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Private Investigation in Oklahoma: Virtual infidelity and Divorce

Question: I suspect my husband has a virtual relationship. He spends a lot of time on his phone, is very secretive, and seems more and more distant. How to collect evidence of this infidelity? How can a private investigator help?

The answer by Private Investigator Oklahoma City

In the age of smartphones and social networks that have invaded our daily lives, maintaining a virtual extramarital relationship has become a common practice. Also, when a person suspects his spouse of infidelity, she may consider shedding light on the matter in order to possibly request a divorce. In the context of a claim for divorce for misconduct, the evidence that will support this claim may be essential and allow the plaintiff to increase his chances of success with the cases of child custody, divorce and compensatory allowance.

Nevertheless, all the evidence is not admissible in court – only the elements collected in a legal way, and in the respect of the private life, can integrate the file of instruction. Therefore, the SMS and mails of the personal mailboxes are proscribed, as the recordings taken without the knowledge of the person concerned.

How to get help?

In these circumstances, the help of a private investigator may be helpful. He will be able to provide sound advice, accompany you in the strategy to put in place and enlighten you on the subtleties of the administration on the admissibility of evidence.

For example, he may tell you that the only registration on a dating site does not in itself constitute a fault justifying the request for divorce. On the other hand, the repetition of exchanges, the registration on a dating site for a long time, or the sending of photos of a characterized sexual nature are elements that can be considered as proofs by the court. If this evidence comes from the family computer, accessible to all, they are more likely to be admissible, and allow you to win the case (e.g. for a divorce claim for infidelity).

Infidelity investigations and private detective for infidelity

Depending on the case, it may be wise not to rush. However, if over the weeks your spouse shows a behavior more and more strange, and his explanations for his absences are vague, then it may be interesting to involve a private detective. The latter can confirm or refute your suspicions and allow you to begin the necessary steps if necessary (make a request for divorce for fault, ask for separation, think about childcare, or simply discuss to try to find a solution).

Nevertheless, some people are particularly good at concealing an extramarital relationship. Also, it is important to keep calm and remain patient, while being very attentive to the attitude and words of your spouse. This strategy, which makes it possible to arouse no suspicion in the other, makes it possible to capture the possible errors or evidences that he/she will have left by accident.

Private detective services Price for infidelity Cases

When you have taken the time to think and decided to use the services of a private investigator, you will have to look at the rates. The private detective price for infidelity cases can really be a decisive element. At Private Investigator Oklahoma City, we take the time before each of our missions to estimate the duration of the survey entrusted to us in order to allow our customers to have a concrete idea of the required budget. Only once the quote has been validated, our employees actually begin their mission and collect any evidence of infidelity.

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