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Cheating Spouse & Infidelity Investigations, OKC

Have you ever considered that your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or non-binary partner might possibly be out there cheating on you? Whether it is through texting, sharing intimate emotional discussions, or even kissing and sexual intercourse, cheating comes in many different forms for monogamous relationships. Indeed, hiring an experienced private investigator in Bethany, Warr Acres, Bethany, Norman, Moore, Yukon, Mustang, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, El Reno, Piedmont, Nichols Hills, Deer Creek, process server near me, private detective in Shawnee at our inquiry agency in Oklahoma to help you conduct cheating spouse private investigations can have many benefits!Cheating-Spouse-pRIVATE-INVESTIGATION-oK


Some of the wonderful benefits of hiring a licensed private detective to conduct cheating spouse investigations in Oklahoma City,  are as follow:

  • Surveillance – Your Private Detective Investigation Agency in Midwest City Can Conduct Cheating Mate Private Investigations in Norman, OK by Conducting Real Time/Live Pursuit Surveillance.
  • Tracking Devices – In Many Instances, Our specialist From Our Detective Agency in Can Place a Tracker Onto the Vehicle and/or Phone of the Person of Interest (POI) for such Cases in Warr Acres, OKC.
  • Catfishing – Our Licensed Detectives in El Reno Can Conduct the inquiry in Shawnee, OK by Creating Fake Profiles and See if Your Spouse, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, or Non-Binary Partner is Cheating on You Via Sex and Dating Apps Like Tinder (a.k.a. Catfishing).
  • Drone Surveillance – Want a Licensed Investigator in Piedmont From Our company in Del City to Conduct Cheating Spouse Investigations in Yukon, Oklahoma for You Via Drone Surveillance? Let One of Our Drones Bring in Real-Time Live Feed of Your Spouse’s/Girlfriend’s/Boyfriend’s/Non-Binary Partner’s Activities and Whereabouts.

The following is a list of risk factors associated possible indicators of an unfaithful spouse:

  • Your Spouse Has Suddenly Started Working Out/Losing Weight.
  • Your Partner Has Been Making Unexpected Purchases for Jewelry, Dinners You Did Not Eat, and Hotels You Did Not Stay at.
  • Your Mate Has a Sudden Interest in/Has Begun Buying Things Like Lingerie, Getting Sudden Makeovers/Haircuts, Etc.
  • You and Your Lover Have Stopped Having Sexual Intercourse/Any Kissing/Intimacy.
  • Your Partner Has Recently Begun Coming Home Late/Leaving Early Without a Very Valid Reason.
  • You and/or Your Spouse Has Suddenly Gotten a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Like Herpes, HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Etc.
  • You Find Condoms/Birth Control Pills That do Not Belong to You and Were Not Used in Conjunction with Your Sexual Intercourse
  • Your Wife or Husband Who is Transgender or Non-Binary Has Gotten Pregnant or Recently Had an Abortion.
  • You Find Intimate Text Messages From Unknown Numbers and People Located on Your Lover’s Phone, Computer, iPad, Etc.
  • Your Wife/Husband Has Suddenly Instituted a Password/Phone Lock on Her/His/Their Phone/iPad/Social Media That You Have No Access To.
  • Your Spouse/Partner Begins Mentioning the Two of You Should, “Begin Seeing Someone Else.”
  • You Find Divorce Paperwork, Payment to a Process Server in Oklahoma, or Your wife/husband Talks Frequently About Splitting Up.
  • Your mate Has Moved Out to Another Undisclosed Location.
  • Your Spouse Begins Receiving Nice, Sudden Gifts From Strangers.

The items above merely contain a partial list of things you might see happen if you suspect infidelity. There is no time to lose!  You need to contact a private investigator Edmond, Moore, Norman, El Reno, Yukon, Mustang, Piedmont, Midwest City, Del City, Bethany, Warr Acres, Shawnee, Guthrie, and a process server near me from our private investigation agency in Moore, OKC for infidelity and cheating spouse investigations in Norman, OKC today!

Risk Factors Associated With a Higher Frequency of Spousal Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Cases:

with a cheating partner that makes her/him/them more likely to cheat on you and/or could be

Licensed Private Detectives  at Our Detective Agency in Yukon Are Not Inexpensive, But by Foregoing the Hiring them in El Reno, to Conduct Private Investigations in Mustang, OK for you, you will run the following substantial risks:

  • You Could Contract an INCURABLE Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Like Herpes or HIV/AIDS.
  • You Could Risk All Your Finances (i.e., Home, Retirement, Savings/Checking Accounts, Alimony, Child Support).
  • Infidelity/Cheating Mates Take a Huge Emotional Toll on an Individual.
  • The Physical Toll (i.e., Insomnia, Hair Loss, Stress, Etc.) From Cheating lovers/Infidelity in a Marriage/Relationship Can Take a Devastating Physical Toll on a Person.

Are you really “saving money” by not hiring a licensed private detective in Guthrie, Norman, Moore, Bethany, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Tulsa, Enid, Ardmore, Lawton,  Altus, Stillwater, Bartlesville, El Reno, Piedmont, Bethany, Warr Acres, Del City, Midwest City,  Shawnee, or at a private investigation agency to conduct infidelity and cheating spouse Personal investigations in Edmond, OK? Is not hiring agency truly worth the risk, or are you simply risking too much by trying to be too frugal?

Know the Risk Factors for Mates Who Are More Likely to Cheat on You:

If your rmate has any of the following common risk factors, it is much more likely that she/he/they are at a greater risk of infidelity that necessitates the hiring of private investigator in Edmond, Norman,  Moore, Bethany, Yukon, Oklahoma, Mustang, Tulsa, Norman, Shawnee, Warr Acres, Piedmont, Enid, Lawton, Altus, Bartlesville, Midwest City, Del City, Ardmore, McAlester, at our  detective agency in Shawnee, OKC to conduct cheating partner and spousal infidelity private investigations in Edmond, OK cases:

  • Your mate is Exceptionally Physically Attractive, and Others Frequently Approach Her/Him/Them to Flirt.
  • Your Spouse Has a Past Record of Cheating/Infidelity.
  • Your Partner is in a High-Level Job/CEO/Politician.
  • Your mate is Very Financially Wealthy.
  • Your Spouse Has Any Pre-Existing Issues With Any of The Following:
  • Anger
  • Self Esteem
  • Lack of Love
  • Low Commitment
  • Need for Variety
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Desire
  • Poor Self Control/Bad Decision Making When Opportunities to Cheat Exist/Situational & Opportunistic Maladaptive Behavior

Do any of these describe your spouse/partner? If so, then the opportunity for cheating and infidelity increases greatly, especially if your spouse/partner has more than one of those factors listed above that play adversely against your relationship together. Why wait for bad news to arrive?

The time to contact an experienced private investigator in Moore, OK,  Norman, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Edmond, Piedmont, Bethany, Warr Acres, Midwest City, Del City,  Shawnee, Lawton, Altus, Enid, Tulsa, Bartlesville, Ardmore, McAlester, Stillwater, Durant, Duncan at our investigation agency in Edmond to conduct cheating spouse and infidelity private investigations in OK is NOW!

A Comprehensive Risk Assessment Analysis of Your Situation:

Please contact the owner, Dr. Makayla Saramosing, and her team of experienced licensed private detectives in Yukon, OK at her private detective agency in El Reno, OK now to conduct private investigations in Moore, OK for cheating spouse and infidelity cases. She and her private investigators in Norman, OK have a plethora of experience to assist you try to help you determine if your spouse/partner is indeed cheating on your relationship.

To provide each client with a full analysis whether they need a licensed private investigator in Midwest City, OK at our private investigation agency in Edmond, OK for a cheating spouse private investigation in Bethany, OK, Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her team of private investigators in Norman, OK will review the information listed above with you to determine  the following things:

  1. If your mate came into the marriage with a higher risk of infidelity and cheating because of certain factors, such as being exceptionally physically attractive, financially wealthy, in a position of power/high profile at work, etc.
  1. If your life partner is currently displaying any associated behaviors, such as coming home late at night without a very valid reason, that are indicative of a higher possibility of having a cheating spouse who is engaging in infidelity.


Once our private investigator in Norman, private detective in Stillwater, Moore, Tulsa, OKC, Edmond, Yukon, Bethany, El Reno, Midwest City, Bartlesville, Del City, Piedmont, Broken Arrow,  Enid, Lawton, Altus, Ardmore, Oklahoma City, Guthrie, Bristow, McAlester, Warr Acres, Deer Creek, Nichols Hills, The Village, Duncan, Durant, Woodward,  Oklahoma, private detective near me at our private investigation agency in Piedmont has conducted a thorough assessment of your cheating partner and infidelity private investigation case in Oklahoma City, she/he/they will ask you the following information about your case:

  • The Full Name of Your Spouse & Any Associated Nicknames
  • Pictures of Your Partner for Identification Purposes
  • The Make, Model and Year of Your Partner’s Vehicle
  • Pictures of Spouse’s Vehicle & License Plate
  • The Residential and Work Addresses of Your Husband/Wife
  • Your Mate’s Work Schedule, if Known
  • Names and Locations of Places Your Lover Enjoys Frequently
  • Names, Pictures, Vehicle Information, Work and Address Info, Etc., of Anyone You Suspect Your Partner Might be Cheating With
  •  The Dates and Times You Want Us to Go Watch Your mate
  •  A Clear, Written Explanation of Everything You Want Us to Do and Why

Once you provide our Dr. Makayla Saramosing and our private detective in Tulsa, Norman, Moore, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Midwest City,  Del City, Broken Arrow, Enid, Ardmore, Lawton, OK,  Altus, McAlester, OK, Bristow, Woodward, Guthrie, Edmond, OK, Bethany, Warr Acres, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Duncan, Durant, Nichols Hills, The Village, at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma with the requested information, she/he/they will be able to assist you with your cheating spouse and infidelity private investigations case. 

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