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Bullied Teenage Transgender Dies Following Alleged Student Attack in OK


Keefe Private Investigations is back again with another topic that will keep you glued to your seat. Have you ever heard of the news that a bullied transgender student died in Oklahoma? I have, and I must say it is disheartening. Today, private investigators in Oklahoma and process servers in Oklahoma City will tell you the discovery they made about this case. I’m Makayla, your host for today. Remember, for top-notch private investigation services in Oklahoma, call Keefe at (405) 435-8355.

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Introduction to the case

When Owasso High School in Oklahoma City is mentioned going forward, the first thing that will pop up in people’s minds will be the recent bully and alleged murder of 16-year-old Nex Benedict. Benedict was beaten by three girls in the restroom of Owasso High School on 7th February which is assumed to have contributed to their death.

Background of Nex Benedict

Nex Benedict whose real name is Dagny Benedict was a 16-year-old non-binary American born in 2008. They were a straight-A student who enjoyed drawing, reading, and playing video games Ark and Minecraft and were devoted to their cat Zeus. They were a part of the Cherokee nation and loved by their family”

Benedict’s death  

The death of Nex Benedict has sent shockwaves throughout Oklahoma in more ways than one. Benedict was knocked to the ground and sustained serious head injuries after being beaten by three girls in the girls’ restroom. According to their mother Sue Benedict, Nex had scrapes on the back of their skull and was covered in bruises all over their face and eyes. The school failed to call an ambulance for Nex or the police. After treatment at the hospital, Nex went home. They passed out the following morning and were taken to the hospital where they were declared dead.”

Anti-LGBTQIA+ Involvement 

The Independent claims that Libs of TikTok, a far-right X (formerly Twitter) account noted for disseminating anti-transgender propaganda, highlighted a teacher that Nex Benedict found admirable. Threats against public spaces nationwide, including libraries, schools, and other organizations, have resulted from posts on the account. According to local media, the teacher quit on the same day the Libs of TikTok account tweeted about them after receiving negative feedback for their TikTok videos. Some claim that these videos incited this incident

Impact on the LGBTQIA+ community 

It is no news that Governor Stitt’s passed a bill that put the whole LGBTQIA+ community and not just transgender people at risk. Lawmakers like Senator Jessica Garvin and Kevin West helped author the bill. In an interview, Sue Benedict revealed to The Independent that Nex had been the target of bullying since the beginning of the year, just after Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt (R) passed a bill mandating that pupils use the restroom designated for the sex on their birth certificates. This goes to show how vulnerable members of the LGBTQIA+ community are to attack by those who are anti-LGBTQIA+. The fact that the government which is supposed to help them has only managed to endanger them based on the laws that were passed is just disheartening.

The way forward

Since the state medical examiner’s office has not yet decided Nex Benedict’s cause of death, no charges have been brought against anyone connected to the incident. However, we hope that thorough investigations will be carried out and justice will be served ultimately. We can also hope that these terrible anti-transgender laws made by Governor Kevin Stitt, Kevin West, and Senator Jessica Garvin get repealed.


Currently, a thorough investigation is being conducted by Owasso Police Detectives who are currently awaiting an autopsy report and toxicology results. We can only pray that discriminatory laws or bills passed by Governor Kevin Stitt can be repealed to stop these kinds of incidents from occurring. However, we all owe a duty to each other to educate ourselves about LGBTQ+ issues, support organizations working to combat bullying support transgender individuals, and speak out against discrimination and violence. We should also strive to foster a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their differences. At Keefe Private Investigations, we advocate for justice and can help you with investigations. Please contact or visit for additional information about our services. To learn more interesting crime stories, like, share, and subscribe. Be safe until the next time when we come your way again.

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