Private Investigator in Piedmont, Oklahoma FAQs



Private Investigator in Piedmont, Oklahoma FAQs

A private detective in Piedmont, Oklahoma, from a private investigation agency can prove extremely helpful to clients in need of private investigations. Indeed, many people need it for a variety of reasons over the course of their lives. From civil to heinous crimes investigations, our private detective agency has the perfect officials to assist you with all your needs. 😊


The owners of our firm have put together a series of questions and answers for the benefit of those seeking to learn more about them. These private investigators in Piedmont FAQs should help answer most questions many people have about private investigations. These questions and answers are as follows:

Most frequent questions and answers

The cost to hire one usually costs between $95-$150 per hour. A licensed detective will also charge for things such as mileage, USBs, and other related expenses.

He can conduct both civil and criminal private investigations in the entire State of Oklahoma. The most common types of criminal and civil private investigations that the best agents often conduct in Oklahoma are as follows:

  • Cheating Spouse
  • Child Custody
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Death Penalty 
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Missing Persons 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Sex Crimes
  • Robbery 
  • Arson 
  • Kidnapping
  • Burglary 
  • Anything Else You Need Private Investigations in Oklahoma for! 😊

Indeed, as you can see, they can investigate all civil and criminal investigations in Oklahoma. If you or someone you know are in need of it by a licensed agent, please contact one of the owners of our private investigation agency today.


To become a licensed private investigator, you must be prepared to spend time and money to achieve your goals in a fun and exciting profession. Some of the expenses you can expect to incur on your quest to become one include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Private investigation school classes often cost hundreds of dollars.
  1. His license testing costs hundreds of dollars.
  1. His license application fee, surety bond, IdentoGo fingerprinting, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) background check, county or citywide background check, LLC formation, etc., costs about $1,000 or so every three years.
  1. Effective advertising costs thousands of dollars each month.
  1. Office rental/mortgage, utilities, office supplies, etc., costs over $1,000 a month.
  1. Private investigation staff costs thousands of dollars per month, if the agency conducts a high volume of private investigations in Oklahoma.
  1. These special agents often need supplies such as Oklahoma private investigator badges, guns/ammunition, bulletproof vests, pepper gel, tasersvideo cameras, etc., and these can cost hundreds of dollars each.
  1. He continuing education classes for private investigators cost several hundreds of dollars every three years.

These are just some of the many expenses that successful private detectives incur to become the best ones from the best private detective agencies near me. However, they can earn quite a bit of money, with many earning experienced independent agency owners upwards of $100 or $200 per hour, plus mileage and expenses. Thus, the expenses seem insignificant compared to the financial rewards.

Yes, to conduct criminal and civil private investigations, each individual must have first received an Oklahoma statewide private investigator’s license. Anyone found guilty of conducting it without a license is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Anyone authorized to work in the United States who is at least eighteen (18) years of age may find employment as the best private investigator. However, to conduct civil and criminal private investigations with a private investigator license in Oklahoma, each applicant must also ensure they do not have any disqualifying criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. However, these are just the basic requirements to become one.

To be the best, he must  also be an excellent communicator, be honest and hardworking, have a high-performance IQ, be self-directed and initiative-taking, and be very adaptable and discreet. Without these necessary prerequisites, he will not find much success as a private detective while conducting private investigations.

Skilled officials can expect to earn upwards of $95-$150 per hour or more, plus mileage and other associated expenses. 😊

They often need supplies such as Oklahoma private investigator badges, guns/ammunition, bulletproof vests, pepper gel, tasers, video cameras, etc., and these can cost hundreds of dollars each. There are so many other types of equipment that a licensed professional might need when conducting private investigations.

The best one has many ways to track persons of interest for valid legal reasons such as process serving for court cases, missing persons private investigations, etc. These methods that the best agents from the best agency include, but are not limited to, the following:

Nationwide Skip Tracing:

Skilled private investigators, skip tracers, and process servers can conduct nationwide skip tracing to help locate missing and evasive individuals. They take certain information about the person of interest (POI) and run it through their nationwide skip tracing special system that only those with special licenses may access. This nationwide skip tracing system often includes sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, drivers’ licenses numbers, and more that only the most trusted professionals may access.

USPS Mail Forwarding Checks and Post Office (P.O.) Box Checks:

A skilled one will also know how to locate POIs by conducting USPS forwarding mail check and post office box checks. This occurs when he fills out and submits a special inquiry form to the USPS about a POI, along with supporting evidence documenting why she/he/they need(s) it.

These special forms basically ask the United States Post Office whether a POI has made a forwarding mail request to have mail sent from her/his/their home or office to a new address, or to check the actual physical address someone has registered a post office box to. These forwarding address and post office box address checks can prove especially help when nationwide skip tracing by the best official fails to yield the needed results.

Social Media Checks:

He can also search a POI’s social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and much more to help determine if the POI has posted any addresses or pictures of her/his/their whereabouts. Many POIs do it all the time, even when they are actively hiding from the police, private detectives, process servers, and skip tracers.


By interviewing people the POI may know and/or might have met, they might also be able to determine the whereabouts of the POI. Obtaining this information will often take plenty of charisma, diplomacy, and a little extra incentive via money or threats to give up the needed information.


One of the best ways that they can locate missing and evasive persons is using surveillance. Surveillance involves waiting, watching, and following persons of interest to see where they go, whom they are with, and what they do. They use this tactic quite often.

Sadly, as of 2018 a jerk legislator helped pass a law banning the use of tracking devices, even my licensed investigators. Thus, the use of tracking devices, even by those qualified to use them who have valid reasons, can no longer take place. ☹

They tend to have what male and non-binary private investigators lack: Women’s intuition! Women have often been more likely than men to be the ones to suffer through the process of victim protection orders (VPOs) and other lady-specific issues that females go through. Besides, women are prettier, tend to be more fun, and GIRL POWER rules! 😊

Looking for Oklahoma’s largest female-owned and operated private detective agency to hire private investigators for private investigations? You have come to the right place! Please contact a licensed specialist for all your private investigations today. 😊

As a women-owned agency, we can attest that female detectives are simply BETTER than male and non-binary ones. Of course, it is not like our women-owned agency is “biased” or anything. 😉

Girl power RULES, as do our female officials. Of course, our firm also has male and non-binary specialists, so those who want a male professional can also have that choice as well.

To conduct surveillance while conducting private investigations, the expert must first carefully gather up all pertinent information about the case that requires surveillance by him. This information may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A Description of the Case
  • Names of the Persons of Interest (POI)
  • Photographs of the POIs, Vehicles, and License Plate Numbers
  • Home and Residential Addresses
  • Dates, Times, and Locations the Client Needs an agent to Conduct Surveillance
  • Any Special Needs/Notes/Matters to Remain Aware of, Disguises, Hotel Room Admissions/Entrance Fees & Tickets, Etc.

Each expert will also take integrity shots every fifteen (15) minutes while conducting surveillance as part of private investigations for our clients. This helps ensure that each PI is active, vigilant, and accountable to both the agency owners and our clients for all the time she/he/they spend conducting surveillance.

When seeking to hire the specialist, one must consider several vital factors. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Private Investigator Schools & Education:

It is always important for clients to do their due diligence and inquire about the private investigator schools, academies, and universities that the agent attended. Not all schools are equal, nor are universities and other training academies.

Each client also needs to ask what specific degrees, certifications, and coursework he/she completed. Indeed, some might only take the required basic licensing classes while others might hold advanced academic degrees in forensics, criminal justice, and have taken advance training and other coursework necessary to excel further than basic ones otherwise might.



  • Private Investigations Experience:


It is necessary for each client to also investigate the realm of the professional’s legal background each time she/he/they want(s) to hire them. These types of informative questions should include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • When attempting to hire one, inquire about what kind of experience in this field has had.
  • When seeking to hire the best, ask whether she/he/they has/have conducted civil, criminal, or both civil and criminal private investigations.
  • When seeking to hire the best detective, has/have she/he/they also worked or is/are she/he/they concurrently licensed and working as a process server, private security guard, polygraph examiner, skip tracer, and/or as a bail enforcement agent ? What other relevant experience has he really had?

These are just some of the many questions that a client should ask the professional that she/he/they want(s) to hire to conduct private investigations.

3) Other Related Legal & Life Experience:

Anyone seeking to hire the best private investigator in Piedmont, OK from a private investigation agency in Piedmont, Oklahoma also needs to find out about the general life experience and any other related legal work experience the private investigator near me from a private investigation agency near me might have had. Has the private investigator in Piedmont, OK from a private investigation agency in Piedmont, OK ever engaged in any of the following?:

  • Worked as the best process server from a private detective agency?
  • Found employment as the best notary public?
  • Worked as the best bodyguard?
  • Found employment as the best polygraph examiner?
  • Secured work as the best bail enforcement agent?
  • Found employment as the best paralegal, attorney, or police officer in Oklahoma?
  • Traveled around the world/has experience with diverse cultures?
  • Served as a member of the military?
  • Hold advanced degrees/areas of study?

Just as colleges love applicants who are seeking to become medical doctors, lawyers, etc., to have diverse backgrounds and experience, so, too, does it benefit a detective to have that as well?

4) Personality & Character:

Before you hire one, it is important to sit down and speak with the specialist to get a general feel of the private investigator’s demeanor, responsiveness, etc. Do you and the specialist vibe well? What feeling do you get? What does your gut tell you about him that you want him to do your job? Do not ever attempt to hire anyone, until you can feel comfortable with the answers to the questions above.

5) General Reputation of the Private Detective Agency Where the Private Investigator is Employed:

When seeking to hire the best, you also need to ascertain what the general reputation of the agency is. Have you talked with multiple officials? Have you carefully done your due diligence and looked on Google about the company and individual person? What did you find?

The best predictor of future success is, most often past success. What successes and failures has this agent had when conducting private investigations? Where there is smoke, there is fire, so if everyone is saying great things or bad things about the company, then that may indeed be a very good indicator of what you yourself can expect as an outcome for your case should you hire a professional.

6) Cost to Hire the Best Officials:

Before you hire the best one, you will also want to inquire about the associated costs. What does he cost per hour? How much are mileage fees? Are there any other hidden expenses or fees?

It is important to do comparison shopping before you hire one. They often charge between about $95-$150 per hour, but Piedmont private investigators can have different prices so check first and ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

To become the best private investigator supervisor at our best private detective agency, each each candidate must complete the following:

  1. Every best supervisor must complete at least three (3) years of experience as a private investigator.
  1. All private detectives wishing to work as private investigation supervisors must first demonstrate continued honesty, loyalty, dedication, self-direction, timeliness, excellent communication abilities, and an ability to supervise others.
  1. All must also have gained the trust and respect of a good majority of the other professionals.
  2. Each candidate for this position shall make her intentions and wishes known to both the owners of our best private detective agency.

Working as one is considered quite an honor. Our company only employs the best ones and holds each supervisor to even higher standards of quality and excellence in the professional legal field.

The best agents we have ever been able to locate work at the following best organizations:

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and Private Investigators:

This best firm is one of the oldest in Oklahoma; the best detectives are second to none. Many people everywhere trust the reviews and fantastic reputation of the company, and the officials who work at it. You can go right if you hire them.

Keefe Private Investigations and Process Serving:

No other company has better reviews and a reputation for quality than Keefe Private Investigations and Process Serving. Owned by dedicated licensed private detectives you will love how stubborn and experienced each expert thoroughly conducts your private investigations in Piedmont.

Sneaky Cat Private Investigations and Process Serving:

The best professionals has a flair for the “catty” and sneaky private investigations. No agency has better agents who specialize in discreet surveillance. From cheating spouses to child custody and Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation private investigations, these experts are indeed the best and are unmatched! 😊

Oklahoma Statewide Private Investigations and Process Servers:

This company has the best agents and the best reviews all over the Internet and from others in the legal profession to back it up. This specializes in missing persons cases, nationwide skip tracing, document retrieval, and it also has process servers in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

No, unless the best ones also hold a commission as police officers or other law enforcement personnel, they are not law enforcement personnel.

Dogs and cats can play an integral role in helping officials conduct private investigations in a plethora of ways. Firstly, cats and dogs can provide comfort, security, and even therapeutic benefits to the best ones, while they are in the office or on the job.  This special assistance can increase the capacity and overall effectiveness of them.

Cats and dogs also have special hearing, smelling abilities, and other senses that mere humans do not. Just as drug cats and drug dogs can assist police officers in drug deals, cats and dogs can help them by sniffing out missing persons, criminals, and much more.

Need a sidekick as your investigator with? Consider hiring those who implement cats and dogs into their private investigations. 😊

Yes, our agency often looks for the best private detectives to conduct private investigations in Piedmont. If you believe you would be a good fit for our company and want to work as a private investigator, a process server, a mobile notary public, a bodyguard, or a polygraph examiner, then please contact us today for more details. 😊

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