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Tinsley Keefe Shares Tips on Maintaining Privacy in a World of Spies

Tinsley Keefe Shares Tips on Maintaining Privacy in a World of Spies

Tinsley Keefe Shares Tips on Maintaining Privacy in a World of SpiesAs cliché as it might sound, the rumors do hold some truth: the government has never been more invested in our private lives than they are right now. When you are signing off “yes” for terms and conditions on most apps, you are also giving those apps permission to go through your personal things like photos, messages, and even your location. While this might not be as dangerous as some social media rumors suggest, it is still not exactly . . . comforting.

As a private detective in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe is too familiar with the dangers that lurk online. The terrifying thing is that the threats do not end within social media. For example, websites like FamilyTreeNow contain information on almost all individuals – from current and past addresses, phone numbers and relatives to birthdays, friends, and known aliases. Fortunately, as a private detective in Oklahoma, Tinsley also knows how to protect her privacy online to the best of her physical and digital capability. For starters, she suggests taking precautions on social media.

The government is not the only danger that lurks online. If anything, it is one of the minor threats. The biggest thing is protecting against hackers and cyber criminals. Keep your social media profiles private. Do not add people you do not know. Try to keep as much personal information off your profiles as you can – including your current city, phone number, and even your friends. Maximize the shit out of your privacy settings because you can never be too safe.

After a digital barricade is formed on your social media, Tinsley suggests doing an online search of yourself to identify what remaining information can be found. Pulling from her experience as an OKC private detective, Tinsley is all too familiar with how easy it is to find information on individuals online. Delete as many unused profiles as you can, and send in requests to websites like FamilyTreeNow to have any public information removed. After erasing as much of your online presence as possible, move on to to the technical side of things. On your electronic devices, look up instructions on turning off your location for all apps that do not need to use it.

Furthermore, consider deleting apps that require permissions for access to camera, microphone, etc. If you do not use an app, there is no point in having it. While the government does not have the right to invade our privacy, they are not going to stop any time soon. In fact, it will only get worse from here on out. While some argue that we are virtually (and physically) safe from negative effects involving this setback, others cannot be so sure. If they are so quick to invade our privacy to the extent they have so far, what will stop them from prying further? In times like these, Tinsley Keefe stresses that the best thing to do is find your own security and continue fighting the system.

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