacy Rights Violation by Private Investigators

In the age of big data and digitization, you may already know that privacy concerns are at their highest. Among the major violations of ethics by private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City, invasion of privacy takes the cake. It’s a significant ethical issue that demands pure and undivided attention from private detectives and clients who hire them. Invasion of privacy takes many forms. It’s based on the concept of gaining access to someone’s personal belongings or possessions when they’re not around, haven’t given consent for you to do so, or are simply unaware that you’re going through their belongings.

The most common issues of privacy rights’ violation at the hands of inexperienced private investigators in Oklahoma City include:

  • Hacking into computers
  • Email or physical mail interception (theft)
  • Extraction of information through illicit means and motive

The ethical issue of privacy rights can lead to criminal offense charges against the private investigator if they fail to abide by the laws of the state they operate in. That can be detrimental and could potentially lead to greater concerns if the target of a privacy rights violation is a minority. It could be a case of racial discrimination, making the private investigator and their client liable to severe legal consequences.

Private Investigators – How They Should Remain Ethical against Minorities

The private investigation agency must train its investigators and detectives as per the private investigation code of ethics and conduct. In addition, there are certain practices that all private investigators and their agencies should become accustomed to.

Adhering to the Code of Ethics

To avoid encountering ethical issues as a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City or any other state, compliance with the Code of Ethics is necessary. That’s because a private investigator doesn’t possess any judicial power or authority and can only access public information to move their investigation in the right direction.

Assessing the Surrounding

Since every case is unique and variations in each state’s criminal/offense laws, private investors should assess their surroundings. That involves evaluating available options and taking whichever route poses less threat to their reputation. Critical thinking skills are major traits among private investigators and detectives, due to which it’s not so common to hear about ethics violations in minority cases.

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