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Tinsley Keefe Shares the Key(s) to Finding Someone Digitally

Tinsley Keefe Shares the Key(s) to Finding Someone Digitally

Tinsley Keefe has discussed with you before the importance of names in the Oklahoma City skip tracing business. Now it is time to discuss the key(s) to using that name in order to find additional information on the person being traced. This is an important part in any skip tracer’s profession, as the information a name can provide might result in the whereabouts of the person being searched for.

Key #1 – Search Engines

First and foremost, search engines are one of the best and easiest ways of finding someone digitally. In this example, we will use Google. If you navigate to Google, you will find that a simple Google search of your own name pulls up at least some information. In addition, adding quotations to your name might change the results in a more personal way.

This is especially useful for skip tracers, as it makes their life of locating the person they are after much easier. Search engines like Google have the ability to provide information on dozens of accounts associated with the name being researched. While working in her Oklahoma skip tracing business, Tinsley has gotten skilled in maximizing search engines to their fullest potential. This is why she easily  assures other skip tracers that it is only a matter of time before they too learn to maximize search engines for optimal usage.

Key #2 – Online People Lookups

Very similar to search engines, online people lookups can provide the information that search engines normally do not. In other words: they put the puzzle pieces together. Several popular lookup websites include Pipl, FamilyTreeNow, and White/Yellow Pages. Websites like Pipl allow you to search a person by name, email, phone number, or even commonly used usernames.

Websites like FamilyTreeNow are a bit creepy but (surprisingly) completely legal. These websites take all of your public information from all possible online sources and stores it under one section. Normally, you can find someone’s past and present addresses, past and current phone numbers, and even relatives and other associated individuals like close friends.

Key #3 – Social Media

Finally, one of the biggest keys to finding someone digitally is utilizing the existence of social media profiles. It is very unusual to come across someone that does not use at least one platform of social media. Because of this, while working as a skip tracer in OKC, Tinsley has found numerous clients through their social media profiles.

The process is simple, as most people write out their every move for others to see – they are going here, doing this, seeing that. The overwhelming information provided by complete strangers online is concerning in most situations, but as a skip tracer it can only benefit you.

If you learn how to identify and utilize the different keys to finding someone digitally, you will almost never struggle. The ability to locate someone should be considered a gift. If you can successfully track a person down using the information provided to you by basic online services, you are on the road to skip tracing success.

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