To ensure the safety of people exposed to a high level of risk, close protection services are essential. These can range from elite bodyguards to close protection solutions for people.

Close protection Bodyguards.

Close protection is a necessary safety measure for people who may be exposed to increased risk because of their job, fame, wealth, associations, geographic location or any other reason that could make them a target for physical attack or kidnapping.

Oklahoma City Private Investigations has offered close protection bodyguard services solutions to customers across Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Edmond. Our highly trained bodyguards specialize in protecting diplomats and business customers – we have the expertise to work in complex and high-risk environments. Several members of our protection teams are former international professionals from special forces.

Our Security Advantage

Oklahoma City Private Investigations is the most popular private security company in Oklahoma. We offer world-class security services and solutions to protect your assets, people and reputation worldwide.

Our highly qualified and dedicated employees are proud to be part of the Oklahoma City Private Investigations team and to play an active role in the unique and inspiring success of our business.

We design our personal bodyguard security service in Oklahoma individually. It not only represents bodyguard service, but also includes a variety of environmental measures of a personal and organizational nature.

Our personal protection measures include comprehensive protection in the private and business environment for prevention and for threats and annoyances.

Personal protection is a question of professional security and trust, because in personal protection you have no second chance! We offer you employees and equipment with high qualification standards!

No matter whether you need a bodyguard in private or business life, our employees are specially trained and have years of experience in personal protection.

Our constant training and further education guarantee you the highest level of professionalism in carrying out our tasks. We stand for competence and quality when it comes to your security!

Our Bodyguard services in OKC

Oklahoma City Private Investigations provides close protection and bodyguard services in Oklahoma City to respond to the needs of our clients, both in a hostile and non-hostile environment. We operate with the conjunction of professional standards, excellent management and highly qualified personnel.

Risk and Threat

Our private security and bodyguard services are diverse and adapted to the needs of our clients. We understand the need for balance between work and family life, and the need to adapt to the client by providing the best possible protection service nearby. Understanding your needs often involves a security and risk assessment.

In addition to our close protection services, Oklahoma City Private Investigations also has specialized technical support staff and drivers to support standard close protection missions or company heads around the world.

From two bodyguards to a full team with additional services, we offer you a complete solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Bodyguards

Oklahoma City Private Investigations is interested in being contacted by bodyguards who come from all over the world and who meet our recruitment criteria. We are interested in operators with experience in the close protection of royalty or company managers.

Being an American company and attaching great importance to operational and management standards, we ensure the implementation of approved codes of practice for nearby protection services.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our professional bodyguards are trained in the following areas:

  • Special fire training
  • Special physical training and close combat,
  • Special tactical training,
  • Operational-combat psychology with a diverse set of irritating factors and psychological content,
  • Psychological portraits of criminals and terrorists,
  • Psychology of extreme situations,
  • Tactics of complex provision of personal protection with situational tasks,
  • Tactics of the action in the suppression of unlawful and terrorist acts,
  • Special driver training
  • Tactics of activities of operational units of personal security and safety.

We have a management team at all levels and all areas of specialization within the framework of security and bodyguard services.

We offer:

  • Organization of activities of security and guard services of corporations and firms,
  • Crisis management of the organization and management of security and guard services in extreme conditions,
  • Personnel management of security services,
  • Psychology of selection and consolidation of personnel,
  • Conducting ongoing training of personnel,
  • Technical means of ensuring personal safety and the safety of special facilities with the possibility of acquiring any technical devices