Romance Scams Private Investigations FAQs



Romance Scams Private Investigations FAQs

People sometimes get lonely and begin to look for love online. Many people end up finding the right person, falling in love, and starting beautiful families with individuals they have met online. Sadly, there are also many scammers who will happily take advantage of others who are seeking love, manipulating them just to get as much money as they possibly can. When romance scammers strike, the police and other law enforcement personnel often do little or nothing to help the victims. This is when they should hire the best romance scam private investigators from the best private investigation agency to conduct romance scam private investigations on their behalf.

To help assist our current and future clients who have questions they need answers to about investigations and how romance scam detectives can help them, our owners have put together a set of Romance Scams Private Investigations FAQs. These have answers to many common questions about it and how romance scam investigators catch romance scammers. The questions and their accompanying answers for the Romance Scams Private Investigations FAQs are as follows:

Most frequent questions and answers

He is the one if individual who tracks down romance scammers and, if possible, the funds that their victims sent them via romance scam private investigations. They are adept at detecting romance scammers’ schemes, working with law enforcement officials, and beating romance scammers at their own games.

They also work on behalf of individuals accused of orchestrating romance scams to steal money from unsuspecting, vulnerable individuals. They collaborate with criminal defense lawyers in OKC, as well as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma who writes bail bonds to help get romance scam charges dismissed for criminal defendants.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a romance scam or if someone has accused you of committing such crimes, then you need to hire the best detective from our best private detective agency to conduct romance scam investigations on your behalf. Do not wait! The longer you wait, the less likely it is that he can assist you with romance scam private investigations.

All our agents will tell you that skilled romance scammers are extremely patient and incredibly manipulative, and they have a high emotional intelligence. They know how to play into your emotions and become whatever it is they think you want and need. they play into your trust and slowly reel you in like a fish eating a tasty worm. By the time they have reeled you all the way in, you have already swallowed the worm they have given you and your money is in their hands.

They are adept at finding romance scammers and helping bring them to justice with our romance scams private investigations. Each specialist knows how to locate them and help beat them at their own game during their investigations. If you or someone you know has become their unwilling victim, then please contact private investigators, so they can conduct romance scams private investigations on your behalf.

When prosecutors take legal action against them, they usually press charges such as wire fraud, money laundering, obtaining money under false pretenses, etc. Romance itself is not a crime, but the charges listed above can carry very stiff penalties that include long prison sentences, heavy fines, and repayment of stolen money.

The best way to help someone who has fallen victim to this is to help get them in touch with our officials. They will conduct meaningful romance scam inquiries on your behalf, to locate the criminal and to try to help recover your lost funds. Contact us today for all your romance scam private investigations needs.

Romance scammers and others who are skilled at what they do have many tricks up their sleeves to try to get you to willingly part with your money. The following is a short list of tricks that they use that the experts analyze romance scam cases with when conducting investigations. These red flags of romance scammers are as follows:

  • Romance Scammers Appear Suddenly/Unexpectedly:

Our professionals can tell you that when conducting private investigations on behalf of our clients who are its victims, they often appear out of nowhere and very unexpectedly. This may come in the form of an “accidental” message sent to “someone else” on WhatsApp or even in a text message or via other social media. Their victim often replies to let the culprits know she/he/they has/have the wrong person, and then the romance scammer starts up a conversation with their intended victim and becomes whomever he feels their intended victim would most like to communicate with.

  • Romance Scammers Try to Gain Your Trust:

Our specialists will assert that they are masters at gaining people’s trust and playing on their emotions. They spend much time gathering data and other information about their intended victims, finding out about their interests, likes, and dislikes, and then they use that information to manipulate them into giving them whatever they ask for. The romance scammer may do this over a period of many years, if needed and profitable.

  • Romance Scammers Repeatedly Tell You They are Suddenly Experiencing an “Emergency”:

One tactic that our agents often find during romance scam investigations that romance use is to constantly have “emergencies” that they “promise to pay you back” for if you can just loan them some money for a little while. They may pretend to be physicians who are overseas working for a short while and suddenly find themselves “trapped” and “unable” to return without paying someone. They might also claim they have a “medical emergency” that they must cover while overseas, or they will die. See how they plan on their intended victims’ emotions, to create a sense of urgency and desperation to get what they want? Sneaky, eh?

  • Romance Scammers Try to Get You to Act Emotionally:

One way that our detectives have seen use is that scammers often try to get their intended victims to act very emotionally. “This is the IRS. Pay us $______ now, or we will put a warrant out for your arrest.” Of course, that is not how to the IRS acts, but many people do not know that. They simply want to make their intended victims afraid and scare them into acting very quickly and impulsively.

  • Scammers Pretend They are Your Place of Employment:

Some will pretend they are the place you work at, to get you to provide certain information to them that they can use to steal from you. Our professionals will always advise people to never give out their personal information to anyone over the phone or online that they did not call and whom they do not personally know. The associated risks of losing your private information and money are just too high.

  • Romance Scammers May Guilt You Into Giving Them Money to “Prove your Love” to Them:

They often act in the same way as manipulative significant others, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and non-binary partners do. “If you really love and care about me, you will buy me _______ or give me $_______.” This is bad enough when it occurs in a real relationship with an abusive partner, but when it happens from someone who has gained your trust simply to take your money and you are not even getting laid it feels even worse. Our investigators would like to remind everyone to stay as far away from these toxic, manipulative idiots as you can, whether you know them in person or not.

  • They Want You to Wire Them Money:

Most seem to prefer to have their intended victims send them money via wire like on Western Union, via a bank wire, and/or with a gift card payment. These methods make getting your money back very difficult and make it harder to trace the payments to the scammers themselves. Our private investigators would like to remind everyone to never send money via wire to anyone under any circumstances. Also, never give out any of your banking information or use your personal banks to send money, because scammers can use your banking information to further deplete your accounts even when you cease sending them money.

  • They Request Your Personal/Sensitive Information:

Many also want you to “confirm” your social security number, banking information, credit card information, passwords, etc. Our romance scam agents always tell people they are conducting romance scam investigations to never under any circumstances give out such information to anyone over the phone, especially if you did not initiate the phone call.

  • They Pretend to be Legitimate Companies or Governmental Agencies:

They often pretend to be governmental agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as well as businesses like Amazon or the utilities like the gas company/electric company/water company. They do this to create a sense of urgency for you to act now or suffer terrible consequences. Our experts state that these scammers often tell you that a warrant is out for your arrest, the utility company will shut off your utilities, or that someone made a purchase on Amazon and they need you to call now to cancel it. These scammers may contact you over the phone, via U.S. Mail, or online.

  • Scammers Ask You to Log in Using a Link, Phone Call, Etc.:

They love to send you links to get you to log into their system to what looks like a legitimate site. Once there, they will ask you to enter sensitive information, and their intended scam victims often do so with the intention of trying to correct whatever they need to and often comply, but our experienced individuals want people to know that these fictitious sites are merely phishing sites that steal your information. They then take your information and use it to access your finances. ☹

  • Romance Scammers Make Promises to You:

“Cash this check for me, and I will give you 50% of it” scammers say. I am leaving $10,000,000 to you because I am a general of ________ country and am dying of cancer and want you to have it,” others will claim. Still others will feign an “emergency” and need your financial assistance or they will greatly suffer. “I make a lot of money though, so I will pay you back shortly,” they say. Our staff can tell you this is a complete load of crap.

  • Scammers Will Pretend to be Members of Your Family:

“Mom! This is _____. Please tell me my social security number again quickly, please. I am at a bank and they need to know it for a financial transaction right now. Hurry, please!” This is just one trick that the scammers will use, in their efforts to secure money from unsuspecting individuals. They may also claim they are your relative and are in another country, and unless you send them money their captors will not release them. Our detectives once again wish to warn the public away from con artists and scammers like these who are out to hurt other people.

  • Scammers Often Offer Things to You They Think You Want:

Romance scammers and others often research their intended victims to find out their likes, dislikes, and whatever they think they want and need. Like chameleons, these con artists listen carefully to every word you say and change their actions and words accordingly. Are you lonely and looking to talk with a hot woman? No problem! Hoping to fall in love with a gorgeous physician? We have your game! Our private investigators will happily tell you anything and everything, promising their intended romance scam victims the moon, if needed, to get them to relinquish their hard-earned money. ☹

They can take photos of you and use them to initiate contact with other people. More sophisticated ones will often crop the face of one person’s photograph and interpose it onto the body of another person’s photo, to help avoid detection on reverse image search websites. Romance scam detectives have seen many con artists do this time and time again.

Our specialists also assert that romance scammers may also take your photograph and use it to conduct a reverse image search of you to find out other social media profiles and sites you have. That way they can learn more about you, your likes and dislikes, and other pertinent information they may wish to steal and/or use to manipulate you with. They say that the damage potential does not end there, however. ☹

Scammers can also take the photographs they have of you with your children or another family, as well as the ones they find via reverse image searches online by using your original photograph, and can use it to deduce information about your age, race, location, family members, and so much more. Always be very careful where you post your online images and ensure that others will not have easy access to them.

Yes, there are ways to track them through nationwide skip traces, geotags on photographs, IP addresses, and more. If you have fallen victim to one and need assistance with the case to solve, then hire an expert today from our company to conduct romance scam private investigations on your behalf.

Our specialists can tell you that there are several tell-tale signs that he is trying to scam you. These warning signs of romance scammers are as follows:

  1. He Falls in “Love” With You Very Quickly.
  2. He Does Not Have Much About Her/Him/Them Online.
  3. He is “Unavailable” to Speak Over the Video Camera.
  4. His E-mail, Phone Number, Etc., Do Not Connect to a Real Person, When a Skip Tracer, Process Server, or Private Investigator at a Private Investigation Agency Does a Skip Trace Service Upon Her/Him/Them.
  5. You Conduct a Reverse Image Search Upon him, and Other Websites Warn People That This Person is a Romance Scammer.
  6. He Asks You to Move the Communication to Something More Private, Such as WhatsApp.
  7. He Had “Plans” to “Meet With You,” But Then Those Plans Changed Due to an “Emergency” That the Scammer Needs Your Financial Help With to “Overcome”.

These are just some of the many manipulative ones work to extract funds from unsuspecting victims. Do not let this happen to you! Hire the best agent today to help you conduct romance scam private investigations before it is too late!

Throughout this set of Romance Scam Private Investigation FAQs, our professionals have listed many red flags and warnings of them elsewhere in this article. Thus, we would refer you once again to go back and review those. There are a few other things our agents would like to add to those.

One thing our detectives always warn against is anyone who pushes you into sending money or sexually explicit photographs. These people likely have bad intentions and are probably just toxic in general.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is people who move too quickly and/or appear too eager to meet up with you. Be cautious about whom you trust, and always move slowly in relationships to find the right person. Do your due diligence by choosing to hire one to conduct nationwide skip traces on potential lovers that include civil/criminal background checks and social media scans/deep Internet searches of the people before you get emotionally involved. Dodging the bullet with these private investigation services can save you a lot of time, heartache, and perhaps even your life!

There are a ton of bad things that scammers can do with your phone number. Our investigators would like to share some of the most common horrific things a romance scammer or other scammer can do to misuse your phone number. These are as follow:

  • They Can Send You Text Scams and Spyware to Your Phone or Through Your Phone to Others.
  • Scammers Can Use Your Phone Number to Victimize Your Family Members.
  • They Can Reroute Your Text Messages to Others.
  • They Can Extort Money and Information From You by Using Your Personal Information.
  • Many of them Love to Use Your Phone Number to Make it look Like You Called Someone They Hope to Victimize.
  • Some also Like to Use Your Phone Number to Dox Others, Thereby Harassing Them and Defrauding Them Out of Money and Data.
  • Romance Scammers Can Use Your Number for SIM Swaps.
  • They Love to Spoof Call Verification/ID Numbers.

These are just a few of the many ways in which they love to scam others with romance scams and take advantage of their phone numbers. Hire a specialist today from our best private investigation agency to conduct romance scam investigations on your behalf.


Yes, they have a ton of ways they can hack into your phone to misuse your data and cause you and others tremendous harm. Many will use malicious links for people to click on, smishing – basically phishing that takes place via text messaging instead of emails – and fake dating scams online can all give hackers and other scammers access to your phone and all that is on it. Some will even send you a code and ask you to give them the confirmation number that got texted to your phone for full access. There are people out there every day who are naïve and gullible enough to fall for it. ☹ Hire romance scam private investigators in Oklahoma City today to help keep you safe. 😊

They scam people because they are criminal a$$holes. Some claim they do it because they do not have any other meaningful jobs, but this is not always the case. They are out to make quick and easy money, and they lack the empathy and compassion to care about those whom they hurt. They just want your money, and they will do whatever they have to in order to get it.

When this happens, our agents will conduct romance scam investigations to locate them and will attempt to help recover your swindled funds. Hire one for your case.

Romance scammers target the most emotionally vulnerable with financial means to bankroll the romance scammers’ lavish lifestyles. They choose people who are lonely, depressed, often older, less physically attractive, people with nice jobs, and those who are retired with disposable income, etc. They often choose less intelligent, gullible individuals with lower performance IQs/less street-smart individuals, because they believe in the adage that, “A fool and her/his/their money are soon parted.”

Adept ones can formulate the most elaborate schemes and make their crime look and feel entirely real. They play on the emotions of vulnerable victims they deem to be easy targets, and they also go to great lengths to create official-looking documents and other items that support their claims of “love” and/or “constant emergencies” that they require monetary funds for. This sophistication is why so many victims who might not otherwise fall for such romance scams find themselves duped into shelling out all their hard-earned money. ☹

They can be anywhere in any country. Indeed, even the United States of America has many romance scammers. However, some countries like India, Nigeria, Somalia, etc., are notorious for the number they have. Indeed, many of the phone calls and other scams originate out of there, as you may have likely seen online in various romance scammer videos. They in other countries may indeed claim they are in the United States, just as those in the United States may likewise sometimes claim to live in another country.

Every such investigation is different. If you send the money to one overseas, then it will be much more difficult to successfully recover it. If you send the money to someone in the United States and the person has not spent it or sent it overseas, then there is a chance of recovering it. No detective can ever guarantee recovery of your assets when conducting romance scam investigations. The same holds true for governmental agencies like police and other law enforcement; they never guarantee you will get your funds back or that they will apprehend them.

The agents know very well why they change the faces of photos of physically attractive people they have found online and interpose them into photos of other attractive individuals. Why? This is so when you do a search on TinEye or Google Reverse Image Search, that these portal mechanisms will not recognize them and will not show you all the other websites the original photos are listed on.

They do this to avoid detection by victims of romance scams and private investigators. If they are unsophisticated in their tactics, they will fail to implement this method and will end up with their victims and detectives catching them sooner.

They take the money you invest and give it to nonprofit charities they hold dear and close to them that truly benefit the neediest of those in the world. If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you. They take the money you send them and use it to furnish their lavish lifestyles, buy fancy cars, take nice trips, use it for drugs, send it to other people elsewhere in other countries, send it to their bosses and leaders, etc. It is always possible that they will spend all the victim’s money, even before the agent even begins their romance scam private investigations.

They are very adept at finding out how to appeal exactly to what motivates people and what they think they need. Romance can adapt who they “are” as a “person” to whatever their intended scam victim wants them to be. Combining this with altering photographs to help avoid detection makes them very believable to emotionally vulnerable people.

Every such investigation that the investigators at our private detective agency in Altus, Oklahoma conducts will tell you that each one is different. If they are overseas and sophisticated, then recovery of your assets will be much more difficult. On the other hand, if they are in the United States and left a big paper trail, then our professionals will have a much better chance of helping to catch the crooks red-handed and possibly recovering some or all your missing funds.

When a victim pays out money to a romance scammer to “help” the person, it is usually because he has claimed that he/she needs help due to some unforeseen emergency, or it may just be as a “gift” or to be “nice” to a person who does not exist. They often use promises and/or guilt trips of love and repayment often occur, and once the victim falls prey to these false promises, chaos ensues.

The “sunk cost fallacy” plays into romance scams, when victims have given him some money, and then he keeps asking for more or keeps having more and more emergencies and/or additional “love” guilt trips. The victim has already invested money into “helping” this supposed love interest with the “emergence” or has given money to someone she/he/they think(s) “loves” her/him/them, to prove her/his/their love. In order not to lose the time and financial investment the victim has already made into the relationship and emergency/love guilt trips, they continue to give more and more money to the romance scammer repeatedly. ☹

They continue to bilk the victims out of money repeatedly, with continued manipulation about more “emergencies” and/or more continued guilt trips about “proving your love to me”. Sadly, they continue to give money, with the truth only coming to light when the victim has run out of money. When he/she can no longer send money and/or begins to call the romance scammer’s bluff, they often become very accusatory of the victims to deflect blame and suspicion and are most often very terse and rude toward their victims.

At this stage, the victims often seek to hire a romance scam private detective to conduct romance scam investigations on their behalf. These victims want to locate an expert who can help them locate the romance scammers. They want justice and want to try to retrieve their lost assets.

Sadly, many police departments and other law enforcement officials often appear apathetic in their approaches to trying to apprehend these criminals, since they are often located in other states or even in faraway countries. These police departments often lack the necessary resources and personnel to find success with these property crime/white-collar cases. Thus, their victims often turn to investigators at private investigation agencies to conduct romance scam investigations on their behalf.

When it comes to tracking down them, our detectives have many tricks up their sleeves to catch them red-handed with investigations. Indeed, our agents have more resources and time to dedicate to catching them than many law enforcement officials do. Some of the many tactics that our officials use to catch romance scammers are as follows:

  • Nationwide Skip Traces – Our skip tracers, process servers, and private investigators can conduct skip tracing on your behalf to help locate addresses, phone numbers, criminal histories, and other information necessary to help catch them located in the United States of America. Our nationwide skip tracing is very effective, inexpensive, and takes place very quickly. Our private investigation agency’s skip trace service is an excellent first line of defense against them.
  • Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches – You can also hire these officials to conduct social media scans/deep Internet searches on your behalf. Social media scans/deep Internet searches can often pull up other websites and clues to the romance scammers’ activities and whereabouts that skip trace services by themselves may not.
  • Actively Monitoring the Scammer’s Social Media Accounts – One important tactic that our professionals also use is to actively monitor the social media accounts they are using. These accounts are often fake/bogus accounts, but it is important to see what the he is doing and to whom.
  • Reverse Image Searches – Reverse image searches take place when private investigators at our private investigation agency take photographs that they have sent their victims to show them “what they look like”. These are often just random photographs of physically attractive individuals from various social media profiles. Reverse image searches take the photograph they sent their victims and run it through the Internet to see on which other social media profiles and websites the romance scammer has also used that photograph.

They often try to avoid detection from reverse image searches by taking the head off one photograph and attaching it to the body of another. Thus, since part of the photo is technically different, the reverse image search mechanism does not view it as the “same” photograph. Thus, they fly under the radar and appear more credible.

Experienced agents know this trick that romance scammers use to try to fly underneath the radar, and when conducting romance scam investigations they know how to spot photoshopped photographs. Indeed, these types of modified photos often have obscenely and indeed awkwardly large heads, and they are trained to be on the lookout for them. This is yet another way why you should hire the best romance scam detective with the best private detective agency in Oklahoma City to conduct romance scam investigations on your behalf.

  • Building Up Rapport With the Scammers & Tricking Them at Their Own Game –Our investigators can also work to build up rapport with the scammers by pretending to be their victims, not letting them know they are detectives that are merely conducting private investigations to try to catch them in the act. Trust and scams can go both ways. 😉
  • Collaborating With Law Enforcement Officials – Our officials work diligently with law enforcement personnel to share resources and knowledge, and to work collaboratively with each other to help you locate them.
  • Collaborating With Banks/Money Services You Used to Send the Money to them – They always leave a paper trail wherever they go, and banks and money transfer centers like Western Union always have names and account information of people who send and receive money. Our expert agents will work together with your civil attorney, law enforcement, banking institutions, and money transfer centers to track down their information with subpoenas.
  • Helping Connect You With Civil Attorneys to Sue the Scammers – When you need to subpoena banks, or money transfer companies, and sue them responsibly, our detectives have many civil attorneys in OKC contacts who are well-versed in tenacious litigation.

These are just some of the many different things our romance scam investigators at our private detective agency can do while conducting investigations on behalf of their victims. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to them, then you need to hire a specialist to solve your case. Contact us today, so we can help conduct romance scam investigations on your behalf.

If an individual or the State of Oklahoma is accusing you of scamming others with romance scams, then you need to hire the best investigators to help eliminate the doubt. The owners of our private investigation agency cannot stress the importance of choosing to hire an agent as soon as possible and without delay.

In addition, they are well-connected with the best criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma and the best bail bondsman in OKC who writes bail bonds, so our private detectives will help guide you to them as part of your expert legal team. These criminal defense lawyers and bail bondsmen will help fight any criminal charges against you and will seek dismissals or acquittals on your behalf.

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