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What to do if you paid but did not receive a product or service?

Most of the problems that clients contact our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based detective agency in one way or another are related to fraud or inaccurate fulfillment of their obligations by sellers. The development of e-commerce, when there is no direct contact between the buyer and the trading organization or individual, has led to the emergence of new types of fraud. Most often, our private detectives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma deal with cases when people make an advance payment, but do not receive their goods. How to behave in such a situation?

First of all, if you want to achieve a result and not aggravate the situation, you should act exclusively in the legal field. The promise to break their legs was good for the 90s, but today they can be a source of problems for the victim himself. Therefore, you must defend your rights in a civilized manner, as is customary in the US. Private detective agency from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma recommends such an action plan:

  • Try to settle the issue peacefully. Call the seller or write an email and correctly, without unnecessary emotions, let us know that you intend to contact the police. Very often such a threat act.
  • Write a complaint letter to the trading organization or individual and send it as “registered with notice”. Thus, you will be insured against a situation where the seller begins to claim that he wanted to transfer the goods to you (return the money), but you did not respond. An experienced lawyer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma from our company will help you write a complaint correctly.

File a fraud report with the police. Attach the documents to the application: an agreement on an unproven service, a receipt for payment, an account statement, mail correspondence with the seller.

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Your next actions will depend on what the opponent writes in the explanation of the police. If he refuses to take money or begins to claim that the goods have been transferred or the service has been provided, this will constitute fraud and will become a reason for initiating a criminal case.

But the experience that our private detective agency has shown that an unscrupulous seller will most likely get out and come up with various force majeure without directly giving up his obligations to you. Usually, the online store begins to claim that he himself was the victim of negligent suppliers or that there was a theft, spoilage of goods, etc. Most likely, they will promise you a refund in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

In this case, the situation leaves the control of the police and moves from the category of crimes to the category of disputes. Now, to defend your rights, you need to go to court, where the chances of winning a lawsuit from a buyer are always very high.

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