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Tinsley Keefe Argues Against Sexism in the Workplace as a Female Notary Public 

Tinsley Keefe Argues Against Sexism in the Workplace as a Female Notary Public 

Imagine this situation: you wake up, get dressed for work, meet up with a client, and suddenly you face discrimination – or even lose business – because you are being ridiculed for your choice in fashion. In this situation, let me ask you something . . . what gender do you imagine the victim as?

As a female notary public in Oklahoma City that faces these challenges on a daily basis, Tinsley Keefe can give you the answer based on her own personal experiences: the gender of the victim in the example situation is female. They are almost always female. Why? Because females have boobs.

I mean – come on people! We have better things to do with our time than discriminate females for a natural part of their existence. For example, maybe the south should focus less on being backwards and ignorant and focus more on things that matter like the issues surrounding our education and health care system.

Tinsley Keefe has seen the worst of the bigots while working as a notary public in Oklahoma, which is why she urges anyone that experiences similar discrimination to contact her in times of duress. In addition, Tinsley also urges everyone to check out and be a part of organizations like Free The Nipple.

As women, we need to take a stand and fight for not only our right to dress how we like, but our right to exist alongside men – or really, our right to exist at all. Why is it socially acceptable for men to walk around in public without shirts on – but not women? Why are we shamed for something we are not only born with, but something that supplies nutrients for other human life?

It makes no sense. This messed up world we live in is exactly why Tinsley Keefe demands we take a stand now; before it is too late. Boobs are natural. Nipples are natural. Our clothing (or even lack thereof) should not define our professionalism. When working as an OKC notary public, Tinsley is constantly telling prejudiced people to get bent:

“Potential clients and current clients alike need to know that anyone we catch sexually harassing or otherwise body shaming our owner or any of our employees will be reported to the appropriate authorities, will permanently become ex-clients, and may FUCK THE HELL OFF!”

The honest truth is that they are not worth your time anyway. Women already face a multitude of challenges in everyday life; they do not need the added stress of worrying over every little clothing piece they put on. No matter what your style is, you should have the right to exercise it freely and without concern.

If you are a classy, sexy lady – dress like it! If you are a rock hard country girl, do not even think about hiding it! Whatever your poison is, embrace it! To take it a step further, if you are proud of your body and comfortable in your skin, why should you conceal it? You should not. It is that simple. Do not hide it.

Never hide it. 

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