Cold Case Murders & Unsolved Murder Investigations FAQs



Cold Case Murders & Unsolved Murder Investigations FAQs


Homicides and murders are the worst possible crimes, especially when someone commits murder and homicide against children, women, and the elderly. Oklahoma is a state with a relatively high per capita murder rate, and thus the State has a large need for police investigators, unsolved murder private investigators, criminal defense attorneys, and a bail bondsman who write bail bonds. Indeed, murder affects everyone, and it is extremely permanent and final.

Our private investigation agency in Moore has cold case murder private investigators and homicide private detectives who specialize in helping both the families and friends of murder victims and accused murderers, whether guilty or not with their case. Our specialists work closely with police officers and other law enforcement personnel, when working on behalf of the families and friends of victims and loved ones, and with criminal defense lawyers and a bail bondsman who writes it, when assisting criminal defendants the State has accused of committing some form of murder.

To better help our clients with unsolved cases, these detectives in Piedmont have put together these unsolved cases FAQs. This special question-and-answer format for this kind of case that our agents have put together should help answer many of the questions both current and future clients may have. The related FAQs are as follows:

Most frequent questions and answers

He is basically the same thing as an unsolved murder private investigator. People hire the best cold case investigators and unsolved homicide investigators from private investigation agencies in Oklahoma City, conduct unsolved cases on behalf of family members and friends of someone they suspect was murdered. You might ask, “Why must people hire them?” The answer is very simple.

They can help do what the police are unable and/or unwilling to do. Indeed, many times police and other law enforcement run out of leads when conducting inquiry, and the case goes cold for a long time. Even law enforcement can suffer from “investigation fatigue” and will have other cold case files they need to work hard on to solve.

At other times, the police may just lose interest or the medical examiner may rule that the deceased’s cause of death was “accidental” instead of being a homicide. Thus, the police detectives involved with this unsolved mystery may not wish to pursue the matter any further. Sadly, for many families of murdered loved ones, these unfortunate events with the police and other law enforcement happen all too often. ☹

Of course, this is where they come into play. People choose to hire the best to dig deeper and re-open unsolved cases the police are not actively working and file that have run out of leads. Indeed, when you find the best agent to conduct an unsolved case on your behalf, you are adding a professional who can add a different perspective and spend the time and resources needed to find hidden clues and examine previously overlooked homicide evidence.

The cost to hire them to conduct such inquiry is not cheap. However, if you really want to make progress on a homicide case, then you really need to find the best private detective from the best private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to assist you with it.

Yes, they do work on it. Homicide private detectives are among the most paid, most-respected, and experienced private investigators in the business. Such mysteries are not for everyone, because it takes special skill and a licensed professional who also possesses the mental and emotional capacities to handle gruesome, graphic details and truly heartbreaking stories.

When working on behalf of the family and friends of murdered loved ones, our licensed agent work closely with police, other law enforcement officials, and district attorneys to help bring about criminal charges against the murderer. Likewise, when they are working for criminal defense attorneys and defendants the State of Oklahoma has accused of first-degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, etc.

No, these do not detectives solve cases; they just sit around talking about them. LOL. YES! they DO SOLVE PRIVATE INVESTIGATION CASES! Licensed private investigators conduct civil private investigations and criminal private investigations. Thus, that is why we refer to them as private investigators.

They conduct inquiry on the following types of murder cases/homicide charges:

  • Capital Murder – Murder With Aggravating Circumstances/Bill of Particulars
  • First Degree Murder – Intentional Murder/Malice Murder
  • Felony Murder in the First Degree
  • Second Degree Murder/Unintentional Killing by Dangerous Acts
  • Second Degree Felony Murder
  • Manslaughter in the First Degree by Heat of Passion
  • First Degree Manslaughter by Misdemeanor Manslaughter
  • Second Degree Manslaughter
  • Negligent Homicide

Whether your loved one was the victim of a brutal homicide or someone who died as the result of a careless driver’s negligence, our agents stand ready to work together with you to help solve your murder private investigations. Our licensed agents will work together with you and police, district attorneys, etc., to help solve the murder and bring charges upon the murderer.

Likewise, when our unsolved murder private detectives a conduct homicide private investigations on behalf of our clients had accused of murder, they will work diligently with you, your criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma City, and your bail bondsman in Norman, who writes bail bonds in Bethany. Indeed, they will do everything possible to help get your murder criminal charge reduced or dismissed, whether you are guilty of the murder charge or not.

Our agents work very discreetly and maintain strict confidentiality, so you never have to worry about whether the police or prosecution will know of our findings.  In accordance with Oklahoma’s laws, they only divulge the results of the unsolved homicide investigations we find to the client and, if desired, his/her/their criminal defense attorney in Edmond, OK. Indeed, the Oklahoma Private Investigator Act states the following:

  1. No person licensed as a private investigator shall:
  2. Divulge any information gained by him in his employment except as his employer may direct or as he may be required by law to divulge

Thus, all of our private detectives always maintain 100% confidentiality. 😊

To become a private investigator in Oklahoma, you must be at least 18 for an unarmed private investigator license and at least 21 for an armed one. The State of Oklahoma basically wants to ensure that everyone choosing to become a homicide private detective and criminal private investigator is an adult and, if applicable, of legal age to carry a firearm.

Everyone wishing to become a private detective must also have a clean criminal background check, and they will have to take special private investigator classes known as Phases I, III, and IV and pass the associated state tests. Phase IV is only required for those who wish to become one. Of course, there are other requirements to becoming an agent.

The applicants will also need to submit a county-wide or city-wide criminal background check, in addition to the statewide Oklahoma Statewide Bureau of Investigations previously mentioned above. But wait! There are more requirements for them! 😉

Every candidate must also secure a private detective in Oklahoma surety bond from a reputable insurance agency and form their own Oklahoma company. The other alternative is for each to obtain a notice of employment showing they work for another private investigation agency that is covered by liability insurance.

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) also requires that each applicant also completes the appropriate fingerprinting through IdentoGo. Each candidate must make an appointment with IdentoGo and then get their fingerprints taken. 😊

Oklahoma makes professionals working in the legal field as an agent go through many hoops to conduct unsolved cases investigation. Of course, C.L.E.E.T. does this for a good reason, because they submit important reports, gather crucial and often sensitive evidence, and testify in front of judges and juries.  Thus, the public must be able to trust the word and work of each agent, when she/he/they conduct inquiries.

The best-known private detective is none other than Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character we all know and love as Sherlock Holmes in the late 1800s. Dr. Sherlock Holmes and his beloved assistant, Watson, have gone through many story adventures together, solving cold cases time and time again. 😉

Some of the common nicknames for private detectives include such terms as “private eye” and “sleuth”. Others include the terms “operate,” and “dick,” as well as “detective,” “investigator,” “gumshoe,” “shamus,” “nark,” “tail,” “sherlock,” shadow,” “fed,” “federal,” “G-man,” and “hawkshaw.” These are just some of the many terms that some people refer to them by. 😊

The actual licensing process to become a is only a matter of months. Indeed, the schooling itself does not take very long, nor do the state tests and licensing requirements. However, to become truly effective, it can take many years. Indeed, some homicide private investigators come to the field after many years in law enforcement or other related fields.

They conduct both civil and criminal private investigations. Some of the things that private investigators investigate are as follows:

  • Cold Case Murder 
  • Sex Crimes 
  • Cheating Spouse 
  • Child Custody 
  • Child Abuse
  • Burglary 
  • Arson 
  • Sexual Assault 
  • Missing Persons 
  • Parental Kidnapping 
  • Robbery 
  • Wrongful Death 
  • Nationwide Skip Trace Services
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Investigations
  • Homicide 
  • Unsolved Murder 
  • Kidnapping 
  • All Criminal 
  • All Civil 

As you can see, skilled agents can investigate both civil and criminal matters of all kinds. They mostly focus on the crime of murder, and they work diligently together with either law enforcement or criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City.

The steps that an agent takes to conduct homicide private investigations largely depends on whether he is working on behalf of the murdered person’s loved ones and family or for an astute criminal defense lawyer or her/his/their client that is a criminal defendant.

If he is working on behalf of the murdered loved one’s family and friends, then he will collect all possible information from the family/loved ones and anything the police and prosecution might have.

An agent who is conducting investigations for the family/friends of the murdered loved one will also need to interview all witnesses, examine all evidence, and write a professional report submitted to the judge, jury, police, and/or prosecutors. This part constitutes the bulk of the case study.

Of course, they may also have to conduct surveillance, run nationwide skip traces, and conduct nationwide criminal background investigations and social media scans/deep Internet searches of all witnesses and other persons of interest (POI). As you can clearly see, agencies have many tasks and duties, when conducting criminal private investigations into homicides and murder cases gone cold.

The specialist may also have to testify in court before a judge and/or jury. Courtroom testimony by they can be key in swaying a judge and jury, as well as convincing the police and prosecutors to bring charges against an individual. As you can clearly see, cold case murder detectives play an instrumental role in helping bring justice to a deceased murder victim’s family and friends.

On the flip side, an official who works closely with the best criminal defense lawyer in Edmond, OK, the accused murderer, and the defendant’s bail bondsman in Oklahoma that writes bail bonds. Just as when working for the families and loved ones of murder victims, they always maintain 100% confidentiality.

When you hire the best detectives from the best agency to conduct these inquiries, our specialists will work to find evidence to help get the murder charge dismissed or reduced.

Our agents will not release any information except to the defendant and her/his/their criminal defense lawyer in Oklahoma. Additionally, they will not release any incriminating evidence they find to a jury, judge, or law enforcement officials. When working for a criminal defendant that the State of Oklahoma has accused of murder and/or her/his/their murder criminal defense attorney near me, they work for the sole purpose of trying to get the judge and jury to set the criminal defendant free.

The fact that you have taken the time to read this means you are already well on your path to hire the best agent to do your job. If you are looking to find the best one, you need only contact the best professionals at our best private detective agency today for more information. 😉

When you choose to find the best person to do your job on your behalf, you can expect to spend a decent amount of money. Indeed, when you hire the best one, you are choosing to hire the best of the best at the best private detective agencies.

They often charge about $150-$250 per hour. In addition, most of them also charge mileage, hotel fees, food allowances, and other travel costs associated with the investigation. This is because this subspecialty that must have extensive experience, skills, and education commensurate with such investigation. Thus, when need to hire the best of the best, you can also definitely expect to pay the most.

Yes, whether he is conducting unsolved murder investigations and cold case investigations on behalf of the victim or the best criminal defense lawyer’s accused criminal defendant, all of them will keep everything they find 100% confidential. Our best detectives will only release any relevant information to the client and, if desired by the client, her/his/their criminal defense attorney near me. Indeed, Oklahoma’s state law mandates that no private investigator may disclose any portion of any civil or criminal private investigation to anyone other than the client.

Yes, they will collaborate with other agencies, officials, and the legal system as needed and as permitted by law. Once again, this collaboration between our specialists will still stay 100% within the confidentiality constraints as provided by law. If you do not want us to tell anyone their findings, they will not. Guaranteed. 😊

Thus, if someone is conducting murder investigations on behalf of the families and friends of the murder victim, then they will likely collaborate with law enforcement officials, interview witnesses, speak with the district attorney, civil rights attorneys representing the deceased’s family, judges, the jury, and other governmental agencies as appropriate.

On the other hand, if the official is conducting homicide investigations on behalf of the best criminal defense attorney in OKC or her/his/their client/accused murder defendant, then our detective will collaborate with the criminal defense lawyer in OKC and anyone else the accused criminal defendant or her/his/their criminal defense attorney for murder in Oklahoma suggests.

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