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Tinsley Shares: When the Investigated Is Your Husband or Wife

Tinsley Shares: When the Investigated Is Your Husband or Wife

Tinsley Shares: When the Investigated Is Your Husband or WifeInfidelity is the most common situation for finding your husband or wife on the wrong side of a private detective’s investigation. In fact, nine out of ten times the person that requests the investigation is you; the betrayed. What are you supposed to do in a situation where your life feels like it is slowly crumbling? You hire a private investigator, but you question whether you really want to hear the news at the end of their investigation. Tinsley Keefe has a lot of practice working in Oklahoma City as that private investigator; giving her the chance to learn a few tricks of the trade when it comes to dealing with tragic situations.

You might find yourself in an unbearably painful condition – whether your husband or wife is suspected of cheating or identity fraud – but that does not mean you have to let that pain control you. Tinsley’s first tip is taking a step back. As silly as it might sound, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back from a stressful situation and reflect. How did you get there? Everything happens for a reason; do not forget that reason. Even more, do not miss that reason entirely.

After taking a step back, Tinsley suggests taking a moment to gather your thoughts and mind. In fact, take time to gather your entire being. Tinsley is familiar with the process of an investigation after working as a private investigator in Oklahoma for so long; which is exactly why she is serious when she says sit back, relax, and let your hired private detective handle the difficult part for the time being. They will be efficient in their investigation and their results will be accurate.

Furthermore, they will be kind and comforting when they finally deliver that information. In the meantime however, you are urged to explore other areas of happiness in your life – from family and friends to hobbies and passions. That way, when you reach Tinsley’s third trick of the trade, you will have something to fall back on for comfort. These moments in your life should be shared with the people you trust to hold you up through the rough spots. If you do not have people like that, find them. They are out there somewhere.

In the end, Tinsley Keefe has learned from her private detective experience in OKC that the most successful trick of the trade is step three: taking a step forward. You have taken a step back. You have reevaluated your life and taken time to explore your mind. Now you can take a step forward; finding peace with whatever end of the spectrum your private detective’s information will fall on.

If you move forward knowing that everything happens for a reason, you will be more likely to enjoy the good moments in life while cruising past the bad ones. After all, if your spouse ends up guilty, you are probably better off without them anyway.

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