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The Future of Private Investigation: Social Media

We are living in the age of social media. Almost everyone, from your best friend to your grandmother will have an account on at least one social media platform. Also, the way we engage with people has drastically changed due to the advent of social media, meaning the way investigations take place has also changed. Let’s explore the future of the private investigators as affected by social media.

Is There A Need For Social Media Investigators?

Increasingly, people are seeking out social media investigators. Rivalries, fights, threats, bullying, and stalking are now mostly taking place on social media, so people are hiring private investigators to get to the bottom of their issues. Realistically, private investigators have already started using social media as one of the tools to aid their investigations. Going through public accounts of someone online is legal, and can give some much-needed insight into where the person might be, who they hang out with and their hobbies.

Do You Need To Be A Certified PI To Be A Social Media Detective?

A private detective should be instilled with enough knowledge that they can gain valuable information through social media about their subject. A private investigator may also be able to get through privacy settings through special software. However, people are looking for someone who is just full-fledged a social media private investigator from OKC. A professional social media private investigator from Oklahoma City would be able to gather the authentic information they need without breaking the law. This does, however, mean that not just any random person can become a social media investigator. They would need proper training on how to follow the correct protocol when gathering the evidence, and how to analyze it.

How Can The Gathered Information Be Utilized?

A social media investigator can easily find out whatever the client desires and actually present what they find as evidence in a court of law. For instance, in a custody case, the PI can use the person in question’s social media accounts as evidence for their character. Subjects ‘pinning’ their locations can be extremely useful, as then the PI can easily track down the person’s location. Social media investigators are just used in the case of ex-spouses or stalkers. Companies can use investigators to know more about their applicants. Law enforcement agencies can look for criminals through the use of a social media investigator.

Thus, it can be said without hesitation that social media is going to rule the private investigation industry in the future.

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