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Process Servers in OKC are Usually Friendly with Cats

Process servers in Oklahoma have a very important task as they have to ensure that defendants in a case receive the necessary documents. If they cannot receive the documents or the court notice in time, they will not know if they have been summoned. More importantly, if the defending party does not receive their court notice within a specific time, the plaintiff’s case will not go forward, and the case will be dismissed.

Therefore, the pressure to deliver the court notice is on, and the defendants can sometimes make serving them difficult as well. Some can be actively difficult with how they receive the notice, with them wither not answering the door to process servers, or will try other methods to intimidate them.

These defendants can make process servers in OKC take much more time with a single delivery than would otherwise be necessary. The server will just drop off the notice and will take the defendant’s signature, and will be on their way.

Some can even face difficulties reaching the defendant’s louse, as there is usually a guard dog outside that could bite them. Therefore, now the process server in Oklahoma City has to find a way around the feisty pet, which is often why many process servers prefer houses with cats in them.

Why Many Process Servers Prefer Cats over Dogs

While both cats and dogs can be very territorial about their space and house, to be more specific, when a process server comes in to make a delivery, they are more likely to face resistance from the dog, which will usually try to attack or growl at them. This alone makes them a little scary to deal with, especially when the owner is not around.

And even though dogs can be friendlier than most cats when they start to trust their visitors, they can still deliver very difficult for people visiting the first time, which is often. In this regard, cats are often more relaxed and do not care about who is around them. While the process server in OKC might not get too close to the cat to pet them, the cat will not go out of its way to chase the server out. At most, the cat will just stare dead angrily at the intruder and might try to smell them better. This is usually a trap, as the cat will usually try to attack after getting a good whiff of the person in their space.


The important thing is that the server is not in any active danger when trying to do its job. In fact, in these situations, the homeowner is usually worried about their cats and if the process server in Oklahoma City will possibly hurt their cat or if their cat might hurt them. While cats can rarely do as much damage as dogs, putting them away when they’re angry is not easy. And they will usually not be having an easy time trying to keep the cat away from the process server.

Fortunately, process servers in OKC are usually very friendly with cats and kittens, as many keep pets of their own. Pets act as great stress relievers, which is usually because they are so cute and cuddly. Furthermore, cats, in particular, can purr wonderfully, making them so much more soothing to sit and relax with. Therefore, you do not have to worry when receiving documents from a process server in Oklahoma.

Steps You Can Take To Make Process Servers Feel Safe

Even if you are just talking to the process server in OKC for a few minutes, you want to make sure that they feel safe throughout your conversation. There is always a slight chance that even if your cat is not very aggressive, is that they will act out when they see someone with who they are not familiar.

Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure the process server feels safe when they are in the vicinity of your cats. The first step to ensuring that process servers in Oklahoma feel safe when you are talking to them is to make sure your aggressive cat is away from them. The best way to go about that is to simply keep your cat in another room, ensuring that it does not hurt the process server.

Even if the most that the cat can give are a few scratches, you don’t want them to have a bad experience when they come to meet you. The next step you can take to make them feel more comfortable is introducing the cat to them in a supervised environment. This can be especially effective in making the cat feel more comfortable around the server and vice versa. By making an effort to feel more included, you can avoid making them feel left out. And under proper supervision, you can even control your cat if they are getting out of hand.

Finally, if the process server is approaching the cat, you should stop or warn them if the cat is not friendly. This is especially important, as you don’t want them getting hurt or the cat giving an extreme reaction.

Finding Pet-Friendly Process Servers in Oklahoma City

A good process server in Oklahoma City can make all of the difference in the world when working on a case. And if you’re looking for a process server who can help you with your particular case, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can help. Our process servers in OKC have years of experience in the field and come equipped with the right skills to make sure that the defendant can receive their documents on time. So if you want the best of the best, contact OJPS today.

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