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The Importance of Private Investigators Being CLEET Certified


It is often wrongly perceived that a private investigator is just an officer in training who never made it. Private investigators go through classes, tests, and training before becoming a certified private investigator in Oklahoma City.  A licensed private investigator from Oklahoma needs to take the CLEET test in order to get certified. Here is why it is important to for a private detective to be CLEET certified.

What is CLEET?

CLEET stands for the ‘Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training,’ which is a system established in Oklahoma back in 1963. Police officers and private investigators both need to pass the CLEET test in order to provide their services. CLEET gives a valid license of three years for first-time applicants, which can be renewed every two years (obviously after their training has been completed).

What Does A CLEET License Entail?

A private investigator from OKC in training will need to meet the following requirements in order to qualify for a license:

  • Age requirement: 18 years for an unarmed license and 21 for an armed license.
  • Be residing in the country legally, whether they are a citizen or not.
  • Should not have a criminal record.

The aspiring private detective has to go through training to get a license, which contains a different module for an armed and unarmed license. Moreover, individual also has to go through a psychological evaluation to obtain an armed license.

Why It Is Important for A Private Investigator From OKC To Be CLEET Certified

Firstly, apart from obviously being legally allowed to work as a private investigator in Oklahoma City, there are many aspects of the CLEET license requirements that are important for the detective to possess. In-depth evaluation and training are necessary for private investigators as they may face deadly situations, thus should know how to defend themselves and others. Specific qualification criteria are set to ensure that the investigators are well versed with what their job entails and understand the severity of their actions. Thus, clients will feel safer and be able to trust an investigator who has completed such a detailed program before becoming a licensed investigator in contrast to hiring someone who claims that, ‘they know what they are doing.’ Getting an armed license for protection is a big deal and, thus the CLEET license ensures that they actually know what they are doing and are well qualified to do the job they are potentially endangering themselves to perform.

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