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FAQs about Child Custody or Kidnapping Private Investigations

Sadly, the parents and legal guardians of children can disagree about how to raise the kids, and thus entropy can ensue. The issue may involve drugs and alcohol or when one parent is bringing a felonious lover, who is child sex offender, around the children. Whatever the reasons, some have the need to hire the best child custody or parental kidnapping private detective from the best private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to conduct child custody private investigations on their behalf.

To help the public and our clients better understand this, the owners have put together a series of Child Custody Private Investigations, Child Abuse Private Investigations, & Parental Kidnapping Private Investigations FAQs. These special FAQs are explained in greater detail in a question/answer format below:

Most frequent questions and answers

He investigates child custody matters. This may come out of the concern that one parent is sexually abusing, emotionally abusing, physically abusing, or neglecting a child or kids, or it could be because one parent or legal guardian is concerned that the other one is bring around registered sex offenders or other villains around their children, in violation of a court order and common sense. There are indeed many reasons why one parent or legal guardian might hire a child custody investigator on behalf of our client.

If you are concerned about how the other legal guardian is treating your kids, or if you have become the subject of such a case, then you need to contact our agent today for more information and a free consultation. Please do not delay! Make the right call today and get the help you need when you need it most! 😊

He conducts investigations into allegations of parental kidnapping. It takes place when one parent or legal guardian who is either a non-custodial parent or a partially custodial parent or legal guardian keeps the other one from accessing the kid(s) during the days and times the court order/child custody plan says. Often, this includes the parent moving to another location, which might even be in another city, state, or country violating that court order.

These special agents can either work on behalf of the offended parent or legal guardian or the one who absconded with the child(ren). Either way, when you hire them on your behalf, you can rest assured that they will work nonstop to help safeguard your rights.

If you are having such an issue, you should hire a private investigator today. Please contact our professional today for more information.

He conducts child abuse investigations on behalf of our clients. This is done to help ascertain whether a child or kids in question are suffering from abuse at the hands of an adult, another child, or other kids. This abuse could be sexual, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual/cultish abuse, neglect, and/or deprivation of the affection and love of cats and dogs.

To determine what course of action to take when conducting human trafficking private investigations on behalf of our clients, our experts take, they must first find out all the details surrounding the case.  Once this initial case assessment is completed, they will conduct the investigations accordingly. The tactics our detectives might use to solve such case include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Surveillance & Observations of the Child(ren) to See if Child Abuse is Taking Place
  • Examination of Physical Evidence, Such as in Photographs, In-Person Interviews, Etc.
  • Investigatory Interviews & Witness Statements
  • Video footage Review
  • Much More!

If you suspect this and are concerned that the Department of Human Services (DHS) and police are not taking the necessary actions need to protect the children from danger, then you need to give this job to our agent today to handle this case for you.

If you are already reading this, then you have already been able to find the best parental kidnapping detective from our company. All you need to do to hire one is to contact us now for more information.

Yes, provided that our specialists collected the evidence in a lawful manner. Both the evidence, a private investigator’s report, and his sworn testimony are all admissible in a court of law. 

Could you please let me know your parents’ names or at least provide the expert with some leads to help us obtain their full legal names? In that case, our process server, skip tracer, and/or private investigator can locate your missing parents, kids, grandkids, aunts, classmates from high school/college, etc., via their skip trace service. They take certain information about people and use it to search our systems to locate people. Some of the helpful information they will ask you for to help locate a missing person include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • Social Security Number or Last 4 Digits of their SS#
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Current and Previous Home/Office Addresses
  • Current and Previous Email Addresses
  • Current and Previous Phone Numbers
  • Dates at Each Residence/Office Address
  • Social Media Link URLs

Whenever a person takes one of the following actions, there is a good chance that it will cause an address of some sort to show up for her/him/:

  • Registers to Vote
  • Registers New Utilities/Phones in Her/His/Their Name
  • Registers a New Vehicle in Her/His/Their Name
  • Applies for/Renews a Driver’s License
  • Applies for a P.O. Box
  • Files a Tax Return
  • Gets Arrested
  • Buys a New Home/Rents a New Apartment or Office

These are just some of the many actions that will trigger a new address to show up for an individual. In addition to our skip tracers conducting skip tracing for our skip trace service clients, our process servers and private detectives can also run social media scans/deep Internet searches to help locate missing persons. Why wait to find your loved ones? Contact a missing persons expert official in Oklahoma City today and locate your loved ones now! 

If you are concerned that someone may be abusing your child(ren), then you need to hire a child abuse private detective or a child custody private investigator at our private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma to conduct child abuse private investigations on your behalf. You can hire a child custody investigator near me or hire a parental kidnapping private detective near me from our private detective agency in Broken Arrow, OK to find out whether someone is abusing your child(ren). Our private investigators of child abuse and sex crimes private detectives will work closely with you and police to get to the bottom of the matter.

Likewise, if someone has accused you of child abuse, child endangerment, or if you are in a heated child custody battle, then you need to hire the best child custody private investigator and should hire the best child abuse detective from our private investigation agency to conduct child custody investigations and child abuse investigations on your behalf. All our child abuse private investigations in Oklahoma and child custody investigations in Oklahoma are completely confidential, and our missing persons investigators near me and human trafficking investigators near me will keep everything 100% confidential. Indeed, our sex trafficking private investigators and parental kidnapping private detectives at our private investigation agency in OKC will work hand-in-hand with your criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City and your bail bondsman in OKC that writes your bail bonds in OKC.

Time is of the essence with all child custody private investigations and missing persons investigations, so please do not delay. Hire a child custody private investigator or hire a missing persons private detective at our best private investigation agency in Oklahoma City today, before the other side does and you jeopardize your rights. Besides, would you not feel safer and more secure having our sex crimes private detectives and human trafficking private investigators on your side instead of on the opposing side’s team?

Many of our clients choose to hire a child custody investigator from our private investigation agency to help determine situations involving their child or kids. Our child custody private detectives at our private investigation agency in Claremore, OK do this by conducting child custody private investigations. Many of our child custody investigations clients are families going through extensive divorce and custody battles, adults who have difficulties co-parenting, family situations that involve the use of drugs and alcohol and might even include incarceration, etc.

Choosing to hire a child custody private investigator near me from a private investigation agency near me to conduct child custody investigations can help you make sense of it all. Our child custody detectives in Oklahoma at our private investigation agency in OKC are very skilled at conducting child custody investigations and finding out the truth of child custody situations. Some of the many questions our child custody private investigations clients ask us to find out include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Is my child’s other parent dating a registered child sex offender and bringing him/her/them around my kid?
  • Is the other parent of my kid drinking and driving with my child in the car?
  • Is the person I co-parent with leaving my children with someone else, instead of offering me the first opportunity to care for them?
  • The person I co-parent with claims to not have a job, because I am seeking to collect child support. Is/are he/she/they really working under the table?
  • Who are the people coming around my children? What are their criminal backgrounds?
  • My kids’ other parent has absconded with my kids to another location, and I am unable to locate them. Can you help me find my kids and their other parent?
  • We believe that our grandchildren are malnourished, not going to school, etc. Can you please help us find out if this is true?

These are just some of the many questions that our private investigators of child custody matters at our private investigation agency in Mustang, OK receive daily. Our licensed private investigators in Oklahoma City and child custody investigators in Oklahoma at our private investigation agency in OKC stand ready to assist you with any child custody investigations and child abuse investigations that you might need.

How can it help me to hire the best parental kidnapping detective from a private investigation agency?

If someone has accused you of parental kidnapping or if someone has kidnapped your child – whether a family member or stranger – then you should hire a parental kidnapping private detective to help you with your case. Our specialists help both families of kidnapped children, as well as defendants the State of Oklahoma has accused of kidnapping a child, teen, or adult.

They are adept at locating missing persons, working collaboratively with local police and other law enforcement agencies to find missing children and adults. They have a plethora of experience and many tools at their disposal to help bring your missing loved ones home safely back to your care.

The longer you wait to hire them, the worse the chances are that you will ever see your child, teen, or adult family member again. Are you really willing to risk that? Do your loved ones not mean anything to you? Do you not care about your family? Have fun being alone on the holidays and in your old age. 

Likewise, whenever the State of Oklahoma has accused anyone of kidnapping, the charges come with potentially lengthy prison sentences. You need to give this job to the best criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma city, and you also need to hire the best bail bondsman in Norman, OK to write your bail bonds. When you make this right decision, then you have likewise added that third tier as part of a comprehensive criminal defense strategy to help attempt to secure a dismissal or acquittal of the charges against you.

Please take any criminal charges against you very seriously. Kidnapping charges can put you in prison for many years, and even when you get out, a felony conviction will prevent you from voting, owning a gun, securing housing, finding employment, and can even cost you the custody of your children. Is that what you want, or would you rather hire the best criminal attorney, bail bondsman to write your bail bonds, and parental kidnapping detective to beat back those criminal charges? If you do not think that all three parts to your comprehensive defense team are essential, then enjoy prison. 

When it comes to kidnapping, there are many different types and reasons why this occurs. The basic types of kidnapping are as follows:

  • For a Criminal Vendetta – This form of kidnapping happens when a criminal organization such as a street gang or Mafia kidnaps someone and makes the torture used against the kidnapped individual widely known to other gangs, other Mafia members, etc., as a warning of what will happen to others if they do something that the displeases the criminal hierarchy.
  • To Acquire a Ransom/Stranger – This is common when the kidnapper seeks to secure a ransom of money for the kidnapped individual to secure her/his/their release. Terrorists, often referred to by many as “pirates,” hijack ships and other items of significant value for the same reasons. They do not always return every kidnapped person or item, even once someone pays the ransom they have demanded.
  • Child Abduction/Parental This is where one parent or other non-custodial or partial-custodial guardian takes the child(ren) to another location without permission and does not return them to the other custodial parent or legal guardian. This location might be another town, state, or even an entirely different country or even within the same city, if the person simply refuses to allow the other person any access to the kid as the courts have dictated. When the courts have granted someone custodial rights, it is vital that everyone follow what the court order as written.
  • Tiger – This is aimed at targeting vulnerable business organizations. The kidnappers in this instance, will abduct an employee of a business and refuse to release her/him/her, until someone has paid the ransom. This form assumes that the business owners or others with access to money within the organization will have access to a significant amount of “quick cash” to pay out the ransom.
  • Hoax/Scam – This is basically fake kidnapping, where no one is ever kidnapped. Instead, the “victim” of kidnapping calls someone who cares about her/him/them and pretends that someone has kidnapped her/him/them and will not release her/him/them without paying some fees.
  • For People Smuggling Purposes – This occurs when someone calls a family member or friend and tells them that a criminal gang that helped smuggle him/her/them illegally into a country will now kill him/her/them unless they pay a specified amount of money to the kidnappers.
  • Express – This occurs when the kidnappers kidnap a person with access to money, such as a CEO or international student with money to pay her/his/their university tuition fees, and will not release the person until she/he/they has/have made multiple withdrawals to give them all her/his/their available money.
  • For Human Trafficking Purposes – This form typically happens with the purpose of enslaving the individual to perform manual labor or sex work, though it can sometimes involve forced marriages, which ironically require both manual labor and forced sexual activity.
  • Terrorist/Political – This takes place when a political or religious group kidnaps someone for a political or religious reason to gain attention to their cause. This may include that of a political figure, a high-ranking cleric, etc.
  • International – This is when someone takes the citizen of another country hostage while she/he/she is/are working or visiting a country other than their own. This is often done for money, but it can also involve sex work, manual labor, or forced marriage purposes.

As you can see, many types of kidnapping can cause significant harm to a wide number of people. If someone you care about has been kidnapped, or if the State of Oklahoma or another jurisdiction is accusing you of kidnapping, you need to hire the best kidnapping private detective from our private detective agency in Mustang, Oklahoma to conduct parental kidnapping investigations on your behalf.

Regarding missing persons’ private investigations, children younger than 6 tend to be the most frequent victims of parental kidnappings. These cases occur when one parent refuses to respect a judge’s child custody court order, resulting in trauma to the child or kids and the injured parent, criminal charges, and additional civil suits/contempt citations.  These parental kidnappings often require our clients to hire an agent for their case.

The most difficult parts of being one are the long hours of waiting and watching cases, as well as experiencing the truly heartbreaking cases of our clients that involved child abduction, unsolved murder, human trafficking, child custody, sexual assault, cheating spouse private investigations, etc. The stories of our expert’s experience really stick with them for a long time. ☹ It just goes with the job.

Kidnappers often kidnap females over males much more often, with the primary reason being to assault and rape them sexually. Of course, they also kidnap boys and non-binary children as well. Asians comprise a tiny percentage of kidnapped children and those of mixed races and ethnicities.

If someone has kidnapped one of your kids or the State of Oklahoma has accused you of kidnapping, then you need our specialist ASAP to solve this case on your behalf. Contact our agent NOW.

The main reason that kidnappers kidnap children is to sexually assault them. This is especially true when they kidnaps girls, which is why they engage in child abductions against girls and teenage females much more often than they do against boys and teenage males. Of course, as noted earlier, they also abduct boys, and this often includes the sexual assault and rape as well. Of course, kidnappers do not always engage in such crimes for the purpose of sexual assault.

Some of the other reasons are to keep a custodial parent without contact with her/his/their legal rights to the child. Parental kidnapping is quite common, sadly, and therefore the families of those kidnapped children and parental kidnappers alike can both benefit when they hire a parental kidnapping private investigator from our private investigation agency in Del City, Oklahoma to assist them with parental kidnapping private investigations.

Another reason that someone might kidnap a child is for ransom. Kidnappers seeking to make a quick buck from a financially wealthy family might try to extort large sums of money from them. By holding onto the child(ren) until the parents or other family members have paid a large amount, they hope to get rich quickly. Indeed, any time someone has kidnapped your children and is demanding a ransom, you need to hire an agent to save your money and the loved one too.

Other reasons include political terroristic reasons, such as kidnapping the kids of high-profile political figures or business leaders to coerce them into taking a particular action. This is even more common in countries with more corruption, drug gangs, violence, etc.

If you are a business leader or high-ranking political official and someone has your child in an effort to extort you, then you need to give your case to our professional. Please do not delay, for any delays can cost your children’s lives and overall wellbeing. 

Some perpetrators also abduct children and teens to sell them into marriage, for forced labor, to serve as child soldiers, and for sex trafficking purposes. Human trafficking private detectives help you solve this case. If anyone has abducted your child for any reason, please get in touch with them today.

White children account for most of the kids that kidnappers abduct most frequently, followed somewhat closely by and indeed a proportionally concerning percentage of the population of Black kids.

To become one, there are several requirements you must first meet. You must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Unarmed Human Trafficking Investigators at Private Investigation Agencies in Nichols Hills, OK Must be at Least 18 Years of Age, While Armed Sex Trafficking Detectives Must be at Least 21 Years Old.
  • To Become one, You Must be a Resident of Oklahoma.
  • You Must Not Have Convictions for Any Felonies or Crimes of “Moral Turpitude”, Including Pending Criminal Charges.
  • You Must Complete an Application on the Council for Law Enforcement Education and Training’s (C.L.E.E.T.’s) Website Portal.
  • Every Person Seeking to Become This Specialist Must Schedule and Complete Fingerprinting via IdentoGo.
  • You Will Also Need a Private Investigator in Bethany, Oklahoma Surety Bond From an Insurance Agency.
  • Another Requirement Is That You Must Obtain a Clean Oklahoma Criminal Background Check From the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI).
  • You Must Either Have Formed Your Own LLC/Company and Private Investigator in Oklahoma Liability Insurance or a Private Investigator in Oklahoma Surety Bond for Your Own Private Investigation Agency.


  • To Become one, You Must Either Fulfill the Requirements in #8 Above or Obtain a Notice of Employment From a Private Investigation Agency in Oklahoma That has the Required Private Investigator in Oklahoma Liability Insurance.
  •  Unarmed Private Investigators Must Complete L.E.E.T. Phases I & III. Armed one Must Complete C.L.E.E.T. Phases I, III, and IV.
  • Other Outside Experience and Education in their Different Sub-specialities, Such as Forensics, Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes, Etc.., is Extremely Helpful but Not Necessarily Required.

Of course, each applicant must also pay the associated Oklahoma private investigation agency license application fee and complete any other requirements or tasks that C.L.E.E.T. may require. It is important that anyone seeking to become a child abduction private detective at a private investigation agency in El Reno, OK, complete all C.L.E.E.T.’s requirements.

In addition, all private investigators and security guards must complete continuing education credits (CEUs) each time they renew their licenses. Some online and in-person schools offer such continuing education classes for these detectives.

Yes, Suppose the State of Oklahoma has charged you or someone with parental kidnapping. In that case, you need to hire a kidnapping private investigator or a child abuse private investigator from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to conduct child abuse investigations and parental kidnapping investigations on your behalf. They work collaboratively with criminal defense attorneys in OKC, and a bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma and are very experienced in conducting such investigations.

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