Polygraph Examinations FAQs



Polygraph Examinations FAQs

Sadly, many people lie every day, and those lies can hurt others. Whether someone is lying to try to hide the evil she/he/they did or is lying for other reasons, most people prefer to find out the truth. Thus, this is when people hire polygraph examiners from the best private investigation agencies to conduct polygraph examinations. They have received specialized training that allow them to conduct polygraph examinations and determine if people are telling the truth or not.

Many people have tons of questions about what they are and what they do. Thus, the owners of our private investigation agency in OKC have compiled a list of Polygraph Examinations FAQs to help answer questions that both potential and current clients have about polygraph examiners in OK and the polygraph examinations they conduct. The list of Polygraph Examinations FAQs questions and their accompanying answers are as follow:

Most frequent questions and answers

He conducts polygraph examinations using a polygraph machine. Polygraph machines measure one’s breathing, heart rate/blood pressure, and skin conductivity. Whenever someone lies, the rates of breathing, blood pressure/heart rate, and skin conductivity all increase. Thus, a polygraph examination by a licensed polygraph examiner will show an increase in these bodily functions whenever the person is lying.

They take special care when conducting polygraph examinations. This is to help ensure that their results remain valid. Both validity and reliability are two very important factors to a good polygraph examination.

One thing an experienced professional does to ensure the validity of each polygraph examination is to ensure that the people taking it have had all their normal medications they normally would take for the day and are not currently in any physical pain/suffering from any illness. Any changes in mood due to a lack of medication or to a new medication they would not normally take, as well as any discomforting physical pain or illness, could possibly skew its results. Some medications that affect one’s heart rate, blood pressure, etc., can also affect the results.

Another important factor that these professionals will consider is to make sure the room they conduct the polygraph examination in is devoid of windows, disruptive noise, etc., so light and sound do not pollute the results.

They also ask each person taking a polygraph examination some neutral questions like their name, age, etc., before they ask the target questions to ensure that it is giving accurate results for the answers to verifiable information they are providing. If a person taking it administered by a professional provides an honest answer about her/his/their name, etc., but the polygraph examination shows indications of lying, then he would know the results were invalid on the person. However, this is rarely the case, as these testings are pretty accurate and do not generally indicate deception when someone provides honest answers.

They also ensure to limit the number of questions they ask the person taking the lie detector test to about 5, and they also make sure that the questions are specific enough that he can detect deception. The questions each examiner asks must not be vague, nor should they call for speculation about future actions or include opinions. Indeed, all questions must require either a single “Yes,” or “No” response from the person taking the lie detector test.

When you need to hire the best agent to conduct lie detector tests on your behalf, there are several steps to the process. Experienced ones take several precautionary measures to ensure a reliable and valid result for your lie test and to ensure the best possible customer experience. 😊

Firstly, when you hire a professional, he will first ask you some questions about your case. He will want to ensure that the matter is something she/he/they can help with and that the person taking the test is old enough to do so.

Next, they will meet with the individual and will help ensure that there is nothing external that would skew the results of the test. Part of that process will include talking about the case and narrowing the questions down to a relatively small number discernable facts which require, “Yes” or, “No” answers and are very specific to the matter at hand.

He will then hook up the individual to the polygraph machine or lie detector test. To get a baseline and ensure the lie detection test will work properly on the subject, he will then ask the subject of easily verifiable questions about herself/himself/themselves, such as her/his/their age, place of birth, name, etc. The subject is obviously going to answer honestly, and if she/he/they does/do not for some reason, he can still easily verify the answers to the questions. Either way, the answers the subject gives to the initial questions that he asks will help to verify that the polygraph machine is indeed working properly and is providing accurate results.

If the official is unable to determine with certainty whether the subject was lying or honest during the polygraph examination, then she/he/they will likely ask the subject to repeat the answers while redoing it upon the subject once more. As previously stated, ensuring accuracy and concomitant precision are vital components to completing a successful lie detection test and the integrity of the polygraph examiner’s chosen legal profession.

Next, he will discuss the results with the subject and, if needed and with permission, anyone else who was helping to pay for the exam. This could be an employer, potential employer, spouse, university, etc. This concludes the lie detector process by an experienced person.

People who take a 400 mg. dose of a tranquilizer drug called meprobamate during lie detector test by a licensed official can use the drug to try to lie without detection. When taken in the aforementioned dosage, many people can lie without a lie detection device picking up on it.

Also, blood pressure medications and medicines which affect one’s heart rate can also affect the results. He must generally rely upon the honesty of the individual taking the lie detector test to be honest about which medicines she/he/they have consumed prior to taking the test.

The consensus within these tests is that they are about 95-97% reliable and accurate/valid. The factors described above in another question can, of course, skew the results, as can pathological liars who are taking the test or innocent/honest persons who just get too stressed out/nervous when answering questions to a polygraph examination.

In general, though, they are very accurate. Thus, if you need to hire the best polygraph examiner in Oklahoma, then contact one today from our company for more information. 😊

As stated earlier, there are things that can cause guilty people to pass a polygraph and innocent persons to fail one. A restatement of the general list of some of those factors is as follows:

  • Consumption of Blood Pressure/Heart Rate/400 mg. Dose of a Tranquilizer Drug Called Meprobamate
  • External Noises/Lights/Sounds
  • Speculative Questions, Opinions, Etc.
  • Questions Not Asked in a Yes/No Answer Format
  • People Taking the Polygraph Examination in Oklahoma City Who Are in Pain
  • Pathological Liars Who Feel No Different Lying Than When Telling the Truth
  • Innocent/Honest Persons Who Get Overly Nervous/Anxious Taking Polygraph Examinations in OKC

As previously noted, these are just some of the factors that can affect the validity and reliability of lie detector tests. However, most are administered by an experienced, licensed officials are very accurate and can provide great insight into whether one is being deceptive or if she/he/they is/are telling the truth.

Persons who are very comfortable lying and have no remorse or discomfort with it are much more likely to successfully pass a lie detector test administered by a polygraph examiner. Indeed, pathological liars have no problem lying and often even believe their own lies as the truth. Thus, when they are deceptive, it does not affect their blood pressure, heart rate, and skin conductivity in the same way it would someone who is not used to lying and/or believing her/his/their own lies.

Yes, they will tell the person who took a lie detection test the results of the lie detector test in Oklahoma City.

As explained earlier, there are ways to beat it that polygraph examiners from private investigation agencies in Oklahoma administer. Thus, no one must ever consider the results of these tests to be 100% accurate. They are indeed a real science, but like most other things and people have their faults and flaws. ☹

However, most people who try to “beat” or otherwise “outsmart” it to lie without detection usually fail. Exceptions to these individuals and circumstances, as noted earlier, may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Psychopaths Who Feel Fine With Lying/Comes Second Nature to Them
  • People Taking Certain Blood Pressure/Heart Rate, or Tranquilizer Medications, Such as 400 mg. of Meprobamate
  • People Who are in Pain – Skews Polygraphs
  • Another Way to Actively Attempt to Beat a Polygraph Examination Near Me or Lie Detector Test Near Me by a Polygraph Examiner Near Me is to Purposely Yet Discreetly Make Your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respirations, Etc., Increase While Answering the Polygraph Examiner in Oklahoma City’s Initial Control Questions. Then When Your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respirations, Etc., Tick Upward When Lying About the Actual Test Questions, the Differences in Your Body’s Responses to the Control and Actual Test Questions Will Not be Noticeable.

The ways to “beat” it mentioned above are the most common ways, people who are trying to deceive the polygraph examiner in Oklahoma attempt most often. Just remember that none of these ways to “beat” his administration are guaranteed. Many people try to lie to them during their administration and have failed miserably.

To hire the best professional, all you must do is contact our Oklahoma polygraph examiners at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City today! The owners of our company are standing by and are ready and willing to assist you with all your polygraph examinations and lie detection test needs today. 😊

Reports of people failing  lie detector tests administered by polygraph examiners range from 25%-60%, depending on if it is for hiring for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), hiring for the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), or just other average people taking the polygraph examinations in OKC for cases like cheating spouses and child custody matters.

There are a ton of reasons why everyday people take this. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the reasons why people might opt to take lie detector tests in OK:

  • Cheating Spouse Determinations
  • Employment/Hiring for Law Enforcement
  • Alleged Unlawful Activities While Employed, Such as Fraud, Theft, Etc.
  • Child Custody Matters
  • Sexual Assault, Burglary, Other Crimes, Either by Law Enforcement or Via a Non-Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner

These are some of the many reasons that persons take it each day. It can help clear up doubt or confirm maladaptive actions and help people learn the truth.

Traditional polygraph examinations administered by a licensed polygraph examiner in Edmond work by monitoring one’s blood pressure/heart rate, respiration rate, and skin conductivity while making, “Yes” and , “No” statements to questions which require, “Yes” or, “No” answers. Whenever someone is answering a statement in a deceptive manner, these automatic bodily functions tend to spike upward accordingly. Thus, you can hire the best agent to help determine whether someone is telling the truth.

There is a common misconception that their results are “never allowed in courts of law”. While it is true that some judges do not permit the results of polygraph examinations into the courtroom, many other judges certainly do so.

Some judges allow prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys that hire a bail bondsman in OKC to write bail bonds to make contingency agreements that a defendant will be released if the lie detector test conducted by a polygraph examiner from a private investigation agency comes back that the accused criminal was not being deceptive/did not commit the crime. Likewise, prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers can also agree that if the results come back and the defendant failed the test issued by the professional and committed the crime, then she/he/they will go to prison for X number of years.

Additionally, while some judges may not allow their results into evidence, they may indeed allow confessions and/or anything else obtained during the polygraph itself into evidence. The admissibility of lie detector tests are usually something that each judge determines on a case-by-case basis.

As of the time of the publication of this page, basic/standard lie detector tests by a licensed polygraph examiner in OK often run between about $500-$600 per hours. This does not include additional services such as testimony for courtroom or university hearings, mileage, etc. Of course, as years pass the cost to hire one will go up with inflation. Likewise, larger cities in more expensive areas like New York City (NYC) will obviously cost more to have an experienced agent.

To become one, one must first successfully complete the required training and licensing requirements. Polygraph examination schools charge a great deal of money and take a great deal of time to complete, and many are often current or former police officers and other law enforcement personnel with many years of experience. Thus, polygraph examinations are not inexpensive, but most people agree that they can be well worth the cost! 😊

To become one, there are many prerequisites you must first complete prior to licensure as a polygraph examiner. The steps to this specialist are as follow:

  • You Must be at Least 21 Years of Age.
  • You Must be a United States Citizen.
  • Each Applicant Must be Truthful, of High Integrity, Honest, and “Morally Fit” – Whatever That “Means” by Oklahoma’s Standards.
  • No Applicant May Have Any Felony or Misdemeanor Convictions Involving “Moral Turpitude”.
  • Each Applicant Must Either Hold at Least a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher from a University That has Received Accreditation from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. If the Applicant Does Not Hold Such a Degree, Then She/He/They May Instead Complete 5 Years of Active Investigation Experience or be of a “Character” That is “Satisfactory” to the Board.
  • Successfully Complete & Graduate from an Accredited Polygraph School Like The Polygraph Institute in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Each Candidate Must Pass Their Oklahoma State Polygraph Examination Exam.

These are the basic requirements to become a polygraph examiner in OKC from a private detective agency that conducts polygraph examinations and lie detection tests. If you or someone you know is seeking to become one, please contact the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) or the owners of our private investigation agency in Oklahoma.

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