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Specialties Most Common Amongst PIs

Private Investigator OKCPeople often think of a private investigator doing work similar to that of James Bond. Drinking on the job, using their gun often, and working on top secret and complex cases. In actuality, the world of private investigation is extremely diverse, and they work to compile information on a wide range of subjects for their clients. Different investigators also specialize in different fields, such as arson, infidelity etc. Here are the specialties that are most common amongst PIs.

Insurance Investigations

A private investigator from Oklahoma City can definitely attest to the fact that insurance investigations are extremely common, and thus, most PIs specialize in it. The category of insurance covers different types of insurance frauds and need records, surveillance, research and interview measures to help

Background Check

Many PIs would consider doing background checks as a specialty, even though pretty much every licensed private investigator from OKC would know how to conduct a background check. Background checks are an important part of any investigation and they entail finding out and examining a subject’s professional and personal history.


Surprisingly, surveillance is also considered a specialty amongst the private detective community.  Surveillance usually is a helping act to background searches. Surveillance can be attributed to most types of investigations, however, infidelity cases, missing person investigations, corporate fraud and workers compensation investigations are probably the ones that need surveillance methods used most.

Domestic Investigations

Specializing in domestic investigations would cover various aspects such as child custody cases, background checks, security, sexual or physical abuse, divorce investigation, drug abuse or infidelity.


Fraud actually counts as another specialization and usually involve verification of past work experiences and even identity theft.

Corporate Investigations

This is another category which is, as the name suggests, business related. Corporate investigations usually involve the verification of the legitimacy of business partners, looking into theft or loss of proprietary information and defamation.

Despite what, a PI’s specialty may be, it is important that each private investigator gets the correct training. They need to be licensed and certified, trained to be able to solve any investigation through legal and peaceful means. They need to abide by the law and all confidentiality rules as well.

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