Process Server in Yukon, Oklahoma FAQs



Process Server in Yukon, Oklahoma FAQs

  • Child Custody Matter
  • Divorce Case
  • Evicting Tenants/Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease
  • Small Claims Case
  • Adoption Matter
  • Trial and Needed to Send Subpoenas to Witnesses
  • Criminal Trial
  • House Foreclosure
  • Debt Collection
  • Civil Rights Petition/Civil Lawsuit
  • Car Accident Lawsuit
  • Victim Protection Order (TRO)
  • Hearing on Assets
  • Contempt Citations
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • A Need to Send a Demand Letter to Someone?
  • Termination Letter
  • Any Other Legal Matter?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these items above, then you need a dually licensed process server in Yukon, Oklahoma from our private investigation agency to help you serve court documents and other legal papers. A dually licensed one can help you serve your court documents to other parties quickly and inexpensively! Indeed, many of the clients that utilize his services are as follow:

  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Non-Governmental Agencies/Non-Profit Agencies
  • YOU!

Now our dually licensed private investigators and process servers would like to answer some questions you have about hiring them to assist you in serving court documents to individuals, businesses, etc. The FAQs about them are as follow:

He is licensed to serve civil court papers and other legal documents to businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. He is giving the notice that someone is typically suing or taking another form of legal action against the party that the Yukon process server is serving court papers upon.

He is merely providing the party notice of the legal action that someone is taking. He is a “disinterested party” of sorts. Indeed, he has no personal stake in the outcome of the court case and often does not even have the time to read the documents to find out what the matter is about.

A private investigator is someone whom the State of Oklahoma licenses to conduct criminal and civil private investigations. Some of their types include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cheating Spouse
  • Oklahoma Death Penalty 
  • Burglary & Robbery Private
  • Child Custody 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Sex Crimes 
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Workman’s Compensation 
  • Automobile Accident 
  • Fraud Cases Needing 
  • Counter-surveillance Measures for Private Investigations
  • Sweeping Homes, Vehicles, and Businesses for Secretly Hidden Bugs, Listening Devices, Tracking Devices, and Video Recording Devices
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing Services by a Skip Tracing Service
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Murder, Post-Murder Convictions, Pardon and Commutation Request Investigation Cases 
  • Social Media Searches/Scans 
  • Surveillance 
  • Catfishing Cheating Spouses, Fraudsters, Etc. During Yukon, OK Private Investigations
  • Much More! 😊

He can help with Oklahoma child custody private investigations in several ways. The ways in which he can assist are as follows:

General Surveillance:

Investigators from our private investigation agency can provide child custody private investigations via surveillance. This is essentially when one of our licensed official locates and follows the other parent, grandparent, or legal guardian who is the person of interest (POI) and takes videos and pictures of all movement and activities.

He tries to ensure that most or all of these photographs and videos have date, time, and location stamps on them. In addition, for quality purposes, Dr. Makayla Keefe tries to ensure that her licensed officials who are conducting also take pictures and photographs about every fifteen (15) minutes, to prove that they were there on-site conducting the Oklahoma child custody investigation. 😊

Our such clients most often have our detectives conducting surveillance for an Oklahoma child custody investigation for the following reasons:

  • To Prove That One Parent, Grandparent, or Legal Guardian is Having Prohibited Overnight Stays With a Romantic Partner – With the Child Present – When the Child Custody Agreement Prohibits Such Activity
  • To Show That One Parent, Grandparent, or Legal Guardian is Bringing Dangerous Individuals (i.e., Registered Sex Offenders, Persons Convicted of Violent Felonious Crimes, Etc.) Around the Kid or Kids
  • To Demonstrate That One (1) of the Parents, Grandparents, or Legal Guardians is Engaging in Dangerous Activity or Any Behavior That Would Make Her/Him/Them Unfit to Have Custody (i.e., Prostitution, Drugs, Criminal Activity, Etc.)
  • To Show That a Parent, Grandparent, or Legal Guardian Who Has Custody of a Child at Any Given Time Who is Required to Provide the Other Parent, Grandparent, or Legal Guardian Fails to do so and Leaves the Kid(s) With Someone Else Instead
  • To Help Locate a Parent for Child Support Purposes
  • To Help Find a Parent, Grandparent, or Legal Guardian Who Only Had Joint Custody of a Kid(s) or Whom Did Not Have Any Legal Custody of a Child or Kids, and Who Absconded From the Area With the Child or Children
  • To Demonstrate Any Other Legal Facet Related to Child Custody Investigations in Guthrie, Oklahoma, as Required by the Client’s Attorney or Other Legal Counsel

As you can clearly see, these clients contact our specialists for surveillance for a wide variety of reasons. These parents, grandparents, and legal guardians are often in distress, and they need the assistance of an experienced person to assist them with their case. 😊 

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Our detectives also happily conduct criminal background checks in Oklahoma on behalf of our clients. They usually run a nationwide criminal background check on parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and other people the adults are bringing around the children (i.e., romantic partners).

When conducting nationwide criminal background investigations, they need as much of the following information about the person of interest (POI) as possible:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth or Age Range
  • Height
  • Race
  • Any Known User Names
  • Social Security Number
  • Most Recent Known Previous Address
  • Known Email Addresses
  • Known Telephone Numbers
  • Any Specialized Domain Name Associated with The Person

Once they have this information, they can often provide you with the following data about the POI:


  • Social Media Checks
  • Records of Deceased Persons
  • Licenses (Professional, Pilot, Driver’s)
  • Voter registrations
  • Phone Number Location
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Marriages
  • Births


  • Foreclosures
  • Liens (Personal & Business)
  • Judgements (Personal & Business)
  • Bankruptcies (Personal & Business)
  • Evictions


  • Vehicles – Advanced
  • Vehicles – Wildcard
  • Vehicle Sightings
  • Properties
  • Property Deeds
  • Property Assessments


  • S. Business Information
  • World Businesses
  • Business Phone Numbers
  • S. Corporations
  • C.C. Filings

Please do not forego the relatively inexpensive fee to have this special agent to conduct nationwide criminal background checks and investigations on your behalf. By skipping it, you risk potentially exposing your child(ren) to dangerous felons and persons convicted of sex crimes. ☹Would it not be better to know about the criminal history of the person in advance? Dr. Makayla Keefe and her licensed staff sure think so. 😊

Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:

Our agents are very adept at utilizing criminal background checks, investigations, and nationwide skip tracing. In this instance, skip tracing services can help locate the residence and work addresses where a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian, our client wishes to pursue child support payments against lives and/or works, or to locate an individual who has taken off to another city or state with the child(ren) without permission.

They work much the same way that nationwide criminal background checks do, but they focus more on locating the person of interest (POI) than learning about her/his/their criminal background. Indeed, unless the POI has moved recently, is in jail, resides in a mental health facility, has fled the country, or has died, our specialist can often locate her/him/them.

Once located, he can also conduct discreet surveillance or use a ruse such as a fake political poll, to confirm that the POI resides, there. Child custody private investigators from our agency in Altus, OK can also run license plates/tags on any plates at the residence or place of business the skip trace might show as the current home and/or work address(es).

Running License Plates:

Some of our clients need a professional to run license plates, as part of case. By doing so, we can help determine the identity of the owners of the vehicles. This comes in especially handy, when the identities of romantic partners and other persons who are around the children are unknown, or if a client wishes to discreetly confirm the identity of the individual who lives at a residence or works at a place of business that the nationwide skip trace says she/he/they does/do.

Their cost to run license plates as part of a child custody investigation is relatively inexpensive and the turnaround time on receiving the information back is quick. Therefore, so many of our clients request that our detectives run them as part of their child custody private investigations in OKC.

If you would like Dr. Makayla Keefe  or any of her other licensed officials to run license plates as part of your case inquiry, please contact her or one of her other investigators today for more information. 😊

Courtroom Testimony:

Sometimes the courts require that Dr. Makayla Keefe and the other agents testify in the courtroom about investigations. For the hourly his fee and any associated mileage, he and any associated supervising detective can happily provide courtroom testimony as child custody private investigators and as expert witnesses.

They have testified on countless occasions in such matters. If you and/or your attorney require the services of courtroom testimony from one of our licensed agents, please just let Dr. Makayla Keefe know by contacting her today about your matter. 😊

He can effectively attempt to serve your court or other legal documents at whatever speed you choose. We have listed some of these prices and speeds below, but our experts serve papers nationwide. Thus, if you do not see your county or state listed, please just ask  one of them:

Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties – Immediate Service (Within 1 Hour):$249.99
 Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties – Same Day Service (Same Day):$199.99
 Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties – Rush Service (Within 1 Business Day):$159.99
 Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties – Expedited Service (Within 2 Business Days):$129.99
 Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties – Standard Service (In 3-7 Business Days):$79.99
 Other Counties/States – Prices and Participation Vary by County & State 


Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties –

Immediate Service (Within 1 Hour):                                                         $249.99


Same Day Service (Same Day):                                                                $199.99


Rush Service (Within 1 Business Day):                                                  $159.99


Expedited Service (Within 2 Business Days):                                       $129.99


Standard Service (Within 3-7 Business Days):                                      $79.99

 Other Counties/States – Prices and Participation Vary by County & State

Please contact a dually licensed private detective and a process server at our private detective agency in Yukon, OK for a price quote for any city or town anywhere in the USA! 😊

He offers many different timeframes/speeds for their service that can easily fit any budget and time requirements.  The service speeds offered by every specialist are as follows for Oklahoma, Cleveland, & Canadian Counties :

 Immediate Service (Within 1 Hour):      $249.99
 Same Day Service (Same Day):      $199.99
Rush Service (Within 1 Business Day):      $149.99
Expedited Service (Within 2 Business Days):      $129.99
Standard Service (In 3-7 Business Days):      $99.99
 Other Counties/States – Prices and Participation Vary by County & State 

Interested persons can find the qualifications to serve as process server here are as follows:

  • The candidate must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • He must be of good moral character.
  • He must be both ethically and mentally fit to serve in the capacity of an officer of the court.
  • He must has been a resident of Oklahoma for the last six (6) months.]

If you find you meet all the application requirements above, please also fill out an application form to become one. You may E-mail your application to Dr. Makayla Saramosing or another professional at our Yukon, Oklahoma private detective agency. 😊

Yes! Every agent conducts nationwide skip tracing services for clients around the world. They can try to help you locate the following information about an individuals and businesses:


  • Social Media Checks
  • Records of Deceased Persons
  • Licenses (Professional, Pilot, Driver’s)
  • Voter registrations
  • Phone Number Location
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Marriages
  • Births


  • Foreclosures
  • Liens (Personal & Business)
  • Judgements (Personal & Business)
  • Bankruptcies (Personal & Business)
  • Evictions


  • Vehicles – Advanced
  • Vehicles – Wildcard
  • Vehicle Sightings
  • Properties
  • Property Deeds
  • Property Assessments


  • S. Business Information
  • World Businesses
  • Business Phone Numbers
  • S. Corporations
  • C.C. Filings

Yes, under Oklahoma law, every person serving court papers must either serve as a sheriff’s deputy in the county in which the person serves court papers or must have obtained a statewide Oklahoma process server license, prior to serving court documents in Oklahoma. The courts must make sure that the person responsible is at least eighteen (18) years of age, does not have any felony or even certain misdemeanor convictions, is of “good moral turpitude” whatever that is, etc. This helps ensure that a good, qualified individual is serving the court papers and is trustworthy.

It is okay for any party who is unlicensed to serve a notice to pay or quit for an eviction, but even with that the person may not serve the actual summons and petition for forcible entry and detaineran example of how to fill it out is shown here – the legal papers themselves. Once again, only a process server or a sheriff’s deputy in the county where the person is at may lawfully serve court papers to another individual.

To become a process server, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Make Sure You Meet the Requirements to Become one.
  1. Complete an Application Form.
  1. Obtain an Oklahoma Process Server Bond Application.
  1. Obtain Two (2) Passport Photos from a Place Like CVS, Walgreens, or FedEx Office.
  1. Publish Legal Notice of Your Filing for an Oklahoma Process Server License.

Please Fill Out an Oklahoma Process Server Employment Application and Email it to Dr. Makayla Saramosing or One of the Others.

When a person first obtains her/his/their statewide license, it is valid for one (1) year. However, upon renewing it after the first year, he will receive this license that is valid for three (3) full years. 😊

While Oklahoma’s laws do require that a person serving court papers or other legal documents must be a fully licensed official, no one may not serve court papers for her/his/their own court case.

If the agent lawfully served you with court papers and you are trying to claim that he did not serve you with any legal documents, then the judge will side with him. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, our experts always either wear shirt cameras or have dash cameras. This protects them in the event someone ever becomes violent with them or denies that they served her/him/them.

Secondly, a judge will often take the word of them over the word of the defendant/respondent. They have no personal stake in which party wins the court case and gets paid even if service is not completed. Thus, they have no reason whatsoever to lie. 😊

They are particularly good at finding people, and when they serve people the judges believe us over the defendants/respondents. The judges know that every process server at our private investigation agency in Yukon has an extraordinary reputation for quality, honesty, and dedication.

You can run from them, but you cannot hide. If you do try to hide from them, you will lose. They have better toys than you have.😊

No, you are certainly not allowed to harm them. People have tried before and have failed, and those who have attacked a process server in Tulsa or even killed a sheriff’s deputy in Logan County, Oklahoma in 2017 went to prison for many years or even the rest of their lives.

He may serve court papers any day of the week, any time of the day or night; there is no restriction. He usually stops serving papers at about 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm – about the time when many people have gone to sleep for the night.

There are some states such as Texas, Florida, Maine, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia, where he may not serve any court papers to anyone – even in Oklahoma – if the documents themselves originate from any of those states. Other states have other special rules about service about serving on an election day, etc.

All of them are deeply knowledgeable about the days and times that they may and may not serve court papers to other individuals. That is why clients prefer to hire process servers from our private detective agency in Yukon, Oklahoma. 😊

He can serve a large variety of documents for her/his/their clients. The types of documents he process serving company can serve include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Summonses
  • Eviction Notices – Summons and Petition for Forcible Entry and Detainer
  • Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Divorce Petitions and Summonses
  • Child Custody Matters
  • Subpoenas
  • Indirect Contempt Citations
  • Hearings on Assets
  • Notices of Termination of Employment/Leases
  • 5 Day Notices to Pay or Quit
  • Demand Letters
  • Adoption Papers
  • About Anything Else You Need to Have Served! 😊

They are extremely skilled in knowing what to serve, how, and when. Please contact Dr. Makayla Saramosing or one of our other process servers today for more information about process serving in Yukon, Oklahoma today for more information! 😊

They assist a wide variety of clients. The clientele they typically assist most include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Agencies/Non-Profits
  • Local, National, and International Clients 😊

If you do not find yourself included in the list of people, businesses, and organizations above, please do not worry! Our private investigation agency have professionals who will be more than happy to assist you with all your needs. 😊

For a dually licensed process server to help serve your court documents, you will need to provide our dually licensed process server with the following information:

  • The Name of the Person You Want Our agent to Serve
  • The Location You Want him to Serve the Legal Documents at
  • The List of Documents You Want him to Serve


  • Inform him If You Want Him to Serve the Documents on a Rush or Routine Basis.
  • Please Provide a Picture or Physical Description of the Individual of the Person You Want us to Serve, if Available.

When you email these documents to us, please always ask us to confirm receipt of them, because sometimes they can go to our spam mailbox and we do not see them right away. You may also mail/ship the documents or bring them by our office, which is located at the following address:

OJPS 6051 N Brookline Avenue Suite 129 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Our private investigation agency also has a special client questionnaire form that you may fill out and provide to our expert at the time you submit the court papers and payment. Once we have received your documents, we will get them in the queue and will begin processing them for you. 😊

If he serves you court papers and you do not show up, the judge will grant the other party a default judgment. Please do not make it difficult for yourself. Just go to court and hire a lawyer, if needed, to help you. 😊

Please do not blame them for serving you with court papers. The process server for bringing you court documents or other legal paperwork. Our agents is just doing an exceedingly difficult job to make money to support herself/himself/themselves, and they may have a family, too . . . and hopes, dreams, and aspirations – just like you do! 😊

Indeed, people who have harmed or even killed a process server or sheriff’s deputy in Logan County, Oklahoma have ended up receiving extremely long prison sentences. So, for your sake and the sake of a fellow human being, please do not attempt to harm or kill a process server, a sheriff’s deputy, any human being, or indeed any living creature.

Also, please remember that an individual who served you court documents or other legal papers merely served as a “disinterested party” who did not write the court documents and was not a party to them in any way, shape, or form. You must consider him as merely a “postal worker” of sorts who is bringing you the mail. If you would not harm your mail carrier, then you certainly should never harm one.

Once they have a final status on your service of process, you will get a phone call, text message, and/or email about it. You will also receive an affidavit of process server that will show all of the service information on it. The federal courts, California courts, and a few other jurisdictions have their own special forms they use, and our experts will fill those out accordingly.

Typically, he will email you a copy of the affidavit of service and will mail you the original. If requested, they may be able to either mail the original affidavit directly to the court clerk’s office or can bring the original copy down there to the court clerk’s office in person.

They may serve or investigate people any hour of the day or night. Of course, for process serving documents from other states like Texas have limitations on the days of the week in which they can serve court papers upon an individual.

With Texas court papers, for example, dually licensed officials may not serve court papers on Sundays. Every state is different and has its own rules. Of course, they know the laws and regulations to keep your service of process valid. 😊

Yes, even if your agent is unable to get good service at our private detective agency after up to four (4) attempts at that one address, each client must still pay for the work he/she has performed. This is because all the attempts and driving around trying to get your person served at the address you chose costs not only time, but the following:

  • Mileage on Each Vehicle of Every Dually Licensed Process Server and Private Investigator at Our Private Investigation Agency in Yukon, OK
  • Advertising so They Can Get Process Serving Jobs
  • Utilities for Our Private Detective Agency
  • Brakes Changes on Each Vehicle of Every Agent
  • Constant Car Repairs on Each Vehicle of Every Dually Licensed Professionals
  • Office Rent/Mortgage for Our Company
  • Internet for Our Agency
  • Phones for Our Firm
  • Oil Changes on Each Vehicle of Every Professional
  • Car/Truck Insurance on Each Vehicle of Every Specialist
  • Our Agency Must Cover Staff Salaries
  • Our Company Must Cover the Cost of Computers, Staff Training, Office Furniture and Supplies, Cell Phones, and So Much More for All of Our officials!

Please do not insult our agents by insinuating that you should not have to pay us for the work we have done. It would be the same as if you tried to not pay your lawyer, simply because the judge and/or jury sided against you. If the defendant/respondent has died, moved, etc., it is no more their fault than it would be your lawyer’s fault in the courtroom.

Yes, just like the sheriff’s deputies, each dually licensed process server charges per address that they goes to. This method helps maximize the productivity of each individual.

Indeed, they only have so much time in the day to conduct service of process. Therefore, by having each official charge for each address, it encourages clients in securing an accurate address the first time around via a skip trace in Yukon, Oklahoma or other method.

If a client is unsure of a good address for her/his/their service of process, then she/he/they can always have one to perform a nationwide skip tracing service to try to locate a better address beforehand. Eventually, this technique saves both the client and each process server both time and money. 😊

He will make up to four (4) attempts on service to one (1) defendant at one address for Oklahoma City and the metropolitan area. These metropolitan areas typically include the following:

  • Edmond
  • Moore
  • Yukon
  • Mustang
  • Nichols Hills
  • Bethany
  • Warr Acres
  • Norman
  • Midwest City
  • Del City
  • The Village
  • Oklahoma City

If you are seeking an individual to serve papers for you in a city or state other than what we listed above, please just inquire with him about the concomitant pricing.

If the defendant/respondent is going to serve the court papers to live in a bigger city, then it is more likely that a specialist will be able to serve up to four (4) attempts at that one address.  However, if the town is super remote and takes quite a bit of time to travel to because there are no other process servers or private detectives located nearby, then they will not be able to make up to four (4) attempts at that location without charging a higher price than larger towns and cities cost.

He can typically serve papers via sub-service. Subservice is the process of leaving the documents for an individual at a residence with anyone else who lives there with her/him/them and is over the age of fifteen-and-a-half (15 ½) or at a business and for a business only with the office manager or other company officer. Provided the papers originated from Oklahoma, they can serve the following papers via substitute service or personal service:

  • Small Claims Affidavits and Orders
  • Lien Notices
  • Evictions – Summons and Petition for Forcible Entry and Detainer
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Divorce Cases
  • Replevin Matters
  • Civil Rights Cases
  • Demand Letters
  • Notices of Terminations for Employment/Jobs and Rental Property
  • Most Other Documents!

He must only serve the following documents than originate in Oklahoma via personal service:

  • Subpoenas
  • Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  • Hearings on Assets
  • Indirect Contempt Citations
  • Any Court Papers From Texas, Florida, Maine, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia.


  • California Allows Substitute Service on the Third Attempt, Provided the Process Server Also Mail Out a Copy of the Court Papers via Regular U.S. Mail to the Address as Well.

The following are the only documents originating out of Oklahoma that an expert may serve by posting on the door of a defendant/respondent and subsequently mailing out via certified mail with a return receipt:

  • 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit
  • Summons for Forcible Entry and Detainer/Eviction Papers – If Only Seeking Possession of the Property
  • Any Legal Court Document the Judge Grants You Permission to Post
  • Most Non-Court Documents

Judges will often allow anyone to mail out court documents which originate in Oklahoma to the defendant/respondent via certified mail with a return receipt. If the individual signs for them, that counts as valid personal service! While the method is very inexpensive and enticing, most people rarely ever sign for them.

In addition, once the plaintiff in a suit sends the court papers out via certified mail in hopes of obtaining a signature and thus personal service, it not only wastes time and extra money but also alerts the defendant/respondent about the suit and thus makes it much harder for an expert to serve the court papers upon the defendant/respondent. This tactic often fails and costs both the plaintiff and thus he take the initiative. ☹

If you are unsure as to what legal documents you may and may not serve via substitute service or by posting them on the door, please feel free to ask Dr. Makayla Saramosing or by contacting any of the other process server. 😊

He will do everything possible to serve a defendant/respondent in a civil case. Indeed, he will make up to four (4) full attempts on one defendant at one (1) address for a set fee. This set fee includes all mileage, notary, affidavit, printing and return postage. 😊

In terms of attempts on process service, the sheriff’s deputies usually make only one (1) or two (two) attempts at most and go in uniform to scare the defendants/respondents away, while most or even all the other process serving companies in Oklahoma make only two (2) or three (3) attempts on service to one defendant at one address. Our professionals have a different philosophy and make more attempts to get the person served.

If he is unable to get good service within those four (4) attempts, then yes, it will cost the same service fee once more to make up to four (4) more attempts. Please do not expect more than four (4) attempts in the OKC metropolitan area for process serving. The costs of gasoline, mileage, brakes, insurance, oil changes, and constant car repairs are simply too high for any of our agent to afford more than four (4) attempts on service to one defendant at one address. ☹

However, in most cases they get the defendant/respondent at an address served, if the person does indeed live and/or work there and is not avoiding service, has not moved, has not died, and is not in jail or a mental health facility. Sometimes they complete the service in only one attempt, while on other occasions they will have to spend all four (4) attempts – or more, if the client will pay for them – to successfully complete the service of process. 😊

All our specialists work extremely hard and always try their best for our clients. Therefore, so many people, businesses, and governmental  agencies prefer our process servers over all the others! 😊

If he serves you court papers and you refuse to take them in your hand . . . oh well. That is fine with us; he will just leave them at your feet and then leaved. Either way, he HAS SERVED YOU!!! Please deal with it and move on.

Our private investigators at our private investigation agency in Yukon, OK proudly accept the following forms of payment for serving court papers in Oklahoma:

  • Cash
  • Personal Checks
  • Business Checks
  • PayPal*
  • Venmo*
  • Square*
  • Cash App*
  • Zelle*
  • Credit/Debit Cards*

*There is a 5% credit/debit card fee on these options of paying for their services at our Yukon, OK private detective agency. 😊

Yes! Our agency is always looking to hire amazing professionals for the following positions:

Think you have what it takes to serve as one of the above agents with our private detective agency? GREAT! Please fill out an application form above today and then email it us here. 😊Dr. Makayla Saramosing and the other process servers would love to hear from you. 😊

Our process servers at our agency conduct private investigations for any of our clients anywhere in Oklahoma, including the following cities and towns:

Broken Arrow
Deer Creek
Del City
El Reno
Elk City
Lone Grove
Midwest City
Nichols Hills
Oklahoma City
Pauls Valley
Ponca City
Pryor Creek
Sand Springs
The Village
Warr Acres

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