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Tinsley Stresses the Importance of Private Detectives Working with Skip Tracers

Tinsley Stresses the Importance of Private Detectives Working with Skip Tracers

Tinsley Stresses the Importance of Private Detectives Working with Skip TracersPrivate investigators are involved in a very dangerous business. You can never really know what a case might turn up. This is why most private detectives will carry firearms on their person – legally, of course – amongst other things. For example, as a private detective in Oklahoma City, Tinsley Keefe practices different levels of self-defense in addition to all other safety precautions. Now you might be asking yourself: what do the trials of a private detective have to do with skip tracers and skiptracing?

Considering that Tinsley also works as an OKC skip tracer, she can answer honestly that sometimes a skip tracer’s situation becomes just as dangerous as a private detective’s case. For example, a skip tracer might find themselves in a situation where the person they have finally located ends up being a danger to either them or their surroundings. While most skip tracers will try to do extensive research on their target before searching for them to avoid this situation, there are times where the research will turn up clean of warning signs and still present a later threat.

This is exactly why private detectives and skip tracers work together on a frequent basis. If a skip tracer has any doubt about their target being stable and harmless, they will most likely call up a private detective to accompany them on their journey. Furthermore, there are occurrences where a person operates as both a skip tracer and a private detective; having the ability to carry their own firearm during skip tracing adventures. Tinsley Keefe can confirm the usefulness of operating as both, having worked as a private detective and skip tracer in Oklahoma for a good amount of time now.

Regardless of whether or not you become a private investigator in addition to your skip tracing, you should still take some time to learn self-defense. The benefits are literally endless, and there are no drawbacks. This is, of course, alongside working with a private detective on the more dangerous situations. If you end up with a dangerous target as a skip tracer and you are alone and unarmed, you risk more than losing the person; you risk losing your life. If you do not follow the phrase “better safe than sorry” religiously, you might as well sign your death certificate.

Whether you are working as a skip tracer or a private investigator, you should always practice safety first. In fact, throughout life you should practice safety first. What is the point of working and earning money to live a better life if you are going to put that life in danger and risk losing it? There is no point. This is exactly why skip tracers and private detectives work better as a team in dangerous skip tracing situations. This is also why everyone should practice self-protection methods and self-defense, regardless of their job or lifestyle. You never know when $75 lessons might save your life; technically making them priceless in the end.

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