Notary Public Oklahoma City



Notary Public Oklahoma City

Tinsley’s notary publics in Oklahoma City are appointed by the state of Oklahoma to validate the identity of signers. They are also required to be bonded by a private company. All legal notary publics in OKC will carry a special stamp or seal to verify their legitimacy.

Oklahoma City Notary Public Services

Legal matters often involve complexities, and in such times, you need licensed one who can serve you well. Keefe Private Investigations in Oklahoma City offers a variety of notary services that for matters such as apostilles, loan closing, and other essential documents that require a notary, even at a moment’s notice.

Tinsley Keefe’s Oklahoma notary public services are unmatchable in not only the state of Oklahoma, but in the general sense everywhere! Her professionals are certified to witness/attest to signatures, oaths or affirmation certification/administration, acknowledgment takes, and copy certifications/attesting. Provided you have legal identification, They will take the very best care of you.

These services are straight-forward, but the customer service is over the top (in a good way). When it comes to her customers, Tinsley’s biggest concern is always satisfying customer needs. For that reason, she offers affordability, flexibility in schedule, and overall efficiency.

Whether it’s your home or workplace – we can provide you with the best agent any time at your convenience. Avoid unnecessary delays and traffic that are killing your productivity. We have some of the finest private investigators and certified notaries who also speak fluent languages other than English.

Our investigators are expertly trained in reviewing and handling all kinds of cases regardless of their complexities. All of your OKC private investigators are bonded and insured.

“It’s all a matter of Trust”

We provide a variety of public notary services in Oklahoma City. Here is a list of documents along with our reasonable fees structure, that we can this for:

Notary Public Oklahoma City Fees:

  • Acknowledgments: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Jurat: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Oaths & Affirmations: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Non-Certified Copies: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Protests: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Car Titles: $4.99 per place you sign
  • Loan Signings/Refinancing: Please call (405) 435-8355 for a free quote
  • Making Printed B/W Copies: $0.35/page
  • Making Printed Color Copies: $0.99/page
  • Faxing Documents – Locally: $0.49/page
  • Faxing Documents – Long Distance: $0.99/page + applicable long distance charges

 We keep it Professional & comfortable

Nobody likes sitting in an uncomfortable atmosphere while getting documents notarized. Tinsley does not expect you to deal with that awkwardness when working with her professionals. We never wish our clients to sit in an uncomfortable atmosphere. While our official is notarizing your documents, we do everything to make sure you don’t feel awkward at all. We make sure the overall meeting experience is warm and comforting for you so that you don’t feel hesitant in speaking your heart out.

The documents our Oklahoma notary publics can legally sign include (but are not limited to): 

  • Wills
  • Contracts
  • Car title transfers
  • Jurats
  • Home loans
  • Oath affirmations & acknowledgements
  • Powers of attorney
  • Deeds

Notary Public vs. Mobile Notary 

Although both a notary public and mobile notary are commissioned to notarize documents, a regular one does not travel to assist. While they normally work from offices, our mobile notaries will travel to you.

Duties of a Notary

The primary duty of a notary person is to check the authenticity and reality of legal documents. They can also have built up a great environment for those parties who want a legal agreement. The authoritative reports should meet the base prerequisites to be legally approved. A portion of the necessities includes a legal responsibility, unique marks from the group engaged with the understanding, just as photograph recognizable proof of the signatories.

If the officer is satisfied that the record meets every one of the prerequisites, he/she grants a notarial testament and attaches the mark of the legal office on the archive. Also, if an authoritative record doesn’t meet the necessities or the personality of the taking party parties is unsure, he might decline to validate the legal document.

Other major duties of an expert notary person include the following:

  • Identifying crime-fraud
  • Approving the insight of mind of defendant parties
  • Recording and Verifying data, identification of included participants
  • Finishing notarial authentication on all archives
  • Demonstrating the veracity of archives/things in a protected store box
  • Keeping a public accountant diary
  • Controlling the crimes
  • Taking the official and legal announcements
  • Taking care of advance reports, contracts, marriage declarations, and other authoritative records

Training, Education, and Certification of Notary Public Officer:

Qualifying as a public notary officer is a simple cycle. The potential applicants are, for the most part, needed to pass a personal investigation and an online test. You can check online for the necessities of turning into a public accountant in your condition of the home.

The essential prerequisite for a legal position is that they should be 18 years and more established and dwell in the particular state where they are authorized to work. Additionally, they ought not to have a background marked by feelings for misdeeds as well as crimes.
In the United States, most states don’t force the least instructive necessities for legal officials. All things considered, potential applicants are needed to finish endless online support of a particular expense, generally $100.
If you want to qualify as a legal official marking specialist, the public accountant might be needed to pay extra expenses and pass personal investigations to acquire the legal official certificate. Likewise, there is a precise requirement for legal officials as online classes, studios, and courses. They are presented by Security schools and the National Notary Association.

What Should You Know About Notarized Documents?

An authorized or notary document is a report that has been checked and affirmed by a public accountant. The legal document has an obligation to confirm that all marks on a record are real to forestall instances of extortion or intimidation. The legal official confirms a couple of things while authenticating legal archives, which include:

1. Personality of the people

The public accountant is needed to check the character of the people marking the authoritative archive, either by close to a home colleague or reference to evidence of personality, like a driver’s permit or visa.

2. Sound brain:

The public notary officer needs to affirm that the taking interest parties get what they are marking and that they are of the sound brain previously and during the marking of the reports. The individual marking should not be inebriated, sedated, or whatever other circumstance might influence their judgment.

3. Grown-up age:

The legal official needs to check that the individual seeming to sign the report has accomplished grown-up age (18 years or more) and has the ability to go into an authoritative understanding. On the off chance that a portion of the taking part parties is minors, the legal official can’t authenticate the report.

How Can You Become a Notary Officer?

Do most people want to ask how they can become a notary officer? Well! It is easy to become a one. Indeed, you can – if you meet the capabilities for the post, as recommended in your nation or state. There might be a service-supported instructional class.
However, there generally is a test or some likeness thereof to test your insight into a Notary’s obligations. On the process through the test, the public authority will give a recognition of comparative record affirming you as a Notary and you are set for business. It is based upon where you will rehearse. It might be legally necessary to show this confirmation or legal research on your work environment.
Usually, a notary refers to a word of caution. In Oklahoma and other cities, he is needed to post a guarantee bond in certain nations. The bond is planned to repay the victim if you commit an error in your expert obligations.

How Can You Set Up the Profession of a Notary Public?

If you started a new business, confirmed to charge expenses for your administrations, then you need to have the assistance of a legal authority person. You will expect different activities to work from, and the size of this is based on your financial plan. Besides that, the important office tools, you will require the tools of your exchange:
  • Notary’s sealIt confirms that the record is real or seen by you. These days, most of them are as a sticker.
  • Stamp and Ink Pad: These fixtures contain your name and capabilities. Your signature and the date of marking are constantly added after the report is stepped.
  • Register: Each exchange should be noted in a register that involves openly available reports. The register might be analyzed by legal advisors or the court sometime in the not too distant future if there should arise an occurrence of conflict.

There are writing materials that represent considerable authority in Notary supplies. Also, your expert devices are not difficult to get. You will likewise require a decent stage of legitimate paper, stamp paper, general writing material – and, in a perfect world, a PC with a printer.

Oklahoma Notary Public

They will assist you by acting as a witness during the notarization of documents. With one of our notary publics supporting you. We guarantee to make this process fast and painless for you. When you put your trust in our services, we aim to maintain that trust and give you a service better than your expectations. Our investigators commit to serve in the best possible way and provide reliable notary services, every time.

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