Oklahoma City

The Art of Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City.

What is SkipTracing

Looking for someone? A person or maybe a debtor who needs to be served? A witness or a criminal?Life has a way of creeping up on us at times. Some of those moments include the sudden necessity of locating an individual for a valid, lawful purpose.

Perhaps you need to gift this person paperwork for a lawsuit – perhaps you are locating someone skipping out on a debt; whatever the reason, the process is not always easy. In fact, the real trouble might lie in tracking down this person. Maybe the person moved states, or maybe they are trying very hard to avoid you.

This is a leading case in why hiring a skiptracer in Oklahoma City is sometimes necessary. Luckily,Keefe Private Investigations has a reputation for providing the best skip tracing service. No matter who you’re looking for and where they may be hidden – Keefe Private Investigations will not hold anything back while looking for them.

We provide actionable intelligence using our accurate connections that others don’t. Keefe investigation services have some of the finest detectives in the industry at a significantly reduced cost, effort, and time, traditionally associated with the process


An ideal skip tracing service is one that covers a spectrum of industries, locating targeted individuals via tremendously background checks. Our services are not limited to the United States. Some of our most in-demand services include:

  • Law Enforcement: Search warrants, finding fugitives and locating victims
  • Collection Activity: Locating debtors that are hiding from you
  • Business and Retail: Locating existing stockholders and customers
  • Attorneys: Locating beneficiaries, witnesses and heirs
  • Private Investigations: Uncovering new locations for establishing surveillance

Skip tracing is a highly useful solution in the city of Oklahoma, especially for locating individuals. However, we offer our services to clients that have a valid reason for availing such services.

Tinsley Keefe has been a professional and qualified skip tracer for many years. Her skill test and training make her the perfect choice for all those seeking a quality skip tracer. Her expertise lies in locating sensitive information and carrying out tasks quickly with precision and in a legal manner.


Tinsley Keefe offers an affordable value for her skip tracing services; asking only 99$ per person. Additional fees, such as a 5% payment fee when a credit card is used, are also applicable.

The value does not end there, however. Tinsley Keefe not only offers affordable services, but she offers her qualified, resourceful skills to make the process as comfortable and virtually painless as possible.

This is why Tinsley Keefe’s skip tracing value is unbeatable – and worth it.


The process of successfully locating your desired individual is timely and easily explained.At Keefe Private Investigation, we have a thorough and detailed skip tracing procedure to ensure the best results and give you complete service satisfaction.

Our procedure involves:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth/age range
  • Social Security Number
  • Current/recent/previous addresses
  • Known email addresses
  • Known telephone numbers
  • Any specific domain name associated with the individual

Also keep in mind that Tinsley Keefe isn’t specific to the state of Oklahoma for skip tracing either. She runs her company on a very broad spectrum; offering services to any location within the US.

The ideal outcome when hiring skip tracing services in Oklahoma City involves locating the targeted individual via tremendously inclusive background checks. Tinsley’s skip tracing services are generally used for tracking a person’s address, phone number, or email address.

On the other hand, Tinsley’s skip tracing firm also offers a large variety of other services:


  • U.S. Business Information
  • World Businesses
  • Business Phone Numbers
  • U.S. Corporations
  • U.C.C. Filings


  • Social Media Checks
  • Records of Deceased
  • Licenses (Professional, Pilot, Driver’s)
  • Voter registrations
  • Phone Number Location
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Marriages
  • Births


  • Vehicles – Advanced
  • Vehicles – Wildcard
  • Vehicle Sightings
  • Properties
  • Property Deeds
  • Property Assessments


  • Foreclosures
  • Liens (Personal & Business)
  • Judgments (Personal & Business)
  • Bankruptcies (Personal & Business)
  • Evictions

Legality of Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City

Skip tracing is a very useful solution to locating an individual. However, due to the area of expertise that the services revolve around, a person requesting skip tracing must have a valid legal reason for wanting the services.

In addition, a skiptracer is legally not permitted to share with their client’s personal details such as the target’s social security number, date of birth, and/or other compromising details. This is another reason why it is truly important to hire a skiptracer rather than attempt the skip tracing alone.

Tinsley Keefe is professional qualified in skip tracing. Because of this, she has undergone training and skill tests that have strengthened her ability to locate sensitive information such as addresses and emails. If you want the job done right – and you want it done fast and legally – then hiring a skiptracer is your best option.

Technicalities of Skip Tracing in Oklahoma City

When an individual moves areas, their address tends to stay off the radar for 3-4 months following the change of location. This is why it is important to consider all aspects before searching for skip tracing services. In addition, if the individual is under 18 or lives with someone younger, there is the chance of difficulty when locating information.

Unfortunately there always lies the chance that the skip tracing services will turn up nothing useful. Tinsley does not want you to worry however – every aspect is utilized before giving up for the time being. In other words, Tinsley Keefe offers a re-run of the skip tracing once every two months for the 6 months following the hire date.

If it exists, we’ll find it for you

Skip tracing can be a long process, depending on the complexity of the matter. Tinsley’s skip tracing services are meant to deliver you ideal outcomes.