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The way Hollywood and other film industries portray investigators and the investigations is quite different from what the profession, in reality, has led to people believing things that are far from the existence of a PI world. Let’s discuss how these fictional depictions have shaped the perception of what private investigators do in the public’s eyes.


TV and movies not only shape the way the public looks at PIs but also adds confidence in their minds as if they know more than a PI himself. People who have never hired a detective, even people who have never spoken to one, have a defined private investigator’s perception. For better or for worse, PIs have just accepted this as a reality.

The fascinating part is; however, all the ridiculousness finds a way to bleed back into reality.

If you look at any website for a private investigator or a blog post, you will find some guy in a trench coat with a Sherlock Holmes pipe with a deerstalker and a spyglass. All of this has been going on ever since we can remember. Long before the internet, the Yellow Pages advertisements used to contain such photos.

Another amusing thing that we see on the TVs are the outfits of a private investigator. You will mostly find them in casual clothing. Professional private investigators usually wear business attire and suits. Most people believe what they see on TV in reality what a PI does. However, if you take a minute out from your routine life and think, you will know that no one in their right mind would hire a PI wearing a Hawaiian shirt like Magnum PI or a deerstalker. Things that we accept on television are often different from what we take in real life.


To keep it as precise and straightforward, a private detective discovers and investigates proof. That proof varies from job to job. Private investigators may trail and catch cheating partners in the act, but that isn’t the only thing they do. Employee theft, finding missing persons, teen runaways, supporting attorneys with evidence, investigating fraud, and providing background investigations are some cases they deal with regularly.

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