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Tinsley Keefe Advises on Process Serving and Intoxication

Tinsley Keefe Advises on Process Serving and Intoxication

The US is filled with individuals that love a good time in the form of alcohol, alcohol, and lots of alcohol. This is normally a fun occurrence – grabbing a beer by the lake with some good friends, enjoying a late night bonfire, and getting “riggity riggity wrecked, son!” Unfortunately, that also means people will bring their drunken asses into businesses, expecting to get service, when in actuality they will just get kicked out. During her time working as a process server in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe has had her fair share of intoxicated clients attempt to get service. This is where things get complicated: your client is intoxicated, but you need to serve them papers. Do you serve them while they are intoxicated or do you wait; risking the chance of losing them?

Tinsley Keefe Advises on Process Serving and IntoxicationObviously, the answer to that should be simple – never serve an intoxicated individual. Tinsley Keefe is constantly reminding other process servers in Oklahoma not to serve intoxicated clients; regardless of whether or not you risk the chance of losing them. The legal repercussions are not worth it. Of course, sometimes the situation revolves around the opposite side of the spectrum. Although it is less likely compared to intoxicated clients, there have been occurrences where the process server is the intoxicated one. Not only is this extremely illegal in any setting – for any job – it is also very unprofessional and damaging to both the intoxicated process servers and any client they attempt to serve papers to.

Of course, there are times where alcohol seems like the only thing that will get you through the day. Tinsley Keefe has had her fair share of rough days while working as a process server in OKC, but that does not mean she resorts to drinking on the job. Instead, Tinsley has several other GO-TOs for the more difficult days. For starters, a corresponding snack to your sweet or salty tooth could have the same effect as a glass of vodka. If that does not tickle your fancy, Tinsley also suggests enjoying a glass of alcohol after your workday is over. Sometimes winding down at the end of the day with a beer or a glass (or bottle) of wine can take the edge off a long, rough day. Regardless of what you decide to do, the answer is never drinking while working – unless your job is literally testing wine or something.

Everybody has days where a water bottle filled with vodka seems like the only answer. Tinsley assures you that not only is it not the only answer, but it is not an answer at all. There are other things a person can do to calm themselves down while working; like taking a brief walk around the premises or enjoying a break by blasting music in your vehicle and smoking a cigarette (if that is how you roll). In the end, process serving and intoxication mixes regularly. This is why it is extremely important to know how to deal with situations involving alcohol.

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