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The Romance Scam Recovery and Exploration Methods

Romance Scam


Who doesn’t want to find true love? About millions of people worldwide use social media networks and online dating apps to find someone. But many people, instead of finding their true love, they meet scammers online who try to trick them into sending money. According to recent cases reported to FTC, the romance scams reached to record $304 million in 2021. That is 50% more from 2020.

Romance Scam

Such online romance scammers create fake accounts on online dating apps and sites, or they directly contact their target people through famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Google Hangout, etc. After building trust, they make up fake stories to gain sympathy and ask for money.

Common Forms of Romance Scams:

Usually, scammers do not provide the right information about them, and they say they are working in such profession or places where it is more difficult to meet them in person. We are listing some of these excuses following:

  • They are working as a military agent or armed forces.
  • They work as doctors or paramedical staff in other countries as charity.
  • They live in any other foreign country.
  • They do trading internationally.
  • They are businessmen or businesswomen who work abroad.
  • They work abroad on an oil rig.

Such scammers usually create fake stories on which victims can believe easily to gain sympathy and financial help from them. Such as:

  • They are experiencing serious illness and need money for surgery or other medical expenses.
  • They are doing some business and have an investment opportunity for you.
  • They are stuck overseas, or their visa is expired, and they need money for visas, tickets, or other travel expenses.
  • They have to pay off debts and need funds for them.
  • They need cash for importing/ exporting products as customs fees.

In such kinds of cases, the scammers commonly request victims for money transfer via bank accounts. Also ask them to purchase gift cards from online platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Goggle Cards, etc., and send images of gift card codes that they can use later on for purchasing. The reason for doing this is that they can get money instantly and, most importantly, without their identity.

How Romance Scammers Trap Their Targets?

During this pandemic, most people who feel isolated turned to online dating sites/apps or social media platforms to communicate or find new people. But instead of finding their true love, many people meet scammers who strike up a relationship with them and try to convince them to send them money.

Such romance scammers make fake profiles on online dating apps or sites like Bumble, Tinder, etc., and target their victims through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. and spend their most of the time in building a relationship and gaining their trust before start making plausible stories and asking for money.

How Can You Get Help To Recover Your Money From Romance Scam?

About millions of people are targeted by romance scammers online in the world. If you’ve also been targeted by such a scam, then you’re not alone. Romance scams are increasing, especially during a pandemic, when people feel more lonely and isolated during the lockdown. So, if you have also been a victim of such a romance scam and sent money to someone who you think is a scammer, then we can help you.

Such scams are among the most destructive scams as you feel hurt, and at the same time, you feel ashamed for being a target of a romance scammer. However, our security organization has solved many such romance cases and recovered scam money. We can help you to get your money back and to find that romance scammer, so you should never hesitate to contact us.

How Can You Avoid Romance Scam and Save Your Money?

You can avoid a romance scam by paying attention to small details. There is a famous saying, “Never send gifts or money to a darling to whom you have never met in person”. If you ever suspect a romance scam, you should:

  • Stop interacting and communicating with that person instantly.
  • Discuss with someone you trust and concentrate if your family or close friends are concerned about your new friend or love.
  • Do a quick research about the job or profession of the person to check if persons have similar scam stories. You can check by searching their job title and place name. You can search and read similar romance scam stories on different blogs and websites.
  • Cross-check by doing a quick search about the person’s profile picture to check if there is some other person with other names and details. If they don’t match then, it can be a sign of a scam.

Things to Do to Avoid Romance Scam and Reclaim Your Money:

If you ever experience threat by some person who is forcing you to send money or asking for some money as loan online, call the police immediately. If you feel you are in danger of being scammed or be a victim of a romance scam recently, you can get help by contacting and explain the situation to the police.

In case you’ve transferred money already to someone you meet online and are feeling you have been a victim of a romance scam, then you can report this incident. To report, provide as much information as you can about that person and how it exactly happened, in detail. Such as

  • Where you find that person (e.g., Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Elite Single, etc.)
  • Describe all the details that you know about that person with whom you were in contact.
  • Provide contact details for them that you know about. It might be their address, phone number, social media profile, dating account, bank details, etc.
  • Describe your circumstance and detail how you think you’ve been a victim.
  • How you transfer them money (provide details of the transfer and bank account or other means by which you transfer money to them)

Final Verdict:

Do you ever feel you’re being scammed online? Do you ever send money to someone whom you meet online to help them in their financial difficulty? Or someone offers you an opportunity for investment in their company or business online? If you answer any of the above questions is YES, or you’ve made a money transfer to someone you never meet in person, then there is a chance that you might have been a victim of a romance scam.

Romance scams are very common, especially in pandemics, and they are also known as bank transfer scams or APP (authorized push payment scams). The common reason for these scams is that the person has built up a relationship or friendships with that person whom they have met online and trust them.


How can you get confronted with an exceptional romance scammer?

If the person is suspecting any online scam on different sites, then they should report every scam if they confront any issue. You can contact the cybersecurity team immediately. Even if you experience any romance scam, then you can file a complaint against a person through the FBI team.

Will the online romance scam will be prosecuted?

Well! If you are experiencing any online scam, then you may lead to a criminal charge by the federal court of the organization. It may be true to cross the fine state lines and borders of safety terms. You can call the internet fraud authority and expert of banks to follow every criminal law.

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