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Tinsley Keefe Advises on a Situation Where the Person You Are Tracing Is Your Ex

Tinsley Keefe Advises on a Situation Where the Person You Are Tracing Is Your Ex

Tinsley Keefe Advises on a Situation Where the Person You Are Tracing Is Your ExOkay . . . so maybe the situation does not happen very often. Maybe the situation will never happen – or maybe it already has. The world works in mysterious ways regardless, and you cannot put it past the universe to screw with your love life in the form of your ex and your career. Tinsley Keefe has been working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma City for years now, and although the situation has not happened to her, she is always preparing herself for the off chance that it does.

You are always better safe than sorry. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to avoid the situation. First and foremost, Tinsley always stresses the importance of doing research on the person you are tracing before actually tracing them. Most of the time, research is necessary to find the person anyway. If you are researching the person, it is fairly difficult to not realize that the person is, in fact, one of your exes. If you happen to come across a situation like this, you still have the opportunity to turn your client away with the recommendation of another skip tracer.

Of course, there is always the chance that you will know the location of the person right off the bat. In addition to that, the name might be a very common name – or, maybe you just do not care that the person you are tracing is your ex. Whatever the reason is, you find yourself in a position where your target is someone you have a history with. If the breakup was mutual and friendly, the event might be more awkward than not.

This is why Tinsley practices subtleness with all of her clients when working as a skip tracer in Oklahoma; it comes in handy when the person is someone you know. Furthermore, Tinsley also offers advice to those in similar situations to the one described above. For starters, do not treat the person any differently than you would if it was not an ex. If you can, keep the meeting strictly that of a business venture – act professionally, treat them kindly, and operate with efficiency. The situation is probably just as awkward for them (or even more) than it is for you.

In the end, if you find yourself in a situation where your target as a skip tracer is an ex – or someone you know – you really should not overthink it. The easiest thing to do is treat the person like you do not even know them; aside from a friendly smile and a quick catching up if that is what you desire. Although Tinsley has never dealt with an ex while working as a skip tracer in OKC, she has dealt with familiar people like acquaintances and family friends.

Finding out the person you are tracing is someone you know should not change anything. You can still do your job successfully. If the person ends up angry at you for doing your job, then they are not worth your concern in the first place.

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