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A Process Serving Guide: 6 Significant Rules to Follow

Process serving is crucial to the legal system. Process severs make sure that documents relevant to their cases get delivered or “served” to those involved in a court case, and they also provide other services such as filing court papers and retrieval of lost items.

The process servers come from all walks of life, with some having no prior legal experience at all. Some only work on the side to earn an extra income, while others plan for their career in this field once they are finished learning everything about it.

Whether you are a novice process server or want to grow your existing business, this step-by-step guide will teach you how to get started and find more paying clients.

The Basics: 

To become a successful process server OKC, you need to follow the below-mentioned action plan and make your name in the industry:

  • One of the most important steps to take when starting a process server business is researching how much your competitors are charging for their services.

You can learn about this information by looking at advertisements or websites. Moreover, you can study up on prices of other companies who offer similar types of services locally.

  • You need to get familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations about the process serving in your municipal.
  • Establish an online presence to promote your business.
  • Stay updated on the latest technology for process serving.
  • You should be aware of all state laws that are pertaining to process serving.

Initiate a Flexible Process Serving Business: 

Process serving has the edge over other small businesses because you do not have to worry about the high costs associated with running an office. That means you can keep your overhead low and still provide quality service to your clients.

It is recommended that you do not quit your career if you have a day job and want to get into process serving. Instead, make your process serving business flourish part-time. When it is fully mature, then give your full-time to it.

Even with a small budget, it is possible to make an impact in the market. Keep your expenses under control and reinvest any profits back into marketing so that you can grow your potential clients.

Make Your Digital Presence: 

A high-quality website is vital to the success of your business. When people see what you have online, they will become more interested in working or investing money because it shows that their investment can be worth something.

We suggest you build your online presence first, even before printing up your business cards. When you feature your web address on the card, it will foster trust among your potential clientele.

Stay Centered Around Finding Clients: 

Starting a new business can be daunting, and it is easy to get distracted by all of the noise around you. There are a lot of things that can get in the way when you are starting out as an independent process server, but one thing we always recommend is focusing on increasing your potential clients.

Once you make your loyal customers, then the process serving business will feel like a breeze. They will be the source of taking your business to the peak of success.

Acquaint Yourself to Law Firms: 

Once you are done with establishing your reputation and have a strong online presence, then make yourself known to the law firms in your area.

Your business card and calling card are perfect for attorneys. Leave them on their table and let them know that you will accept any potential client.

Another great way to market your services is by going the extra mile with service-oriented businesses. These include law firms, auto dealerships and landlords in order for your business operations to run smoothly without hassle.

Six Rules That Every Process Server Should Follow: 

The process serving job can sometimes feel like a tough feat to do. Process servers are like venture capitalists for finding people who do not want to be found. Moreover, they work within very strict guidelines.

They have to follow the law and not break any rules as it pertains specifically to delivering legal documents or other paperwork. Moreover, there are certain rules that every process server should follow.

Take a look below:

Rule One: Be Honest: 

Process servers Oklahoma City have to be honest, forthright and transparent about their job. You cannot lie or try any funny business with people who are are trying to serve legal documents because if you do, then it will only backfire.

Rule Two: Do Not Mask Up as a Legal Authority: 

Process servers are the backbone of our legal system. They deliver papers in connection with court proceedings, divorce hearings and other related matters such as real estate transactions or payrolls for employees.

It is no surprise that many people abuse their positions by pretending to be law enforcement officers just because they have a process server badge on hand. This is illegal.

Process serving professionals cannot pretend what they are not.

So, do not impersonate as law enforcement and do justice with your job description.

Rule Three: Do Not Open the Mailbox: 

Mailbox tampering is a federal crime and can carry serious consequences. Process server Oklahoma should never place any notice in someone’s mailbox nor engage with the outside of the box.

You can only send items through US Postal Service, but tampering will only get you into hot water.

Rule Four: Do Not Trespass: 

You must always get permission to come onto private property. If there is a sign saying “No Trespassing,” then this law applies to the process serving professionals as well. There are certain States that allow process servers to enter into someone’s property, but generally, you should get permission to do so.

Rule Five: Do Not Break into a Home: 

Oklahoma Judicial process servers must follow the law when entering a home or private building. For example, they cannot just barge in without being invited. You must be able to follow the law in all aspects of your jobs.

So, you cannot enter a house if it is already unlocked or pushed open. You also cannot force yourself into someone else’s home after he/she opens up for some other business.

Rule Six: Be Aware of the Rules: 

You should be aware of the rules no matter where you work. If you break those laws, you can be subject to both criminal punishments as well as heavy penalties.

When you are looking for a process server, it is important that they follow the rules. There should not be any servers who breaks these laws because then your whole case could crumble from weak representation and an unethical court proceeding. Hence, you should make sure their reputation has been checked thoroughly as well.

The Bottom Line: 

Process serving includes delivering the legal documents, and it requires honesty, responsibility, and commitment to work.

Process serving profession can be a pesky job to do. But by following the simple yet significant guide, you can exponentially grow your business and shine away in this field.

Moreover, we have provided you with a set of rules that you have to follow in order to be a successful process server. Lastly, do not get involved in any criminal activity, or you will have a bad reputation which is not good for your business in the long run.

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