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Private Investigator vs. Cops


Private Investigator

Private investigator (private detective, investigator) is a person who can be hired by any person for the purpose of investigatory law services.


A police officer (also referred as officer, policeman and cops). They all work same.

Duties of Private Investigators


  1. Collect all the Facts

The most important duty of the private investigators is to perform the job without getting noticed, to collect all the facts and bring it to client. Private investigators work as secret agents and detective of the individual and groups.

  1. Research

It is also the duty of the private investigator to research about the real facts and finds evidence about the crime. Private investigators could be researching legal records, family history and conducting a computer search to research a crime.

  1. Keep Secrecy

Also, it is very important duty of the private investigator to keep the secrecy of client’s case. It is the basic requirement of every private investigator to keep secrecy of case which he is going to investigate .If a private investigator is failed to maintain the secrecy of the job or case, he may have to face the penalties of various types.

  1. Performing Background Check

Further, It is included in the duties of the private investigators to investigate or check the background of the criminal or other persons who may be involve in the crime. Conducting background checks need to have full knowledge of the rules which is necessary to know while conducting such investigation.

Duties of cops


Duties of cops same as the duties of the police officers.

  1. Peace keeping

It is the most important duty of the cops to keep peace in the country. Take actions if anyone doing wrong acts for the purpose of maintaining law and order in the country. Cops are active and strong officers who are always active on duty and take instant action to control any criminal activity.

  1. Preventing Crimes

Moreover, It is included in the duties of the cops to prevent crimes in the country and take action instantly for this purpose. Cops play a vital role to prevent crimes in the society or country. Cops are considered as very important officers to maintain peace and preventing crime for the purpose of general public’s security and peace.

  1. Responding to Emergencies

Cops also help people by responding to emergencies. Cops help them and save their life. So, people consider the cops as the public hero and give them respect because, they save their lives and secure them from dangerous situations.

  1. Order Maintenance

To maintain law and order is also the responsibility of the Cops. Cops keeps check if there is any breach of law. They will arrest the guilty person. Breach of law includes’; not following traffic signals and to threat other society members. However, All these criminal offence control by the Cops for the purpose of create awareness in people regarding law.

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