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“Which One Is for You: Mobile Notary or Notary Public?” Tinsley Answers

"Which One Is for You: Mobile Notary or Notary Public?" Tinsley Answers

"Which One Is for You: Mobile Notary or Notary Public?" Tinsley AnswersWhat many people do not realize is that there is a difference between a notary public and a mobile notary; albeit a very small one. That difference is travelling. A notary public will commonly work from an office building of sorts – perhaps a bank – while a mobile notary will travel to notarize documents. While a notary public can technically travel if they wish to, a mobile notary is for the literal purpose of travelling on the rare occurrences where your local notary public will not do both.

Tinsley Keefe has been working as a notary public in Oklahoma City long enough to know the true significance behind offering mobile notarization services: business. The fact of the matter is that a notary public that offers both notarizing via an office and notarizing via travel will most likely get more business – and therefore, more profit.

This, of course, leads you to the question of which service will better fit you. Although they are basically one in the same, you do have to decide if you would rather travel to them or vice versa. Tinsley Keefe wants to remind you that there are factors to consider either way. As a notary public in Oklahoma, Tinsley knows the advantages and disadvantages of travelling very well.

Before you decide on the convenience of a mobile notary, you will want to consider where they will meet you to do the notarization, why you need them to travel in the first place, and what the applicable travelling fees might be. If your sole reason for hiring a mobile notary as opposed to a notary public is because you are too lazy to go the distance, then you should reconsider. Having a mobile notary come to you is just as awkward under the wrong circumstances as travelling to a notary public is – yes, that is right: the wrong circumstances. The truth is, with the right notary public, mobile or not, the process will be comfortable and easy.

Furthermore, Tinsley has worked as a notary public in OKC long enough to know the significance behind making the notarizing process one of ease and laughs rather than awkwardness and edginess. Tinsley’s top priority is always the comfort of her clients and the success of her notarization. This is why she will go out of her way to make clients feel at home – whether she is notarizing from an office or from a requested meet-up location.

For example, at her office, Tinsley styles it more like a “chill out” area than an actual office. She always lights candles that offer comforting, homey smells and provides furniture that is actually cozy to sit and relax on. Working with a notary public should not be an event that you dread; even if you suffer from social anxiety. The key is to find a notary public that makes you forget your worries. Maybe they make you laugh. Perhaps they make you smile. In the end, your decision on whether to hire a notary public or a mobile notary will depend on the notary in general.

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