Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Private Investigations FAQs



Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Private Investigations FAQs

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The government designed Workman’s Compensation to provide benefits to employees that become sick or injured while working at their job. Indeed, employees can inadvertently become sick or ill while working due to an accident, exposure to chemicals/viruses/bacteria, etc. Workman’s Compensation Insurance stems from the deplorable treatment of workers by employers prior to and during the Industrial Revolution, whereby workers – even child laborers – lost arms, legs, or even their lives and their employers just shrugged and said, “Well, what do you want me to do about it? Your health and safety are not my responsibility.”

Thus, the U.S. Department of Labor administers the Worker’s Compensation Program as a social safety net aimed at helping to protect American workers, in the event of an injury or illness. It is one great benefits of American socialism that prevents our fellow human beings from suddenly becoming destitute and impoverished. It is the same kind of beneficial socialism like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, fire departments, police departments, libraries, etc., that make our society better and do so much more than tax cuts for the extremely financially wealthy who wish to hoard all of our world’s money and resources.

Liability insurance is meant to protect individuals from suffering financial losses. This can include  insurance for health care insurance, disability insurance, vision insurance, automobile insurance, home insurance, dental insurance, business insurance,  life insurance, general liability insurance, and more. Everyone who has an insurance police pays a certain amount to the company or agency, and when an accident or illness occurs, the organization provides money to the insured as financial compensation to help cover those financial losses.

Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation fraud involves employees who are faking their work-related illness and/or injury, because she/he/they want(s) to get paid not to work. This type of fraud can harm people, because it requires governmental agencies to make payments if the employee’s claim is successfully argued and thus results in a monetary loss. Indeed, the employer also suffers, because the company’s Insurance rates increase, and the business does not have the employee to perform the needed work.

On the other hand, General Oklahoma Insurance fraud claims and other general fraudulent activities can involve a much broader variety of malicious deception. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Car Accident “Injuries” Where the “Injured” Individual is Not Really Hurt
  • A Perpetrator Murdering Another Person for Insurance Money
  •  A Medical Doctor/Dentist, Etc. Overcharging/Overbilling Medicare, Medicaid, and Insurance Companies for Healthcare
  •  Property “Loss” Claims, When the Individual Making the Claim Purposely Destroyed the Home, Office, Vehicle, Etc. Herself/Himself/Themselves
  •  Fraudulent “Slip and Fall” Claims For Faked “Injuries” Where a Person is Seeking Financial Compensation for Her/His/Their “Pain and Suffering”
  •  Family Members, Friends, and Caregivers Taking Advantage of & Manipulating the Elderly, Persons With Disabilities, Etc., for Financial Gain (i.e., Forging Life Insurance Documents, Caretaker Abuse)

These are just a few examples of insurance fraud and other fraudulent activities. Sadly, fraud occurs in Oklahoma and the rest of the United States fairly often, which is why you need an experienced private investigator in OKCat our private investigation agency to conduct Oklahoma insurance fraud private investigations and Workman’s Compensation fraud private investigations on your behalf.

Some people are just bad individuals. They have no morals, scruples, or empathy for others, and they only do what pleases them most and suits their own selfish and toxic wants, needs, and desires. Thus, when an opportunity arises that allows them the possibility of taking advantage of other people, companies, and governmental agencies for financial gain, sex, or just to bully others, these toxic persons will gladly leap at the chance to break the law to do it.

A licensed private investigator in Norman, Oklahoma from our private detective agency can assist you in determining whether or not someone is committing Workman’s Compensation or insurance fraud against you by conducting insurance and Worker’s Compensation fraud private investigations.

Some examples of such cases are as follow:

  • An Employee Claims to Have Been Injured on the Job, but She/He/They are Out Running, Playing Sports, Lifting Heavy Equipment, Working Other Jobs, Washing Her/His/Their Car, Lifting Weights, Etc.
  •  A Medical Doctor or Other Health Personnel Falsifies Health Insurance Claims and Overbills Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Private Insurance Companies.
  •  A Car or Truck Driver Claims to Have Been “Injured” in an Automobile Accident, but She/He/They are Out Running, Playing Sports, Lifting Heavy Equipment, Working Other Jobs, Washing Her/His/Their Car, Lifting Weights, Etc.
  •  Someone “Slips” and “Falls” at Your Business or Residence and Claims to be “Hurt” and Seeks Financial Compensation From You, but She/He/They are Out Running, Playing Sports, Lifting Heavy Equipment, Working Other Jobs, Washing Her/His/Their Car, Lifting Weights, Etc.
  •  An Insured Individual Claims That Someone Has Stolen Her/His/their Building, Vehicle or Other Property or That it “Accidentally” Burned Down, But No One Stole the Items or the Person Caused the Fire on Purpose for Insurance Money.
  •  An Individual Forges Someone’s Name on a Legal Document for Deception, Financial Gain, and/or Simply to Cause Harm and Damage to Others.
  •  An Employee, Family Member, Caregiver, or Friend Secretly and Maliciously Siphons Off Money From an Employer, Family Member, Vulnerable Individual, or Friend.
  •  One Person Murders Another Individual for Whom a Life Insurance Company Has Issued a Life Insurance Policy, and the Beneficiary Has Designated the Murderer as the Beneficiary of the Monetary Proceeds. The Beneficiary Attempts to Make the Murder Look Like an “Accident” or “Death by Natural Causes.”
  •  Numerous Other Examples of Fraud Exist. Please Ask Dr. Makayla Saramosing or Another Licensed Investigator for Further Details.

As you can clearly see, many opportunities for Workman’s Compensation fraud and insurance fraud exist here. Whenever you, your company, and/or your governmental organization find that someone is trying to victimize you by committing this crime, then you need an experienced, licensed agent.

Implementing an initiative-taking approach to preventing it is the best way to keep people from committing these frauds. Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her other Oklahoma private investigators have listed a few tips for fraud prevention below as follows:

  • Business Owners Must Thoroughly Investigate All of Their Potential Employees.
  •  Insurance Companies and Governmental Agencies Must Thoroughly Investigate Each Medical Provider They Select.
  •  Keep Closed Caption Television (CCT) Cameras Around Your Home, Business, and the Dashboard of Your Motor Vehicle.
  •  Remember to Keep Important Documents and Other Valuables Only in Secured Locations.
  •  When a Motor Vehicle Accident or Workplace Injury Occurs, be Certain to Collect All Available Evidence, Witness Statements & Their Contact Information, Video Camera Footage, Etc., and be Certain to Document Everything That Occurred.
  •  Do Not Allow Anyone You do Not Fully Trust to Take Out Life Insurance Policies on You.
  •  Be Careful Whom You Trust.
  •  Help Others Keep a Watchful Eye Out For Potential Abuse of Others, Such as the Elderly and Those With Disabilities, and Report Suspicious Activity to the Appropriate Persons/Authorities.

Protecting yourself from fraudulent  Workers’ Compensation and fraudulent Oklahoma insurance claims requires both proactive precautions and comprehensive investigative solutions by a licensed professional. Together with your licensed private detective, our staff can collaborate with you to evaluate if you are at-risk for such frauds. Our officials know what to look for and ways in which you can inadvertently leave yourself, your company, and/or your governmental agency open to abuse.

If you suspect someone may be currently victimizing you by committing it, our experienced agents will happily conduct private investigations on your behalf.

Its types vary according to the circumstances. In some cases, it may involve covert surveillance of the activities of the persons of interest (POI). On other occasions, our private investigators may go undercover and “work” as “employees” at a business to gather intelligence or perform some other Workers’ Compensation and insurance fraud private investigations. Every facet of it these cases will be planned out in advance and thoroughly discussed with each client beforehand. 😊

For a licensed private investigator to assist you with Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation fraud private investigations and Oklahoma insurance fraud private investigations, she/he/they will need the following information:

  • The Nature/Activities of the Alleged Workers’ Compensation Fraud or Insurance Fraud
  •  The Name(s), Date(s) of Birth, Address Information, Etc., if Known, of the Individual(s) Involved in the Alleged it
  •  The Date(s) the Alleged Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Fraud or Oklahoma Insurance Fraud Occurred, and Whether or Not it is Still Taking Place
  •  The Location(s) this Fraud Took Place (i.e., Physical Address(es), Online Websites, Etc.)
  • A Clear Description of Any Property, Money, Reputation, Etc., That Has Been Stolen, Damaged, Etc., as a Result of the Alleged Fraud
  •  Any Evidence/Proof You Have About the Alleged  Workers’ Compensation or Insurance Fraud to Further Support Your Claims
  •  A Clear, Written, Concise Description of What Happened and How You Would Like for a Private Investigator at Our Private Investigation Agency to Assist You

Please do not delay in securing an initiative-taking approach to such crime. Please contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her other licensed private detectives  from our Edmond private investigation agency to conduct Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation fraud private investigations and Oklahoma insurance fraud investigations today! 😊

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