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Skip Tracing stands for the process of finding the missing human or unveiling hidden debts. Basically, skip is derivative of “Skip town” which is referred as a relevant person. Likewise, Trace is referred as the process through which skip is located.  Particularly, the certified responsible person for skip tracing is known as Skip Tracer.

Become skip tracer

Keen Knowledge about State Laws

Predominately, Skip Tracer performs very sensitive activities so they have to be well aware about all the federal laws and state laws. Similarly, their work is related to inspection and privacy of the people. So, the perspective candidate should have keenly learnt laws of privacy and surveillance.

Keen Knowledge about Computer Systems

Moreover, the skip tracer work is not just confined to state and federal laws. They have to examine different databases and to store the information; they have to use computer systems. Therefore, if you want to be the skip tracer, make your command strong on computer systems. This will help you lots in performing your role.

Training Requirement

While, applying for the post of skip Tracer or joining the job, a candidate will not be asked to undergo any training. Though, there is no requirement of training for becoming a skip tracer but, one must has command on above mentioned two areas.

How skip tracing works?

Basically, the role of skip tracer is to collect the relevant information about the person, who is under observation. The collected information is then critically analyzed and verified. After this analysis and verification, this information is used to locate the person under observation. The skip tracer could be asked to collect larger amount of information or they could be asked to discover the little and specific information. However, the quantity of information collection depends on the nature of case.

This information collection can be carried by searching on internet and databases. Yet, some agencies prefer to specifically occupy social engineers for this task. Mainly, the job of skip tracer is to approach the information regarding contact numbers, travelling history, financial records, license and job histories of the person.

Scope of Skip Tracing

Skip tracing has broad scope. Skip tracer is needed by the organization that provide loan to people. Usually, such organization needs the person’s data in order to avoid the scams and breach of contracts. Further, the skip tracers are demanded by law enforcement agencies, debt collector agencies and the organizations involved in investigations.

On the other hand, salary matters a lot for any profession. Skip tracer earns handsome amount for their tracing services.

bounty hunter

Skip Tracing vs. Bounty Hunting

Generally, the term skip tracing and bounty hunting are used interchangeably. Both the terms are considered as synonyms. Specifically, skip tracers are sub category of bounty hunting. This can be elaborated as; a bounty hunter can perform the roles of skip tracer whereas, a skip tracer cannot perform the roles of bounty hunter. Bounty hunting is a step ahead of skip tracing. Usually, bounty hunters work for accessing the information of a person who has skipped bail.

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