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Keefe Private Investigation Services 

Are you suspicious about something? Is something nagging you? Want to know someone before you make a long-term professional or personal commitment? Suspect that you are being defrauded?

Then you need a private investigator; look no further! Keefe Detectives team is top-notch, top-quality, and top-rated. Dr. Makayla Saramosing, the owner, employs the best team to provide you with the finest in private detective. Her licensed investigation agency has a private detective that is professionally trained, and another investigator who is even an ex-law enforcement agent.

Our primary job is to bring you answers and give you the peace of mind you so desperately seek. Keefe Detectives is an agency that has a staff of finest private detective and licensed investigator in OKC who are willing to go an extra mile and live up to their reputation.

Keefe Investigator(s) services provide:

At Keefe Private Investigation, we provide full-service investigations for private concerns. Every professional on our team has many years of experience in uncovering the truth, no matter how complex the case may be. Our team not only has the best investigator, but we also have a private detective who carries a diverse set of experience from the medical, military, law enforcement, education, and/or other fields. Each licensed professional has the expertise and knowledge to bring you the results you expect from Oklahoma’s finest private detective agency.

We have a special process for each agent that can try to find the underlying cause of any Detectives situation. We offer a plethora of private surveillance and Oklahoma City Detective services that cover all your needs, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The use of all current technology platforms for access to all unrestricted (but buried) information
  • A relief from the struggle of your problem – whether it is locating a missing person, providing a nationwide criminal background check, uncovering a cheating spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or non-binary partner, or something completely different.
  • Extensive surveillance, a sweep of your property for bugs/tracking devices, listening devices, hidden cameras, and other security measures
  • Professional & licensed private detective services with friendliness and understanding included free of charge 

With that in mind, Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s licensed agents offer various services for various occasions. No matter what your objective is, they can tackle it efficiently and successfully! If you need assistance, let them help you. If you need closure, let them provide it. If you need them, let them conduct a Detective in Oklahoma on it.

No matter what your Detective team problem, our professionals have the perfect solution for you, guaranteed. Our company has a licensed investigator that can help solve even the most complex cases, while simultaneously taking on any challenge successfully and efficiently.

Keefe Detective’s services include:

  • Spouses/significant others that suspect infidelity
  • Colleges, universities, employers, and other establishments/private individuals in need of nationwide criminal background checks
  • Supposed Workman’s Compensation, disability, or other insurance fraud
  • Missing person/people cases – worldwide
  • Burglaries, Robberies, and other crimes that police/sheriff’s offices do not want and/or do not have time for
  • Sweeps over devices, areas, individuals, or businesses suspected to be bugged with recording, tracking, or visual surveillance devices
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance of several types
  • Sex Crimes – Rape, Incest, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Assault, etc.
  • Much, much more!

The Process of Hiring Keefe Detectives for your Private Investigator Needs:

At Keefe Detectives, our private investigator does not like to rush matters that require careful consideration. Therefore, our first step involves attending a consultation for your agents. We will address your needs and concerns at this stage through an intricate interview process. Once the professional has gathered all relevant information in the case – an experienced, licensed official will tell you exactly what outcome you should expect. There is no room for being subtle; boundaries will be made clear.

After the initial consultation about your agents, a formal agreement will be presented and any additional fees for them will be evaluated while any retainers will be taken care of. Next, we will collaborate with you to help set restrictions – what hours work best, what dates are more likely to work in favor of the Detectives in case, etc. Our specialists will waste no time in getting the case rolling! At any time during the investigation, within the restriction guidelines, you can call or text them or the supervisor with any questions or concerns involving the private detectives in a case.

After your case has been solved and/or the work completed, we will provide you with any necessary paperwork or answers to relevant post-OKC investigation concerns.

Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s Private Detective’s Goals Include, but are Certainly Not Limited to, the Following: 

  • Providing her beloved customers with committed & skilled private detectives
  • Offering information & updates in a timely and considerate manner
  • Affordability at its finest – you will not expect to get such high-quality service from any company for such an affordable price
  • Updating our list based on current and useful platforms (i.e., technology, print, collaborations, etc.)

Advantages of Recruiting One with Keefe Detectives:

Most people ask this question: what will private investigators do? Even they need a clear idea about their insights. A licensed professional can perform data verifications, whether of people or organizations. We can help with settling a portion of the circumstances described before, if that’s okay with you. To accumulate this data, an agent may look through available reports and other available data and evidence.

Examples of these include the court filings, state and government charge liens, judgments, insolvencies, and secret resources. They meet people and approve reference checks to shape a precise individual verification on somebody. When trying to locate a person, a licensed experts in this City might utilize freely available reports to decide new names and addresses. The agent will also talk with individuals to find somebody.

We will use techniques based upon each customer’s requests, best private agency practices, as well as the detective’s education, and experience. They offers the following services, which include:

Infidelity/Cheating Spouses/Cheating Partners:

Your expert refines texts and messages, gathering proof related to the case, as well as conducting surveillance upon potentially cheating spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and non-binary partners to help you learn the truth. We serve as a non-biased third party with private experts conducting independent, objective verification of any facts and truth.

Sometimes, your agent will catch people being the stereotypical “cheating spouse” you often see on shows like Cheaters. At other times, he may go out there and watch the person for many hours and not see the person doing anything mischievous. Every case is different, and any detective agency that tries to tell you otherwise is just trying to sell you a story to take your money. We do not sell stories; we sell facts and truth.

Employee Background Checks Experts:

It is imperative for any business owner to thoroughly check out the civil and criminal records of an employee, before hiring the person. Does the individual have a bad criminal record? Is this person very financially irresponsible, with multiple evictions, civil judgments and/or bankruptcies? The potential employee sues anyone and everyone in sight, filing complaint after complaint. Will you be the next victim of this person’s toxicity?

We will happily run civil and criminal background checks for a very affordable price. The following is a partial list of some of the key items our detective agency can pull up for your nationwide criminal background checks and other civil information:

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing Services
  • Current and Previous Address History
  • Current Phone Numbers/History of Phone Numbers
  • Current Email Addresses/History of Email Addresses
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Dates of Birth
  • Pilot Licenses
  • Voter Registration
  • Foreclosures
  • Drivers’ License Numbers
  • Civil Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Evictions
  • UCC Filings
  • Global Watch List Information
  • Professional Licenses
  • Close Relatives
  • Employment History
  • Vehicle & Property Deeds
  • Vessels
  • Births, Marriages, Fictitious Business Names, Deceased (California Only)
  • Neighbours – & Their Phone Numbers, Addresses, etc.

If you like, our firm can also pull up full social media scans/Internet searches, so any public posts and stories the person made or that are about the person should hopefully show up. What better way is there to spot initial red flags/warning signs of potential employees quickly and easily, than to see what is out there on the Internet about them? They are racists, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic bigots, or have murdered someone. Isn’t that important to know, before you hire?

Do not want to risk not knowing the information above? We can give you so much more than a mere criminal background check from an unreliable online source can – and believe me, those online checks like “TruthFinder” are horribly unreliable, in our experience. Please do not risk it! Call Keefe Investigations in Oklahoma City today at (405) 435-8355.

Missing Persons Investigations Cases:

Has a child of yours gone missing? Is an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s or dementia lost in the city somewhere? Has someone kidnapped one of your family members or friends? Has the other parent of your child has taken the kids away, without a court order or even despite one and has whisked them off to another state without your consent and knowledge? Are you someone who was adopted out as a child and are now looking for your long-lost parents? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these, fear not!

Our company is the largest Oklahoma-owned Detective agency and process serving the entire state! Our large, resolute team stands ready and willing to help you solve your case in every way possible. Feel free to call us and talk with a licensed professional for your free quote today. 

Potential Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Non-binary Partner, Future Spouse, Kids’ Significant Others Background Checks:

Are you interested in dating someone, but you want first to see what kind of criminal record she/he/they has/have? You want first to see if the person you might want to date has as much property like houses and cars as she/he/they say she/he/they does/do. You find that you keep asking yourself, “What kind of person is my son/daughter/non-binary child really dating? Can I really trust this individual?

Please put your worries at ease and lay your fears to rest. We can help you run nationwide criminal and civil background checks on any individual who is eighteen (18) years of age or older. Our experts can also conduct surveillance on the potential future mate anywhere in Oklahoma, so you can see what she/he/they is/are up to.

Our licensed private detectives agency can pull up the following information about a potential mate:

  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing Services
  • Current and Previous Address History
  • Current Phone Numbers/History of Phone Numbers
  • Current Email Addresses/History of Email Addresses
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Dates of Birth
  • Pilot Licenses
  • Voter Registration
  • Foreclosures
  • Drivers’ License Numbers
  • Civil Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Evictions
  • UCC Filings
  • Global Watch List Information
  • Professional Licenses
  • Close Relatives
  • Employment History
  • Vehicle & Property Deeds
  • Vessels
  • Births, Marriages, Fictitious Business Names, Deceased (California Only)
  • Neighbours – & Their Phone Numbers, Addresses, etc.

This is all helpful information to know, right? But wait! That is only some of the things that we can help you find.

If this person has committed a big crime like murder, rape, fraud, arson, bank robbery, etc., then it is quite possible that there is a big news story out there on the Internet about it somewhere. We can help you try to find the news story or even a public rant involving racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. You do not want to marry a bad person, so please make the small investment of your money into our licensed professional with our private investigator team and let us help you find the truth before the truth you do not know comes back to bite you.

Child Custody Disputes – Child Custody Detectives in Oklahoma:

Have a child custody dispute? Our investigator in OKC can help with all your needs. Call us at (405) 435-8355 today, and let us help you try to get the truth about the following information:

  • Need to find out if your ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-non-binary partner is leaving your child(ren) with someone else, when she/he/they are supposed to first offer you the opportunity to be with the kid(s) instead?
  • Is your ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-non-binary partner having another romantic partner stay overnight when the kid(s) is/are with her/him/them, and that goes against the court order?
  • Is your ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-non-binary partner bringing around a convicted felon around your child(ren)?
  • Is your ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-non-binary partner failing to provide a proper education for your child(ren)?
  • Is your ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-non-binary partner engaging in drunk driving, constant drinking at bars, prostitution, strip club visits, or other dangerous, risky, and/or illegal behaviour, while with your child(ren)?

Tax Data Identification for Legal Purposes:

Sometimes, a lawyer or other person will have the need for social security number information, someone’s driver’s license number, date of birth, etc., for legal reasons. If this is truly the case, Keefe Private Investigation will help you find this information quickly and easily.

Our experts can help you do this because we have been verified with locked files and prohibitive access, and we are also licensed and accredited as a private detective agency in Oklahoma. Other people do not have access to this confidential information, because it is sensitive and could hurt someone if placed in the wrong hands. Thus, each agent will collaborate with you to evaluate your authenticity, needs, and best practices. 

Forgery, Burglary, Robbery, etc. Criminal Cases:

Has someone been forging your documents or stealing your property? Has an individual robbed you at gunpoint or taken your marijuana grow profits? These are all things a licensed professional at our detective agency can help you with. We can try to help determine who is forging your checks or other legal documents, who is stealing and/or vandalizing your equipment and supplies, and who it was who robbed you for all your belongings. Our experts in OKC has done this for many years, and we will help you, too! 

Death Penalty Cases & Post-Murder Convictions:

Keefe Detectives is a pro-life/anti-death penalty company. Our official position and beliefs hold that the United States and other countries should permanently abolish the death penalty at every level. The death penalty has often been carried out in especially cruel ways, with extra impunity toward males, non-whites, and those in the lower socio-economic classes. Oklahoma also has the highest per capita of instances where it has wrongfully convicted innocent persons. Sadly, the truth does not usually come to light, until after it has already murdered them by putting them to death, and that is where our Detective agency in OKC can help. 

Each detective with Keefe Detectives also specializes in death penalty cases, working with licensed defense attorneys specializing in death penalty cases. We gather evidence, conduct research, interview witnesses, help analyze evidence, provide expert witness testimony, conduct surveillance, review video footage, and so much more.

When so much – life – is on the line, do not take any chances! Oklahoma is a dangerous, vindictive state with a weird “Wild, Wild West” mentality. We have some of the absolute worst, backwards prosecutors and most corrupt, uneducated, superstitious governmental officials in the entire United States who often care more about conviction rates than innocence and the intrinsic value of human life.

Call Keefe Private detectives, the best one, today so we can help your defendant try to avoid the death penalty. Suppose courts have already convicted the criminal defendant. In that case, we can collaborate with you to try to get the conviction overturned, a pardon or commutation granted, etc. Call our detective agency in OKC today at (405) 435-8355 to speak with a private investigator in OKC today. 

Workman’s Compensation Fraud & Insurance Fraud Cases:

Each licensed private investigator with our company has seen many a time when someone who was claiming to be “hurt” was outside on their jet skis, riding around on their motorcycles, unloading trucks, washing vehicles, and doing other things that someone with a severe injury would not usually be able to do. In other words, these individuals were committing fraud against their Workman’s Compensation Insurance, disability insurance, etc.

While some people do get hurt in life, others simply enjoy taking advantage of the system and abusing the process; this hurts everyone. That is where our specialist comes into play for you. This kind of Workman’s Compensation insurance & accident/liability insurance fraud abuse costs our public institutions and private companies millions of dollars every year.

Usually, these types of fabricated injuries stem from employment injuries or motor vehicle accidents, among other instances and circumstances. Other such claims can be where a person sets fire to a house or office building, to try to collect the insurance money for some quick cash. There is a plethora of ways people try to cheat the system each day, but by having a licensed experts for you, they can help you turn the tables and place the odds in your favour.

Sex Crimes Cases Requiring the Services of a Licensed Detective Agency:

Been the victim of a violent sex crime? Need witnesses interviewed and evidence collected? Need a criminal and civil background report or someone or surveillance performed? Need an expert private investigator to testify on your behalf in court? Call the number one, premier Detective agency- Keefe Detectives! Our private detective in OKC can help you with this matter.

We also work for criminal defense attorneys to help persons accused of sexual crimes. We can interview witnesses, pull nationwide criminal and civil background reports, conduct surveillance in Oklahoma, speak with police agencies, gather evidence, work with your criminal defense attorneys, and more!

How to Check to See if I Need the Assistance from a Professional Agent?

Your agent is an expert with the skills to deal with a wide scope of both civil and criminal cases, by using advanced tools. Thus, he can use anything from GPS vehicles & beacons to expert visual and video tools. The expert PI could help you to concerned about how he responds to your case. You may need to hire one if you must perform certain tasks, include:

  • Conducting Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Social Media/Internet Search Evidence
  • Drawing on Many Years of Professional Experience
  • Understanding Complex Legal Procedures & Laws
  • Understanding the Complexity of Crimes & Civil Procedures in Oklahoma
  • Ensuring Anonymity & Confidentiality
  • Working Efficiently, Persistently & Quickly

Needs Requiring Surveillance by a Licensed Private Detective in Oklahoma City

A licensed official can likewise complete surveillance. It can be valuable, including exploring loyalty and the authenticity of laborers’ compensation claims. In situations where the facts of the matter are difficult to expose, reconnaissance/surveillance by a licensed investigator can be basic in conveying positive outcomes. Your experts can lead your surveillance investigations of activity and generate more meaningful outcomes and results. Your agency will conduct the truth related to any case and help you determine the solutions you need most.

Whenever you hire one from our premier private detective agency – your whole relationship depends on the trade of data. There is no way to have one form which leads to a single-direction road. It is essential that you share authentic data about the case and the subject. So, rather than hiding reality from your licensed investigator, it is best to speak truthfully and disclose and everything related to the case.

Retaining key pieces of data has a genuine impact on the entire case. In addition to other things, it draws out the “revelation” time for the data you know. But if the agent does not “find” retained data inside the time limit and you figure they should have, it might bring trouble and thus hinder your investigation now.

You should hire an expert and share the complete set of data. If not, then owe recommend that you to spend your time on your other activities because it will be a complete a waste of time and money. The private investigator in Oklahoma City with our firm will provide you cutting-edge surveillance services which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Secret Camera Surveillance: Your company – Keefe Detectives – can install and screen any camera in your business environment. So, your investigator will happily assist you if you need to look out for shoplifters at your store, monitor supplies at an emergency clinic, or screen representations on the shipping side.

We also have access to the use of drones and drone technology, and our specialists can also utilize this latest high-tech equipment to get your surveillance needs accomplished. We do this drone technology and surveillance faster, cheaper, and much more efficiently than the average person. Call to speak with your licensed official with Keefe Detectives at (405) 435-8355 today for your free consultation and quote. 

Location Surveillance: If you like on-site surveillance, then a specialist with us can lead the experts for surveillance of an individual at any area in Oklahoma City or elsewhere. Some of the reasons we provide surveillance are as follows:

  • Child Custody Cases
  • Cheating Spouse/Cheating Boyfriend/Cheating Girlfriend/Cheating Non-Binary Partner/Adultery Cases
  • Anti-Stalking Detection Surveillance 
  • Crime Prevention
  • Evidence Gathering in a Wrongful Civil Suit/Malicious Prosecution
  • Witness Credibility Detectives in Oklahoma Surveillance
  • Interrogation Intelligence
  • Workman’s Compensation/Insurance Fraud Detectives Surveillance
  • Vandalism Detectives Surveillance
  • Recurrent Theft/Burglary Investigative Surveillance
  • Missing Persons investigation
  • Much More! 

Nationwide Skip Tracing Surveillance: Nationwide skip tracing is one of the demanding services provided by an expert with Keefe Detectives. We will help you find out where someone you need to find lives, what that person’s phone numbers and email addresses, etc., are.

Let Each Private Agent with Keefe Detectives Prove Her/His/Their Worth to You 

What better way to evaluate the skills of each lone, than to see for yourselves? In the end, you – the customer – are the only thing that matters. We will go to great lengths to prove why exactly you can count on each official. Do not spend any more time stressing over the outcome of a problem you do not know the answer to. Our investigator can help you get through this stressful time in your life.

If that is not enough, Dr. Makayla Saramosing guarantees that all her experts have done/participated in at least one of the following:

  • Experienced training/work in a professional field relevant to serving as an investigator
  • Traveled around the world and experienced/lived in various parts of it
  • Widespread contacts within the local OKC community and nationwide
  • Contacts within the legal, sociocultural, business, international, and other relevant communities
  • Membership with the Oklahoma Private Investigator Association (OPIA)
  • Experienced training as a licensed investigator IN the state of Oklahoma, as well as other states
  • C.L.E.E.T. Certifications – Each expert has his/her/their C.L.E.E.T. certificates)
  • Experienced in speaking, reading, writing, and/or understanding more than one language

Dual-Role Licensed Private Investigator:

Each of Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s licensed private detective also double as a licensed process server. Because of this, each dual-role he is extremely comfortable with spending long hours tracking down clients in legal cases to serve them civil court papers. They are extremely determined, patient, and dedicated to accomplishing their tasks successfully and within the recommended time limits.

Even more, some of them also meritoriously serve as licensed armed security guards. Do we need to explain these benefits of added protection to you? Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s agency goal is to offer comfort and ease when assigning each agent to clients. The key to a successful case is a successful private investigator, and we at OKC Private Investigators definitely fit the bill.

Keefe Detectives is WORTH IT!

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