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When your business is concerned, you will never be too careful. A professionally conducted business survey can save you time, money and future trouble. Since our professional lives survive by hard drives or “Clouds”, a competent computer forensic investigator should be part of any in-depth review of your company and its employees.

Business enumerators can help keep you and your company safe in many ways, both obvious and unobtrusive.

Background Checks

Despite written notice on most application forms, a surprising number of people lie. A study has established a number as high as 40%. While most applicants lie about them (perhaps to cover a bad year on a resume, or to appear to have managed more people at the previous job), a disciplined business survey should reveal candidates with hiding a criminal record, undisclosed debt (such as an excessive amount of unpaid support or a relatively low credit rating), or undisclosed aliases. A computer forensic investigator will specifically look for discrepancies between a potential employee’s CV skills and their online profile.

Commercial Fraud: 

Occasionally, employees who are already part of the company are not as open as they should be. Business investigators are qualified to detect cases of work-related injury and disability fraud. Often, these types of corporate investigations are conducted using surveillance and infiltrated operations to determine whether an employee receiving compensation or disability checks is as injured as they say they are. In such cases, a computer forensic investigator may use social networks or access hard disks to find virtual information giving evidence of fraudulent activity by an employee.

Counterfeit goods:

Businesses producing items that “borrow” your design are bad for everyone, but they can completely destroy your business. Investigating counterfeit goods could lead to greater national investigations – IF you can prove the idea was yours. When you hire private investigative services as such, you hire professionals to find more than just the company that “stole” you, you also look for potential leaks among your own staff. A computer forensic investigator will use internal hard drives and software to track the leakage of your idea / design. Often this includes access to the company’s online mail and data storage servers, as well as employee records.

The benefits of hiring business enumerators

Private investigation services keep you informed of everything that happens in your business, even when you’re not there. Although you may have self-installable solutions – such as security cameras inside and outside your building, or requiring designated permission levels and / or passwords for access to specific company information – a professional and appropriate investigation goes much further.

In the end, the purpose of any corporate investigation is to ensure that your property and your money are safe for you and your business. Private investigation services to identify potential sources of fraud or theft can help you secure your intellectual property and the success of your business models. Call us now for our exclusive business investigation services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and get the peace of mind that you deserve.


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