Keefe Private Investigation Services 

Are you suspicious about something? Is something nagging you? Want to know someone before you make a long-term professional or personal commitment? Suspect that you’re being defrauded?

The you are in need of a private investigator, look no further! Keefe Private Investigations’ Oklahoma City private investigators are top-notch, top-quality, and top-rated. She employs the best in order to provide you with the best. Her team of Oklahoma private detectives is professionally trained; some even ex-law enforcement agents.

A private investigator’s primary job is to bring you answers and give you the peace of mind, you so desperately seek. Keefe Private Investigations has a staff of Oklahoma’s finest private detectives and investigators who are willing to go an extra mile and live up to the reputation.

Keefe Private Investigation(s) services provide: 

At Keefe Private Investigations, we provide full-service private investigayion in Oklahoma City. Every individual in our team has years of experience in uncovering the truth, no matter how complex the case may be. The Keefe team not only has private investigators but also has individuals that carry a diverse set of experience from medicine, military, law enforment and others. They have the expertise and knowledge to bring you the results you expect from us.

Keefe Private Investigations has a process that can get to the bottom of any kind of situation. We offer a plethora of private surveillance and investigaton services that cover all your needs, including:

  • The use of all current technology platforms for access to all unrestricted (but buried) information
  • A relief from the struggle of your problem – whether it is locating a missing person, providing a background check, uncovering a cheating spouse, or something completely different
  • Extensive surveillance, a sweep of your property for bugs or hidden cameras, and other security measures
  • Professional & licensed services with friendliness and understanding included

With that in mind, Tinsley’s OKC private detectives offer a variety of different services for different occasions. No matter what your objective is, our Oklahoma private investigators can tackle it efficiently and successfully! If you need assistance, let our OKC private detectives help you. If you need closure, let our OKC private detectives provide it. If you need something investigated, let our OKC private detectives investigate it.

No matter what your problem may be – we have a solution for you guaranteed. Our team of Oklahoma private investigators can solve even the most of complex and take on any challenge successfully and efficiently.

Keefe Private Investigation’s services include: 

  • Spouses/significant others that suspect infidelity
  • Colleges, universities, employers, and other establishments/private individuals in need of lawful background checks
  • Supposed workman’s compensation, disability, or other insurance fraud
  • Missing person/people cases – worldwide
  • Burglaries and other crimes that police/sheriff’s offices do not want and/or do not have time for
  • Sweeps over devices, areas, individuals, or businesses suspected to be bugged with recording or surveillance devices
  • Surveillance and counter surveillance of various types
  • Much, much more!

The Process of Hiring Keefe Private Investigations  

At Keefe Private Investigation, we don’t like to rush into matters that require careful consideration. Therefore, our first step involves attending a consultation. At this stage, your needs and concerns will be assessed through an interview process. Once we have gathered all relevant information for the case – one of our experienced Oklahoma private investigator will tell you exactly what outcome should you expect.In this business, there is no room for being subtle. Boundaries will be made clear.

A formal agreement will be presented, and any additional fees will be evaluated while any retainers will be acquired. Next is setting restrictions – what hours work best, what dates are more likely to work in favor of the case, etc. Our Oklahoma City private investigators will waste no time in getting the case rolling! At any time during the investigation – within the restriction guidelines – you can call your OKC private detective with any questions or concerns involving the case.

After your case has been solved, our private investigation team will provide you with any necessary paperwork or answers to relevant post-investigation concerns.

Tinsley’s private detective goals include (but are certainly not limited to): 

  • Providing her beloved customers with committed & skilled OKC private detectives
  • Offering information & updates in a timely and considerate manner
  • Affordability at its finest – you will not expect to get such a high quality service for such an inexpensive price
  • Updating our list of investigative measures based on current and useful platforms (technology, print, collaborations, etc.)

Let Our Keefe Private Investigations Prove Their Worth to You 

What better way to test our skills than to see for yourself? In the end, you – the customer – are the only thing that matters. Our private detective team will go to great lengths just to prove why exactly you can count on them. Do not spend any more time stressing over the outcome of a problem you do not know the answer to. Oklahoma private investigators can help you through this stressful time in your life . . . if only you let us.

If that is not enough, Tinsley guarantees that all of her OKC private detectives have done/participated in at least one of the following:

  • Experienced training/work in professional field relevant to this job title
  • Traveled around the world and experienced/lived in different parts of it
  • Widespread contacts within the local OKC community (and in the non-local community)
  • Contacts within the legal, sociocultural, business, international, and other relevant communities
  • Membership with the Oklahoma Private Investigator Association (OPIA)
  • Experienced training IN the state of Oklahoma as well as other states
  • CLEET certifications (ALL of our OKC private detectives have their certificate)
  • Experienced in speaking, reading, writing, and/or understanding more than one language

Double Duty 

Tinsley’s licensed OKC private detectives also double as the OKC process server staff. Because of this, the detectives/process servers are friendly with spending long hours tracking down clients in legal cases in order to serve them civil court papers. Our Oklahoma City private detectives and process servers are determined, patient, and dedicated when it comes to accomplishing their tasks successfully and within recommended time limits.

Even more, some of our OKC private detectives are also licensed as armed security guards. Do we need to explain these benefits of added protection to you? Tinsley’s goal is to offer comfort and ease when assigning private detectives to clients. The key to a successful case is a successful investigator, and our OKC private investigators definitely fit the bill.

Keefe Private Investigations is WORTH IT!

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